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Bathroom Remodel by Beauparlant Design

Bathroom Remodel by Beauparlant Design

From Designers: This renovation project located in Riverdale, a neighborhood of Toronto, included the design of two bathrooms and alterations to the 3rd floor. The images shown are of the main bathroom updated during this project.

The space originally encompassed a 2 piece en-suite and separate 3pc family bathroom. With the addition of a new 3rd floor bathroom it was possible to combine these two rooms into a larger and more accommodating bathroom located off the master bedroom. Due to the long and narrow configuration of the space a traditional layout would have segmented the room and created too many compartments defeating the intent behind the larger combined rooms. The solution was to locate the shower and freestanding bathtub together in a wet room.

Since this bathroom is also used by visitors and guests, the glass shower partition is acid etched to give the appearance of a powder room when closed off.

A small window formerly in the en-suite was the only source of natural light and was disproportionate to the new room dimensions. The opening was enlarged and centered in the end wall of the wet room.

The third floor was reconfigured to improve circulation and accommodate a family room, bedroom, new bathroom and built-in storage throughout.

Location: Toronto, Riverdale

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