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Alineal Kitchen
Doganove Kitchen
Filanta Kitchen
Dialogo Kitchen
Quadrica Kitchen
Alutema Kitchen
Dedalo Kitchen
Gaia Kitchen
Style Kitchen
Harmony of volumes and rational design, linear surfaces and great formal cleanness thanks to the absence of handles and doors opening with groove profiles on base and tall units, who joins beauty to function. A project designed for heavy duty work and for orderly organization of tasks. Research and innovation in both the design and the materials, where color and luminosity  of spaces are the protagonists of the modern home.   >>
Contemporary, dynamic, welcoming stylistic solution, rich of personality and refinement, coherent with latest trends. Alineal is the absolute protagonist with a presence that goes behind the classic concept of the kitchen, opening up to a new and exclusive horizons. The kitchen thus becomes a living area ready for all functions of the modern home. The organic and linear volumes of the Alineal kitchen furnish the domestic spaces with very pleasing aesthetic elegance.   >>
A personal kitchen space with strong development solution, thanks to exclusive door, for a new interpretation of the traditional wooden kitchen in an essential and elegant style. A new kitchen concept, essential, style,  strong structure and great elegance.    >>
A kitchen with a great appeal and innovation, thanks to its doors with rational design. The beauty of this scheme is in its elegant lines, conveying a minimalist look but with great functionality. Filanta's originality it's expressed also in its arrangement possibility that combines real kitchen functions with living areas.   >>
Rational and linear design thanks to the refined handle profile that creates a well-balanced elegance. A project with an essential aesthetic look. The more important element, that defines the Dialogo door, is the exclusive linearity of the profile handle, geometrical element that combines and divides at the same time. Dazzling and joyful design: Dialogo proposes a linear and wide solution, characterized from the beauty of the color   >>
Innovation and tradition with this frame door and the metal handles. A refined effect in which one can enjoy the feelings of time gone by. Traditional design reinvented in a new and modern style. A modern kitchen that picks up one of passions of the best cabinetmakers: doors with wide frames, that sets off its splendour. The functions and the storage capacity of Quadrica combine harmoniously, with their pleasantly compact volumes    >>
Contemporary design and combination of different materials, all set off by a slender aluminum frame. New household spaces, distinguished by free-standing volumes, a really handy furnishing concept. Alutema doors, set-of by a slender aluminum frame, are also available in a elegant version with integrated aluminum handles, for an essential and contemporary design. Innovative materials and accurate workmanship for a cult environment, designed to meet even professional needs.    >>
Dedalo - free standing elements. Rigorous lines and high performance for a system composed of free-standing elements. A mobile kitchen that can be arranged and re-arranged in different way. Dedalo's design makes it easy  to combine with all the models in the Euromobil projects >>
Siloma Cucine - Italy     >>
Siloma Cucine - Italy  >>
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