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Lignum et Lapis  Kitchen
Spatia Kitchen
Professional Standard
Tineo Kitchen
Tower Kitchen
Primary Kitchen
Duality Kitchen
Library Kitchen
Cube Purista Kitchen
Cube 130
In Lignum et Lapis, stone and wood become protagonists thanks to exclusive designs and well-balanced, very valuable project creativity that respect the environment. Self-supporting structure in Gra Bla marble, worktop with drip guard and shaped snack bar area, doors in larch staves and Greca handle in stainless steel.  >>
Spatia allows the different rooms in the home, storage and service areas to integrate perfectly thanks to weightless light-filled rooms, suspended base units, sliding systems and recessed doors   >>
The color of the high gloss fronts – a special shade of orange in this case – gives this private kitchen its distinctive appearance. The many clever design details are functionally convincing. The horizontal offset rail, for example, or the Desert Grey sandstone worktop that is just three centimeters thick, or the variable internal organization system. In between, there is a prestigious wine cooler, which will bring the precious liquid to just the right temperature as well as warming the heart of the person tasting it.   >>
Futuristic kitchen without walls units in cool white and with horizontal Tineo veneer. Contour panels and the slim glass worktop create a touch of lightness. Featuring a wall panel, flat screen and lowboard for a homely look.   >>
The name »Tower« comes from the two stand-alone tower-shaped elements. Each takes up just one square meter of floor space but offers space for all kinds of accessories, food and utensils. Also integrated: oven, steam oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge-freezer. Doors are fitted on three sides, while the fourth side is left open for individual design. The interior fittings in the towers are just as flexible as the direction in which they face.   >>
»Primary« can be interpreted in many different ways: first class, elementary, or even original. The central working area with niche provides all the basic functions needed. Preparation and cooking area with sink, draining board and hob are made of stainless steel - the material used in professional kitchens: surfaces that reflect the light from the surrounding yellow mirror fronts in all of its nuances.   >>
Duality gets its name from its two-faceted utilisation - living and cooking, design and function. The dominant stainless steel work surfaces and fronts reflect the light and the colours in the surrounding environment in all of their facets. Only the shelves at the narrow ends and the niche lining are designed in white lacquer to highlight the open areas. This emphasises the visual contrast while at the same time spotlighting the practical interplay between the work and storage areas.    >>
Library got its name and design from the shelves above the kitchen units. Whether classically stocked with cooking utensils or with books: they create a fluid transition between cooking and living. The bookshelf is enhanced by two trumpet tables, which get their name from their characteristic trumpet-shaped feet. The first of these – the kitchen island – cleverly integrates everything needed to prepare, cook and store food. What is more, the functional work module is as inviting as a large dining table.  >>
bau-for-mat Küchen - Germany  >>
The kitchen is the central living space in any flat or house. It acts as the occupants' visiting card, with the quality of the interior fittings reflecting their users' quality of life. Whether the style is functional or imposing, the bau-for-mat range offers an individual solution to suit your budget for every floor plan and any room size. Specialist kitchen shops are supplied with our high-quality products and they will plan your personal dream kitchen for you, tailored to your needs and requirements.   >>
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