Doimo City Line - Italy

Many enthusiastic ideas for your bedroom. Deep drawers provide a coloured corner. The widest range of objects fit into spacious storage units.
Doimo City Line - Children's Bedroom

The beds and desk slide to leave space for the day area. The beds are connected to the wall panel by a double track, which allows them to slide so that one fits under the other, leaving plenty of space for the day area.
Doimo City Line - Italy:

Corner bridging unit with sofa bed. One sofa. Two beds. Mattresses with high 18 cm.
Bridge Units

The bed slides along an accessorized wall panel. Shelves, trays and magnetic board... The wall panel tracks are useful for accessories, making the bedroom an enjoyable place at any time.
Bunk Beds

Extra storage space is provided with this wardrobe with depth 90 cm. THE SIDE DOOR. The wardrobe has a side door so that it can also be opened from the top floor. A highly practical feature provides unrestricted use.
Ebanisteria Bacci - Italy

Fantasy Collection
Dolfi - Italy

Kids Bedrooms
The Wolf's Lair

The Wolf's Den: two beds on top and the fixed desk below. A new version to sleep on the same level. The central ladder leads to both beds. The shaped desk is spacious and brighter with the small window to the side. And the Wolf's Den is always ready to start playing.
Barbie Bedroom

Follow the shapes of harmony. The bedroom comprises furniture customised with your favourite style of appliqu├ęs - Flowers, Butterflies or Hearts - which can be filled with playful objects and complements that make this space special, just like you!
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Dolfi - Italy

Kids Bedrooms