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Wagon Kitchen
Spring Kitchen
Retunne Kitchen
Opera Kitchen
Living  Kitchen 
Barn Kitchen
Essex Kitchen 
Elle Kitchen
Trend Kitchen 
The reflecting light from the glass and steel shows off the lines of this kitchen, with evolved work techniques that give origin to a perfect balance between functionality and sturdiness.   >>
Spacious sinks and recycling bins. A glass panel protects the counter for a fast but pleasant meal. The steel is light and practical in a kitchen where volume takes up space.     >>
A round snack bar to cook and spend quality time in the country. Ideal for entertaining and equipped with a small refrigerated wine cellar with built-in household appliances.    >>
The stainless steel version 18/10 304 Scotch Brite with its lacquered frontal panels is available in a wide range of colours and with glass doors. The false ceiling is with an integrated backsplash and built-in sinks. It can be personalized following the client's wishes and designs.    >>
With built-in household appliances, a wine rack, a double door fridge, a microwave, oven and a glass sliding door cupboard. Completely in stainless steel with a maroon coloured lacquer.   >>
The ideal solution for cooking with joy. Made out of stainless steel and wengĂ© oak wood panels, it comes with a variety of household and electrical appliances. It's functional and efficient, with an island equipped with shelves and a snack bar    >>
Sophisticated but with simple forms, this kitchen offers various options. It's characterized by a mix between traditional elements and advanced handmade equipment with quality materials that can be custom made   >>
Built entirely out of stainless steel and with glossy lacquer colours, this solution comes with glass upper cupboards. The kitchen design is characterized by the detailed trimmings that really make the beauty come out: the detail.    >>
A combination of stainless steel and Teak natural woods. Built-in household appliances fridge, microwave, oven and stove top made out of ceramic glass.   >>
Simple lines and lacquered frontals made out of stainless steel. The cupboards are made out of white glass with lit shelves, while the island counter top is made out of white quartz. The right solution for a trendy kitchen.    >>
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