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AIKO - Italy
Together Kitchen
Casale Kitchen from Rational
Emotion Kitchen 
Shogun Kitchen - Bamax - Italy
FM Küchen 
Matrix Kitchen
Minimal Kitchen 
Le Forme - Giemmegi Cucine
Bretagna Kitchen 
Alis, Bonjour & Myself Kitchens  >>
Aiko - Italy    >>
The Casale entirely redefines the concept of the modern country house style. It embodies a discreet, elegant luxury, marked by exceptional aesthetics. Smoked oak has the necessary charisma for it.   >>
The concept of the emotion opens up the kitchen to the living space. With perfect ergonomics as the basis. Minimalist design geared to human movement with the eye-level as the demarcation line.   >>
Door made of solid oak    >>
FM Küchen - kitchen furniture from Austria   >>
A project with an aesthetic extremely essential, featured by great volumes and wide surfaces. It is targeted for a public looking for a kitchen of minimalist-contemporary style, which should be at the same time “important”, with the availability of big spaces in which the elements are valorised   >>
A project defined by aesthetical rigor and extraordinary versatility of the composition. The integrated handle is the “personality element” for all the doors: a very distinctive visual rhythm to the compositions. The possibility to combine different materials and finishing gives to Minimal the ability to propose extremely original kitchen solutions of both strong character end endless styles   >>
Le Forme conveys the past and the present, interpreting traditional, functional precepts in a simple and eloquent way. The warm combination of aged lacquering with the materials used (oak wood and granite), creates a vital and comfortable environment   >>
Door made of solid lime-wood.   >>
PRODUCTS: kitchen furniture