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Wrongwoods Collection by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons

Wrongwoods Collection by Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons

Relaunch 2009 in black & white and 2010 in pink & blue British artist Richard Woods is renowned for his work with garish and repetitious motifs. He has applied these to facades, floors and walls across the world in commissioned work and gallery installations. These  ‘logos’ are often abstractions and interpretations of domestic pattern – the woodblock print being a particularly recognisable signature print.

Designer Sebastian Wrong teamed up with Woods in the first design for Established & Sons’ programme of ‘Collaborations’ where individuals from two creative fields work together.

Woods’ block printed motifs were applied to Wrong’s utilitarian cabinets. These are reminiscent of 1950s furniture – a fitting vehicle because much of Woods’ work is based on a nostalgia for mid-century domestic interiors. The result is a family of storage cabinets: a small night table with a spring-touch drawer, a chest of drawers, a long low credenza and a wall unit.

The WrongWoods series is currently available in four of Woods’ signature colourways.

“This aesthetic, combined with Richard Woods vibrant, graphic wood block print, puts the idea of ‘DIY’ back into design and adds decoration with a twist.” Sebastian Wrong.

“The utilitarian feel of the furniture that we have made is somewhat at odds with the cartoon graphic surface that covers it, and I feel this marriage illustrates perfectly the success of the collaborative process. This is a new body of work that is both playful as well as being respectful to its aesthetic origins.” Richard Woods.

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