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A kitchen where everything is straightforward, immediate and functional. With a large sink, a stylish hob, and plenty of storage space. Affordable and within everyone’s reach. This is what Paola Navone – untiring and eclectic designer – had in mind when she came up with the Menu model for Bontempi Cucine. This kitchen is dedicated to al those who, like herself, enjoy cooking. >>
The “Dogana da Mar” (sea customs-house) is to be found in Venice where the Grand Canal and the Giudecca canal meet. On the spot where there was once a battlemented tower, there is now a building on top of which are two kneeling “atlases” supporting a golden ball topped by the “Statue of Fortune”. This building was erected in the 15th century to control the ships that berthed in Venice. Still today the beauty of the buildings in the Grand Canal that look towards the statue inspires refined stylistic details full of history and culture.     >>
The most serene Republic of Venice was an ancient independent state that left its mark on Italian history and whose capital was the city of Venice. It has also been called simply “Serenissima” or “St. Mark’s Republic”. At that time Venice was also the capital of art and culture, a place where artists and cabinetmakers came from all over Europe to learn something more about the making of furniture and associated decorative techniques.  >>
Between 1768 and 1854 many cabinetmakers left Europe, and in particular the Veneto region, to go to America with its thriving economy and seek out new professional openings. Many found work in the carpentry shops of Albany and only the best, the true “craftsmen” kept alive their passion for skilled cabinet-making. They set up an exclusive school for master carpenters in New York, that city offering many opportunities. Considered the “greatest and most skilled American cabinetmakers”.   >>
The rigorous shapes interpret the desire for practicality and lightness. Materials, colours, finishes and built-in accessories to rediscover the pleasure of simplicity. Whit Area the design is expressed in the total absence of handles for all types of openings, in the flexibility of the doors in the entire Bontempi range, in the infinite customisation of lacquered doors, grooves and plinths, in the ability to create a totally suspended kitchen and in the possibility of integrating the kitchen with the living room.      >>
As part of our ongoing research and innovation activities, we devised Materia, a brand new concept, somewhat different, capable of telling the tale of another kitchen, the one that never forgot about gastronomic materials and memories. Just like in the finest food and wine, which are capable of reassessing the flavours and cultures tied to the roots of the local territory, presenting them with a modern and clever touch, Materia rediscovers in a new style the ancient tradition of kitchen cabinetry linked unequivocally to the world of Design.    >>
People often complain about there not ever being enough space in the kitchen. The Mood project is the result of total focus on maximising all available space, and its entire layout is arranged so as to offer the most diverse functional and styling solutions, in the language of architecture. Experimentation and research into high-tech materials make Mood kitchens high performance in terms of durability, where the use of innovative and sturdy materials makes for total practicality that stands the test of time.    >>
Alpha2 is the result of research into an expressive charm that transcends passing trends. its spirit is encompassed in the thousand luminous reflections of acrylic, the vibrant material around which the project is developed, in combination with warm and textured grey oak bi-laminate. minimalist and appealing, alpha2 – logical and consistent in every aspect of its project – combines a fascinating aesthetic impact with an essential, linear and compact design.     >>
The Wave project marks a cornerstone to inaugurate a new way to enjoy the kitchen as an "all-round" space, breaking away from the patterns of traditional kitchens. The particular feature of this project is the curved line that guarantees its stylistic appeal and more. Indeed, it makes it possible to create unexpected and unusual storage compartments to make the most of all the available space.   >>
Palladio is born from the harmonious blend of age old crafting techniques and new horizons in contemporary modernity. Palladio is starkly stylish with an elegant nobility, creativity and colour with a highly sophisticated elegance, where space comes to life suffused with eye-catching beauty. Palladio, celebrates the joy of being alive.     >>
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