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Time Kitchen from Snaidero
Mitica Kichen
Mya Kitchen
Free from Composit
Manhattan Kitchen
Maxima Kitchen 
Amélie & Grand Relais Kitchens
Baccarat & Focus Kitchens 
For the Time kitchen, American Walnut is matched with new Rosewood marble, providing a precious effect with warm shades of bright light.   >>
Mitica Kitchen from Snaidero - Italy    >>
With the project Mida Composit goes on with its research of values and aesthetic contents, of personalised technical solutions matching for the everlasting oak wood's warmth in all its different finishings: light oak, wengè painted oak, grey and cherry. The great value of finishings and materials differently drawn up creates a kitchen that offers elegant and functional solutions to the needs of the modern life.    >>
New colours and functions for a new life in kitchen. Making is the Composit's kitchen realised for young taste: a huge range of colours and finishings for more personalised aesthethic solutions. Making with alumonium decorative lines on doors enriches and completes the Making project.   >>
Mya is a project, which is characterized by a very customized language, where “the disordered composition of the kitchen”, The mixture of materials and finishes propose a freely projected room, giving an aesthetic imprint to the house. The alternation of volumes and colours introduces new atmospheres, new aesthetic balances, without forgetting the functional aspect.     >>
Free is a project intended for the contemporary kitchen which offers innovative solutions and original aesthetic choices. Base units and columns, entirely suspended, are the main concept in which the “fire and water” element communicate with the different components, creating an intended contrast between void and solid spaces. The light, studied in its different functions, takes part to magnify the architectural components of the kitchen itself.    >>
Elegant, sought, practical: Manhattan is the kitchen decisive in the choices, alike the city it has been inspired by. Smooth surfaces crossed by details as the top with lowered thickness in its visible part and with colour matched with the finish of the kitchen itself; the low plinth and the vertical handle in the same finish of the façade: elements giving a strong and innovative character.    >>
Smooth surfaces interrupted by vertical and horizontal cuts, handles free, columns featuring a technical design capture the space on the whole wall: these are the main features of Maxima, which, in the large choice of finishing, allows to build up a kitchen designed around today’s different demands, satisfying the most personal tastes.    >>
A wooden kitchen that returns to the values of authenticity, with traditional design, natural, lasting materials and innovative technical features. Elegant, prestigious and tailored to the modern lifestyle (with its island, peninsula and accessories), Amélie becomes even more inviting when combined with Decorceramica, the distinctive imitationmasonry system. Materials of choice: solid wood for the door frames, granite for the worktops, and fine vitrified stoneware tiles for the masonry elements  >>
Classical elegance has never been so contemporary. Classical and modern. Two different approaches to the kitchen, now brought together in a new, highly personal style.

Focus kitchen it presents doors in impeccable classical taste. All the rest – island, storage units, appliances and accessories – reflects  contemporary lifestyle    >>
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