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Epoque Leather Sofas
Chantilly Sofa
Sherazade Sofa
Boa Sofa
On The Rocks Sofa
Brenno Sofa
Conseta Sofa Bed
Odalisca Sofa
Leather sofas   >>
Each project, developed in the company, is born of a continuous research for new lines, technologies and advanced material, taking ito account the desires and habits of the people who live.     >>
An original type of upholstered item with new profile and new performances. The sleek shape of the upholstered base has parts that tilt at various angles to become backs and rests for unhindered relaxation positions. The frame is in tubular metal and the movable parts, attached singly to double steel mechanisms, can each recline at six different angles.  >>
The name speaks volumes. Like its creamy edible counterpart, Chantilly has two components: a soft, flowing exterior sustained by a rigid inner frame that rises to a flat leather-clad top. The satin upholstery is deliberately loose fitting. It flounces and cascades, soft and inviting, its folds highlighting the fabric's sheen. The high back of this circular settee supports the nape of the neck - a cervical cushion reminiscent of 19th century models but without their rigidity and severity.    >>
"Sherazade", the name of the vizier’s daughter in the Arabian Nights who saves her life by telling King Shahryar stories for a thousand and one nights. In extra-soft jellyfoam, this rectangular sommier is bedecked with a series of luxuriously comfortable accessories: two triangular Thai cushions for backrests, weighted and cotton-quilted at their base for slip-free positioning; two large, square, down-filled cushions; a cylindrical, down armrest and a large rectangular cushion.   >>
Softly woven, it resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up - who can also crawl inside the weave to feel even more protected. With no frame, it consists of 90 meters of tubular velvet filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane chips, knotted with extreme manual expertise to form a large irregular weave. Upholstery in velvet only.   >>
Composed of four irregularly shaped, independent elements, three polygons and a quadrilateral, on moulded polypropylene and rubber feet. The elements can be placed together along the various sides to obtain myriad patterns with modularity, governed by the laws of plane geometry, multiplied exponentially. The shapes, without frame and any rigid support, are modeled by moulding a mixture, protected by an international patent, of "Gellifoam" and other foams.  >>
Artfully worked natural leather gives the sofa a softly indulgent appearance. The frame is in plywood and metal and the stuffing is in Gellyfoam covered with a thick layer of goose down. The leather upholstery is generously plump by design, affording the kind of welcoming softness and comfort that appeases the eye even before the body.   >>
It unfolds on telescopic runners to become a roomy double bed complete with a spacious linen box, base, mattress and pillows.  >>
"Odalisca" is a special version of Sherazade. Its unique fabric cover designed by Fancesco Binfaré harks back to 19th century Orientalist painting - especially Eugène Delacroix - with overtones of Matisse-inspired collage. It is a design that speaks of Arabian Night carpets. The bold silvered flourish, as if drawn by a swooping scimitar, lends an exotic oriental sumptuousness.    >>
PRODUCTS: sofas, sectionals, ottomans, chairs