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12-16-2011, 10:38 AM
Simpson Furniture is the 1st in Value, 1st in Quality, 1st in Service. Simpson Furniture takes its name from founder R.L. Simpson who moved to Cedar Falls from Des Moines in 1946.
Simpson and his wife, Rena, took over a former funeral parlor and furniture showroom and two years later hired a young David Sandvold. The company has only had four presidents in its 65-year history and it has always been a locally owned and operated furniture and flooring store. Simpson and Sandvold were the first two presidents followed by David Olson, who started in the 1960s.
Olson became vice president in the '80s and, with Sandvold's help, he led Simpson out of the largest fire Cedar Falls had ever seen in 1983. The old showroom was a combination of many other buildings that Simpson had grown into after its initial start in 1946.
The buildings burnt to the ground in January 1983. In 1984, Olson and Sandvold re-opened a much larger and much more customer-friendly showroom that takes up the 500 block of downtown Cedar Falls.
It was just shortly after the "Re-grand Opening" in 1984 that current president and CEO Dale Emmert started working at Simpson while earning his degree at the University of Northern Iowa, similar to Sandvold's start back in the '40s.
Olson also attended the local university and the company still has strong ties to UNI. Simpson actively supports the arts and athletic events at the university, as well as giving financial support to many of the local schools in N.E. Iowa.
Emmert loves the Cedar Valley and comments that Simpson Furniture has continually given support to many local events.
"We know our livelihood is right here in the Cedar Valley. We have given back to so many organizations and events in hopes that our support shows our sincere thanks to the residents of Northeast Iowa."
Readers of The Courier will frequently see the Simpson name in support of the University of Northern Iowa, the Waterloo Black Hawks and Bucks, Community Main Street and Cedar Falls annual events such as Sturgis Falls and the Festival of Trees, plus many area high schools.

Recently, the company had to make a hard choice and close its Rooms 4 Less showroom located just one mile south of the downtown store. This move helps set Simpson up for future growth in the Cedar Valley and beyond.
"We have just finished final agreements to actually sell our downtown building and move our showroom. We are extremely excited to be able to announce to the Cedar Valley that after 65 years in the same location we are moving next spring or early summer to a much larger facility. Our showroom will be over 30 percent larger than our current downtown store," Emmert said.
"We hate to leave the downtown, but we are landlocked and could not grow. Our new location at 2300 Main St. is still very close to the downtown and gives us so many more options to enhance our selection for the loyal and much appreciated customers who have helped us grow into Northeast Iowa's leader in home furniture, mattresses, accessories and floor covering."
The Simpson Companies, which include Flack Interior Designs and Associates and Simpson Furniture-Coralville, along with the downtown operation, employ more than 50 people.
This retail company can boast that many of its staff have been with it 10, 15, 25 and even 30 years or more.
"Our staff makes us the Best of the Best. I am reminded of that whenever we have a company function or outing and we see the same faces year after year," said Dale's wife and business partner, Deb.
"We know working retail is not an easy career, but our terrific employees are loyal and extremely hard workers. It is with them that we can not only serve our current customers the way we do, but also look to continued growth."
October will mark the 65th year since R.L. Simpson first put his name on this Cedar Falls icon of a business. Since 1946, the Simpson Companies have continued to be the premier home furniture, flooring and home decor showplace.

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