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Ripples Bench by Toyo Ito

Ripples Bench by Toyo Ito

Ripples, winner of the 2004 Compasso d’Oro, is made of a laminated composite of five different solid woods. Slide your hand along the surface to enjoy the seamless transitions between walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, and ash. This enveloping seat, carved with mastery, is hand-finished to produce an elegant polychromatic effect arising from the ductility of the wood. A true icon of international design, Ripples is a bench suitable for home users, commercial environments, and public spaces.  

Ripples “Like a River” is a system of two modules suitable for public spaces given its limitless composition possibilities. This enveloping seat, carved with mastery, connect its various elements in a continuous, seamless fashion, so it never breaks the elegant polychromatic effect of wood, a hallmark of Toyo Ito’s works around the world.

Ripples Outoor bench, winner of the Golden Compass in 2004, changes its attire to become an outdoor bench by using okoume wood, also known as Gaboon, native of tropical West Africa and hence perfectly suited to withstand humidity or light rain.

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