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Opera Kitchen
Avenue Kitchen
Atelier Kitchen
 Contempora Kitchen
Domina Kitchen
Trendy Kitchen
Doge Kitchen
Pashà Collection
Cinquanta Kitchen
Sapy Kitchen
Opera by Aster Cucine truly sets the scene for raised passions. Taking as its cultural inspiration the Italian Renaissance and adding dignity to enrich its artfully crafted furniture. The whole world takes the Italian Renaissance as an artistic and cultural point of reference. The theatre standing at the centre with all the plays, dreams and magic it offers. A form of magic spell that only great Operas can weave.   >>
"Avenue" is a truly timeless classic. A collection designed to last, rising above trends and modes. Which is why all of the materials selected for Avenue are cannot be touched by time. Wood, marble, brushed burnished steel.   >>
Colour is the effort material makes to transform itself into Light. With a complex image able to both catch our interest and show us its full potential.  Here we see something truly unusual and never before seen, a scenario that goes beyond a mere photo shot, Atelier demands to be looked at, in recognition of its true creativity. The Atelier collection is open to real needs and welcomes art, repaying what it owes with fragments with true concision.    >>
Hidden lights, nestle in the column wings, and around the edges picking out the borders of a silent composition to offer a magical dialogue inviting all who see it to open their imagination. Picking out key design features, so as to make the light itself a feature, is one of many possibilities offered by Contempora NEXT. Each unit can become a source of light,  just as in the book "Lost Light", where the light plays a game of chiaroscuro to break up the space into many different areas.  >>
Emotions in the shape of curves. The pencil draws what Domina creates, every corner, every space, every material, every colour. Domina is all about dominating the space it fills,  taking charge of the colours. Sensuous curves have evolved to celebrate curves as a key decorative feature of design. Ebony is a wood with strong tribal and ethnic connotations, seen here teamed with gold leaf in a perfect juxtaposition for a precious elegance.   >>
Daring features which pay no heed to convention but offer functional and customised solutions.  There is no point in going over unimportant ground. Technology, the latest techniques, perfect functioning, ergonomics, how things move. There is no need to waste time covering such ground, as all of these things can be taken for granted when it comes to our work. Excellence is part of our genetic make-up, set in our DNA,  but we aim to take things even further.   >>
Zaccariotto Mario - Italy    >>
Zaccariotto Mario - Italy  >>
Zaccariotto Mario - Italy    >>
Zaccariotto Mario - Italy   >>
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