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Tetraëder lamp ð by Jeanne Dekkers

Tetraëder lamp ð by Jeanne Dekkers

ð stands for ‘tetra’ and is used in geometric mathematics to define symmetrical and 4-sided figures. Like the tetrahedron, an omni-sided uniform pyramid. If the vertices in this figure are connected, a form is created that underlies the design of a concept for a luminaire.

The shape is very suitable as a light object by its combination of a relatively large surface and an explicit form. Because of this both diffuse and direct light are possible, as well as a combination of these two options. The size of the object can vary from small (200mm) to large (over 1000mm).

The lamp can be executed in translucent, perforated and non-translucent versions. The first two variants emit the light uniformly and to all sides, the third transforms the lamp into a triple, concentrated light source.

Depending on the scale of the space and the lamp itself, the Tetrahedron can be applied individually or in a certain combination. The combinations contribute to the fact that different types of light (translucent, colored, white, perforated and spotlights) are joined in the same light object and the desired atmosphere can be approached exactly, while the final result is also a special art object.

about the designer
name: Jeanne Dekkers Architecture 
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