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Wye Rocker Classic by Di Tao and Bob Dodd

Wye Rocker Classic by Di Tao and Bob Dodd

Inspired by the gentle curves of the Wye Marsh in southern Ontario, the rocker is a challenge to the traditional stiff chair perched on a curved rocking base. Composed of iconic loop frames and a flowing sling seat, Wye rocker feels as if it's moving even when still, inviting you to experience that movement; a chair designed to tell its own story.

Designed by Di Tao and Bob Dodd, the Wye rocker won both IIDEX Woodshop 2017 and the European Product Design Award 2018. It is available in a range of woods, leathers, and finishes. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The Wye rocker is a numbered edition, made to order by craftsmen in Canada and shipped, worldwide.

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