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Domina Kitchen
Osaka Kitchen
Diamante Kitchen
Area Kitchen
Patty Kitchen
Monte Carlo
Cà Donà
Daring features which pay no heed to convention but offer functional and customized solutions.    >>
Emotions in the shape of curves. The pencil draws what Domina creates, every corner, every space, every material, every color.    >>
Essential and graphic lines go hand in hand with natural materials and shades: the result is an absolutely new kitchen concept, where the future, expressed by the precise and sober design and by modern technologies, harmoniously meets the originality of nature, conveyed by the predominant use of wood.   >>
The Osaka programme enables the creation of a professional, kitchen made to measure for every space, practical need and personal taste, a place in the home in which to cultivate a passion and share pleasure. New materials, new ideas, new elements for a constantly evolving project. A new programme enhanced by further brilliant solutions. From laminated doors with aluminium edging in a choice of colours and wood finishes, to the new materials used, such as steel, aluminium and glass.  >>
Diamante a modern kitchen that stands for the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality, innovative in the materials, finishes and in its composition possibilities. Diamante fully meets the most refined tastes and satisfies those who love practical things and solutions with cutting edge technological: to live the kitchen space at any time and feeling completely and always at home.   >>
Area it’s a contemporary kitchen with graphic, essential lines, which stands outs with its sometimes unusual combination of different materials.   >>
Stosa is one of the most significant industrial entity in the furniture area. Strictly linked and rooted to its original region, Radicofani (SI), from which inherits the craft heritage. Through years, the tuscan company, starts his industrial project the will bring her to have 40.000 sm. of production area, to realize over 20 kitchen models between modern and classic style.  >>
Stosa - Italy     >>
Stosa - Italy    >>
Expression of nobility and aristocratic elegance: that is Cà Donà. A kitchen of strong aesthetic effect featuring all the building, functional and aesthetic qualities by using  for doors, drawers, baskets  very thick Hornbeam solid wood with a practical knob in metal with cooper finish or in decorated ceramic   >>
PRODUCTS: kitchen furniture