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Hemingway Kitchen 
Doralice Kitchen
Old England Kitchen
Valenzuela Kitchen
Incontrada  Kitchen
Dhialma Kitchen
Kreola Kitchen
Code Kitchen
Idea Kitchen
Ola 20
A free spirit, travels and a life-style off the beaten track, unforgettable moments and daring adventures all over the globe. An interior that recalls a life-time of memories and images full of excitement and adventure. The Hemingway line is the expression of a new type of life-style, outside the box, strong in personality.   >>
The charm of country houses with their coloured plastered walls and sloping old terracotta tiled roofs, bring back happy memories and a touch of nostalgia. For some time we have felt the need to a return to values of times past; the quiet dignity of our grandparents, a love of nature and beauty, often to be found in the simpler things that bring a feeling of harmony inside the home.    >>
This kitchen has all the British savour of afternoon tea, double-decker buses, crimson telephone booths, a love of tradition and a taste for the eccentric: this is a kitchen that evokes all that is typical of the English country style. At the same time elegant and unconventional, refined but comfortably informal, this is a kitchen to make you feel at home: just as cosy for a couple of newlyweds or a family with a bunch of children round the kitchen table.   >>
There is a land where the pampas seems to stretch forever till it meets the quebracho forests, where the sea reflects the deep blue of the skies, and the waves lap the coastline scattered with olive and tamarix trees swaying in the wind. The Valenzuela model is the essence of South America where the colours of the landscape are as vibrant as its people- strong and vital... captivating... irresistible.   >>
The dense green of the Amazon rain forest, the yellow ochre of the Dhakla desert, the bright blue skies of Ireland, and the crimson Moorish details on the houses of Andalusia: these are the inspirations for the unusual colour choices for some of the elements in the Incontrada line. Incontrada was designed for those who love to travel, for those seduced by the atmosphere of exotic distant lands; wistful yearnings, nostalgic memories, lulled by the recollection of a train’s rhythmic clatter in some far-off land.    >>
The focus has been placed on natural materials like wood and pewter, in delicate pastel colours giving a feeling of light and warmth. Sharp corners are absent in the Dhialma kitchen, strong contrasts have been softened, and the cabinets are painted in soothing tones of white and dove grey. The interior is restrained, but the line is strong and well defined. The kitchen table is the focal point of the room with its thick solid wood top.   >>
The Kreola kitchen collection evokes a love for traditional furniture, shown especially in the refined detailing and careful attention to the wood finish, where the soft cream finish leaves the wood grain faintly visible. The frame surrounding the inner panel on the cabinet doors creates a play of light and shadow that enhances the welcoming warmth within the home, a feeling of harmony and simple pleasures: a woman humming as she switches on the hob, the smell of fresh tomatoes     >>
Snaidero - Italy  >>
Snaidero - Italy  >>
OLA, an indisputable contemporary cult that has been around for twenty years, will be presented in its renewed form, the outcome of an ambitious Snaidero project to give it fresh appeal and a more contemporary elegant look while reintroducing the genuine nature and originality of the company’s great historical classic. Produced since 1990, Ola marks the beginning of the partnership between Snaidero and the Pininfarina Group.    >>
PRODUCTS: kitchen furniture