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Poliform - My Planet
Q2 System from Pedini
Pedini - Artika
Dune from Pedini
Vitali - Contemporary Collection
Vitali - Ancient Collection
Novalinea Kitchens
Marchi Cucine
Maistri - Italy
Etna, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, exceeding the model of the contemporary minimalist kitchen, expresses a new concept of cultured and elegant kitchen for a space planned to a man’s size.  >>
This kitchen interprets the widespread desire for practicality and elegance. A sensation suggested by new components such as handles and countertops of various thicknesses, the use of light equipped panels and white and dark pine finishes  >>
Q2 System renews and develops the room we call kitchen. It could not be otherwise called a “kitchen system” if it wasn’t so resourceful and innovative.   >>
Artika, the natural interpretation of a sign. A big rounded island in the centre of the kitchen’s space, with an aesthetical and functional presence >>
The natural evolution of the line. The development never stops.   >>
A painstaking technological research. Original solutions because of innovative spatial concepts that determine a new design concept. Projects characterised by the essential purity of the linear geometric compositions.   >>
An important and elegant classic, the rite of hospitality in a kitchen that is increasingly becoming shared space and open onto the living room. A strong personality, perfect for a kitchen that takes its place at the centre of the home without having to hide itself.   >>
Novalinea - kitchens from Italy>>
Beautiful things acquire value over time. The are objects that improve our quality of life and become an integral part of our daily routine.  >>
The Kitchen: sphere of relationships and daily life, space of diffusion for your style and emotions. In Maistri we want to apprise them through our design, the materials and care which distinguished us for 60 years.    >>
PRODUCTS: kitchen furniture