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StandTable by UNStudio

StandTable by UNStudio

Stand up to join up. Standing is better for us than sitting. Standing while working increases productivity, creativity, metabolism, life expectancy and effective communication. It accelerates decision-making and decreases absenteeism.

The StandTable responds to these conditions by offering action stations that simultaneously operate as communication tools for both digital and personal interaction, whilst all the while encouraging variation in stance.

Designed to encourage user flexibility and to generate dynamic interactions within the office environment, the StandTable stations divide the traditional circular table into three parts and create plateaus of different heights, allowing the user to work in various positions.

A place to work at, on, behind, around, the StandTable embodies flexibility in a user-generated way. In the StandTable station the three surfaces of different heights (90cm, 100cm and 110cm) stimulate the users to work in different positions and to fully occupy the circular space around the station. Thus the passive comfort and spatial restriction of traditional office furniture is replaced by active, healthy comfort and increased spatial freedom.

The StandTable station can be used in a variety of settings: in offices for spontaneous or brief informal meetings, or in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, airports, libraries etc. Whilst standing, typing, leaning, reading or working, the stations enable users to work alone or in small groups of 2 or 3.

The three sections of the units are finished with different treatments of wood, formica and fabric. USB ports are embedded into the table tops to enable use with laptops, tablets and mobile phones, while a storage space is also provided to safely deposit coats, laptop bags etc.

Size: Diameter:1216mm. x different heights: 900 / 1000 / 1100 mm. Finishes: different finishes laminate and fabric

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name: UNStudio  ( The Netherlands )
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