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Nubola Sofa
Florindo Sofa
Nuvola Sofa
Series of padded seats with simple geometric shapes, characterized by a settling seating system through an appropriate mechanical handling. Matching coatings in various colours and types. Covers are entirely removable.     >>
Te seating base has a supporting structure in conifer wood and the springing is composed of interlaced elastic straps. The filling is in polyurethane foam sheets of various densities and covered with synthetic padding entirely lined in velvety fabric.   >>
Mantellassi 1926 - Italy  >>
Formenti - Italy   >>
Designer: Tiziano Formenti    >>
Nubola is a solid, comfortable and soft sofa which can be easily recognized by dimension and functionality. It is fraught of big coloured buttons. The sofa seems to be created from a cloud. Its own solid and steady form of a common sofa changes, moulds, bellies out with the same texture of the air which is prisoner of various textile coverings.    >>
Mantellassi 1926 - Italy     >>
Mantellassi 1926 - Italy  >>
Mantellassi 1926 - Italy   >>
Deformity is not always a synonym for decadence or misshape. Sometimes, distortions reveal an underlying opposing force, a force that gets `released`, trying to break free from its contraining shell to challenge the pre-established order which was imposed upon it. Breaking free has always been the duty of every human being: breaking free from prejudices, the past, nostalgia, false values, superficiality, boredom, `political correctness ..   >>
PRODUCTS: sofas, sectionals, ottomans, chairs