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Royale Kitchen by Marco Corti for Rastelli Cucine

Royale Kitchen by Marco Corti for Rastelli Cucine

From Designers: Royale is the answer to a constituent key for the new dynamics of the daily living: the contemporary rhythms together with the dynamic requirements of the present time, influence the environment where we live and Royale makes nothing but perfectly interpret these new requirements and rewrite the rules of kitchen space: from a piece of furniture to a pure kitchen ambience.

The space of the composition develops till it becomes an integral and integrated part of the living area. Royale is a real recipe thought up to cook and to move in a comfortable way, to put away, and to look, to seat and to talk, to hide and to unveil in a wide reaching.

We speak about a 28 mm thick door, presented in a number of variants that transform the model into a system. We start with the laminates in wood finish, going through matt and brushed glossy lacquers and get to the glass and the most valuable types of wood like ebony and heat-treated oaks. 

about the manufacturer
name: Rastelli Cucine  ( Italy )
profile: visit website

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