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Fosca Kitchen
Gaia Kitchen
Georgia Kitchen
Leda Kitchens
Martina Kitchen
Maura Kitchen
Katia Kitchen
Fabiana Kitchen
Doris Kitchen
A timeless kitchen with a clear-cut essential design, the natural evolution of a more classic model that preserves all the solidity and practicality of a carefully and intelligently created craftsman’s product. The kitchen inspires warmth and great traditions. Fosca has been designed to last and has a practical nature.     >>
Space develops in a comfortable and practical ambiance where each individual element has been designed to guarantee order and freedom of movement. Gaia is the natural evolution of the classic kitchen, with attention to finish and details, professional accessories, an intelligent design, and versatile components. Choose between the smooth or framed door in various different colors and finishes, for a result that is yours and yours only.   >>
Its roots lie in the craftsman’s tradition: solid, 24 mm thick wood is the absolute protagonist. to create unique settings for a new living concept. A project structured to adapt to various furnishing needs; the kitchen enlarges to become a living area, with wall cabinets and bookcases to divide the space while maintaining harmony and practicality with the warmth of wood in charming, rich tones.  >>
A solid, self-possessed creation with soft yet linear lines and a classic door panel design to be chosen from natural or fashion colours. And, above all, space. And plenty of it. More than enough to welcome guests and have everything perfectly tidied away. Personalise at will with different colours and materials, combining coloured polished glass doors for a light, modern result.    >>
A smart and elegant kitchen system enlarging its spaces and becoming a living room: a successful blend of design and technology, minimalism and precious materials. To create cosy and functional spaces in line with the needs of modern life. Modern interpretation of style, a project reproposing the elegance of important materials with solutions that are full of colour and functionality.   >>
Valuable materials and a refined, elegant solution with a clever design featuring a perfect blend of aesthetics, practicality and wellbeing. Maura furnishes unique ambiances where a balance of forms and colours creates contemporary architecture that evolves into living areas, and a stylish welcome. Choose between slatted doors in different veneer finishes to match with glass-fronted doors with or without frames, or doors lacquered in an infinite variety of colours  >>
Especially designed for contemporary environments where space is shared and the kitchen becomes its very own furnishing system, in a professional,high quality aesthetic result. The choice of glass, available in the latest fashion colours, shows the desire for both light and lightness in a design that has been created to last. Versatile layouts to choose from according to your living needs.  >>
Protagonism, innovation, ergonomics, soft and rounded forms: all this is Katia. The new way of experiencing the kitchen attentive to design trends, a synthesis of formal and structural quality: for a kitchen that becomes the marriage between form and contents, given by the high quality of the materials. A clever play of colours, accurately selected for matching one another with style and with a multiple range of materials and finishes    >>
The best way to organize kitchen living: clean design and precise trims. The space is amplified so that the whole family can cook together and entertain in a contemporary setting, which surpasses the fad of the moment with an unmistakable style. Available in numerous mix and match colors.   >>
An intelligent kitchen project is seen not only in the high level of design and finishes, but also in how it helps to make the home liveable and functional. Versatile and rich in accessories, it optimises space for a kitchen created for living in elegance. For the most demanding tastes, is proposed both in polymer with mat wood finish and in polymer with glossy finish in 4 colours and with mat finish in one colour; also available with glass door in ten glossy colours.   >>
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