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12-21-2011, 10:38 AM
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12-21-2011, 10:56 AM
We bought a dining room set from Ashley (table/chairs) and loved it. The customer service in store was annoying - but then again it seems like most sales people are. We looked at several places when it came to buying a new couch and landed back at Ashley. We ended up buying the Braxton Java Sectional from another (even more annoying) sales person. In the store all the sales guys kept bragging about how many of the Braxton sectionals they had sold that day and it was one of their top sellers. We had ordered a left side, middle console and right side. When we finally got it delivered, the left side of the sectional was damaged - hole in the leather, stain on the leather, the cushions were not as firm as the right side, recliner didn't recline. Had to call the customer service to have them come back and pick it up. 2 weeks later they came back and brought a new left side AND middle console. The middle console's storage bin STINKS!! Cheap plastic!!! Everything you put into the storage box came out smelling just like the nasty box!! We tested the recliner before they attached it all together and everything looked and felt good. They attached it and left. yay! ..... sat on the left side again and reclined only to feel it grind. ??? We took it apart to see why it was grinding and discovered it was grinding against the MIDDLE CONSOLE and had torn a hole into the leather. There is no way we are going to spend another month trying to figure this poor couch out. The quality of the furniture is a major concern. Was a little concerned about it in store but figured if you pay $1500 for a couch it should be good. Are the only good couches out there expensive? Surely there is SOMEONE out there making quality furniture and not asking for your first born child in return! Furniture companies hear me roar! ... MAKE QUALITY FURNITURE... AND DON'T ASK FOR MAJORITY OF A NORMAL PERSON'S PAYCHECK!!! THANKS! If only we were all as wealthy as Mark Cuban...

12-21-2011, 03:00 PM
After 15 months of ownership the leather on my reclining couch started to peel off. Ashley Furniture's consumer affairs did offer to send me a replacement piece of leather and told me to call the store for a repair that I would have to pay for.

When I call the store they say they cannot repair anything not covered under warranty to call an independent furniture upholstery repair shop. After getting the "run around" between consumer affairs and the corporate store I guess I will have to leave the blanket covering our deteriorating leather.

I advise you not to buy leather furniture from Ashley Furniture

12-21-2011, 06:33 PM
bedroom set delivered to home, paid almost 3K for the set.. So many flaws in the furniture that the adjuster stop taking pictures?. We had to contact the manger Phil in St.. George UT and his resolution was to give us a 7% discount or reorder the same set.. After speaking with ashley employees we were told they have nothing but problems with this set'. we want our money back without pickup fees and restocking fee'. We will never buy from Ashley furniture again". consumer beware'. The salesman and delivery men were great but that doesnt help my bedroom set

12-21-2011, 08:03 PM
Ashley Furniture is on the lower spectrum as far as quality, so you do get what you pay for... However, their Millennium collections are pretty good.

01-04-2012, 01:26 PM
I purchased a white bedroom set for my daughter, what an experience! the saleswoman was telling me what I did and did not want and then when it came to the point of sale, her attitude changed...she was stern and not very nice. The guys that came to deliver really had no idea how to put the bed together and when it came time to flip the mattress one of the under supports was not even screwed in! There were also nail points sticking out along the headboard! I didnt notice this until I was dusting and the swiffer got caught! I called Ashley customer svc and received no help, I was told that I didnt buy the touch up plan so they couldnt fix the headboard problem. The support has never been repaired.


01-06-2012, 12:54 PM
We went to Ashley Furniture @StoneCrest Mall, GA 20 minutes before closing. My wife was the first to notice that no one greeted us at the door or said hello ...I brushed it off. We decided however to see if this was so. We went around the whole store as we were had just purchased a new home and had basically no furniture and to our amazement we walk right past reps doing nothing of significance over and over again and they all ignored us -THE WHOLE TIME. Needless to say we wont be buying there -the prices are not that competitive anyway.

01-15-2012, 06:44 PM
Do NOT do business with Ashley Home Furnishings in Elkton, MD. I learned the hard way that every Ashley store is independently owned, and the customer service standards at the Elkton store are pathetic. I purchased a leather living room set from them in November. When the set arrived there were scratches on the leather and the recliner was poorly assembled?. Ashley in Elkton has refused to replace the pieces, insisting that they will repair them,.

I called customer service at least a dozen times in November and December, and every time the customer service rep said they would talk with their supervisor and call me back?. NO ONE EVER CALLED BACK – NOT ONCE". I finally went back to the store to complain in person!. The in-store manager wouldn’t even talk to me, insisting that I deal with his customer service people'. Customer service cited store policy, as determined by the independent owner;. I asked for the owner to contact me, but he or she never did?.

I continued to call the store several times a week, and the pieces were finally picked up for repair on Jan. 9. They were supposed to be repaired and returned on Jan. 11. I wasn’t at all surprised when I got a call from them an hour AFTER the pieces were supposed to be delivered saying they weren’t ready yet.

So, bottom line, I spent $ thousands at Ashley in November on a living room set, and it STILL isn’t in my living room.


01-16-2012, 08:24 PM
Our bedroom set was delivered November 3rd. By 11/16/11 the dresser had come apart at the seams, it was never nailed/glued together. Ashley sent a technician by 11/29?. The technician was able to get our trapped clothes out of the dresser but was unable to fix the drawers,. They ordered drawer parts 11/30/11;. The manufacturer replied there was too much damage to send parts and asked that the whole dresser be swapped;. The store owner has refused so far,. I have the damaged dresser and no one from Ashely will return my phone calls?. I have sent letters and emails and none of them have been answered,. I have contacted the credit card company to dispute the purchase and do not intend to pay for the broken dresser/. We also purchased the 5 year warrantee on the furniture and now wish that we had not since Ashley is not fixing this issue.

01-23-2012, 01:10 PM
Purchased a couch for my friend in September. Couch seats started to sink on both ends. They have been out to repair it four times and have now scheduled a fifth time. It is clear they are going to let the manufactures warranty expire and then not honor the extended warranty. Their furniture is horrible and they do not stand behind their products. I will never buy from them again and have warned everyone to stay away from them. Am now going to ask for a refund so I can go and buy a couch somewhere else. Really angry and fed up!

01-23-2012, 04:40 PM
Ashley Furniture is basically denying factory flaws. I have this huge sectional that cost over 2500.00. The material is clothlike and is coming apart at the seams, the undermatting is showing in three spots which nothing can rub or touch the seam. Just one armrest on the couch is starting to shed threads. This thread shedding is being blamed by the service technician by my clawless cat. The seam separation is being blamed on people bumping into the seams making them unravell, but no one can get get to these spots to even bump them. So basically they are just utilizing their training and making excuses, deny fault, more excuses, deny fault even more. Well I know one person that will be contacting the BBB

01-27-2012, 11:19 AM
My husband and I bought a complete king bedroom set, a power recliner sofa and love seat and a tv stand in the beggining of december and our delivery was divided by 2, one for de 26th of december where everything but the sofa would be delivered and the sofa for the 7th of January. We paid on cash and on the 26th we received our bed with no box spring and they didnt bring our dresser AND the loveseat was broken. These two pieces came in two different days and the technician didnt come until January 5th to fix the loveseat and 3 days later the loveseat was broken again and the technician wont come until the 26th . When they finally brought our box spring they brought the wrong one and we went to the store to have them fix that problem. The manager told us she would call in 2 or 3 days with a date for the exchange, one week went by and nothing, we went there again and they gave us one of their display ones while they fixed the issue and once again told us they would call back with a date, its been 8 days and still nothing.

Now the couch, as I said it was supposed to be on the 7th, they changed for January 18th, then 19th or 20th and now it is the 25th. As you can see my experience was a nightmare, I would NOT RECOMMEND Ashley to anyone.

02-22-2012, 12:24 PM
Purchased three pieces of furniture from the Ashely Furniture Home store in Springfield Ohio Store. The sales person, David Holbrook, was helpful but didn't hover. He greeted us asked us a couple of questions and then let us to ourselves until he saw we had gone back to a set of furniture we had already looked at. He then asked again if we wanted help and we did. He was polite and helpful about prices and setting up delivery dates and times. He also told us about extended warranty, which we wanted, but didn't push the issue at all.

The delivery was very pleasant from start to finish. We were called a couple of days ahead of the delivery date and given a 4 hours window for delivery. What more could you want than this!. About 15 minutes before the end of our window we were given a call and told they were very sorry, the man was so very polite, but they were running a bit late as we were their 10th delivery of the day and they would be with us in about 1/2 an hour:. They were clean, polite and very careful bringing the furniture into the house'. Even had blankets around the sides so it didn't hit into the walls and doors.. We said we wanted to inspect the furniture and were told this was no problem:. We looked over every inch of the furniture since we had read such bad reviews and expected something to be broken or damaged!. The furniture was in perfect condition just as it should have been".

We really couldn't have wanted more from start to finish purchasing our new living room furniture;. Lansbury - Autumn Sofa & Loveseat & Ottoman Model

03-10-2012, 07:58 PM
I bought a sofa in 08. A sales rep offered insurance on it. I did not want it, until I asked if it covered pet damage. He said , " Yes, it covers ANYTHING" So, I bought it:. 3 years later, I call up Montage Furniture Services, and they give me the run-around and act like they can't even find my account.. I told the rep, it doesn't matter if you can or can't find it because I have all of it lying in front of me:. Then he "suddenly found it" not that it mattered, because he then told me that the insurance does not cover pet damage!. I told him that was the ONLY reason I bought the insurance, was because I specifically asked for pet damage and was told by the Ashley Service rep that it did cover pet damage,. Shame on both companies!!

03-15-2012, 09:16 AM
I went into Ashley Furniture earlier today expecting to walk away having purchased a sofa which I had previously looked at. Upon entering not one associate greeted me or asked if they could assist me (please note that there were only a handful of customers and the store was not overly busy). I had to wander around the store to get someone's attention while two sales women sat at a table in the middle of the store talking to one another and ignoring the customers. When I finally flagged someone down, he wasn't very professional. I inquired as to whether or not I could use a coupon and he had to check with the manager, which was not a problem. However, when I walked by the two ladies who were sitting at the table decided to belittle me and say how *** I was to think I could use that coupon on the particular couch I was looking at. I'm not sure they know I was the customer they were talking about. Instead of letting the sales associate that was with me calmly and professionally tell me that I couldn't use the coupon they decided to belittle me. I did not know that the price I was looking at was a sale price, as there was one price listed on the couch and it did not display "sale", "discount", "clearance" or any other phrase which would enable me, the customer, to know that the price listed was not the original price. There was an "as advertised" listed on the sales tag, and had they calmly told me that was their way of saying "sale" it wouldn't have been an issue. The final straw was that as I was leaving and the sales associate apologized for me not being able to use the coupon, he called me "kid." It was extremely disrespectful and I don't care how old I look, they have no right to ignore me, get nasty with me and act completely unprofessional. They assumed that I was a high school or college student and wasn't going to spend a great deal of money so they didn't care how I was treated.

I am a 24 year old professional that works for a fortune 500 company. I have a great job and I was looking to spend quite a bit of money as I am in need of several things for my new apartment including a couch, bookshelf, rug, end table and dinning room set.

I do not appreciate them formulating an opinion of me when I enter the store and tailoring their level of service to it,. I have never experienced such unprofessional staff that completely lack the ability to respect and serve the customer'. I worked in retail sales during college and I never treated a customer like that'. No matter how crazy or *** their questions may have seemed, I always assisted the customer as best I could:. They have lost me as a customer as I will NEVER go to another Ashley furniture store or purchase anything from their distributors?. I work hard for my money and they will not see a penny of it.. Don't waist your time going to an Ashley furniture store unless you're are hoping to be belittled and treated unprofessionally?. Hopefully something similar hasn't happened to anyone else, but based on the number of negative reviews, I don't think that is the case.

03-21-2012, 07:09 PM
DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE! I ordered a NEW TV console from one of their distributors, but Ashleys shipped me a REFURBISHED one instead. I ordered two items that came on the same pallet. The first was a chair that came in a new box that had never been opened?. The second (TV console) came in a box that had holes, nearly collapsed and had been opened (several times) and taped back together|. When I opened it, several wood pieces had been damaged and someone tried to restain it,. There were also missing parts:. Classy Home agreed to a small refund and to send me the missing parts;. As it turns out, it would have been quicker just to send it all back and demand a NEW replacement;. Each time I've called Ashleys, the parts were always on backorder and always 2 - 3 weeks away!. I finally just filed a complaint with my credit card company for a full refund of this item because Ashleys failed to deliver an ordered product

03-26-2012, 01:26 PM
I purchased a 14 piece furniture set from Ashley home furniture in February. After constant delays in delivery my furniture is still not here. My son and I have been eating on the living room floor now for nearly two months. I would pay twice the purchase price to have had it delivered on time. I wish I never walked in to this store or was naive enough to believe that as a consumer, my time and money would get me the respect and honesty that I deserve. The only thing that was delivered on time, if not early, was the bill. I refuse to pay for something that I have not seen....and am starting to believe will never see. I could not work for a company that could not get their supply chain management down to a reasonable/manageable timeline. The corporate staff at Ashley Home Furniture should read "The Goal", MGT/ECON 101 basics and maybe they would realize that by using consumer money to build furniture but not providing the goods for months inflates their cash while reducing inventory on hand because they do not store anything to fill orders as they come in. This logic will eventually lead to their demise...cheap prices do not cover the lack in quality of product or customer service. Though they will most likelly never see this email, hopefully others that are looking for new furniture will and it will deter them from ending up in the same situation that I am in.

04-25-2012, 06:21 PM
BUYER BEWARE! This place is the absolute worse piece of crap furniture store ever. I went there in Feb. 2012 to purchase a bedroom set. I was in the process of having a new house built so I didn't want the new furniture right away. The salesperson told me they had a layaway program for new home buyers that holds your furniture with no minimum payment due or an interest until your home is ready. I agreed to this and even went in and made payments although it was not required. I was told this would ensure my purchase. I went in on April 25 2012 to make the final payment and schedule the delivery. AFTER the payment was taken by the incrediably rude desk clerk, we were told our furniture would take a month to be delivered.I instantly became upset. No apology was given.The desk clerl ignored my anger and called the floor manager immediately.He took his time coming over.Once he arrived he offered no solution otjer than I get something else or wait. I gave him a few choice words as well and refused his sad offers. We are now stuck without our furniture for at least 4 weeks. These people are careless and have absolutely no customer service.They will take your money and leave you with nothing.I am telling everyone who will listen to never, ever shop there. Not one person in the store is helpful. While I sat there the store received several calls from disgrutled customers. I will make it my mission to drag their name through the mud so that no one else goes through this

Steve Lynch
05-16-2012, 04:30 PM
I purchased a Cindy Crawford collection couch at Ashley furniture they delivered a couch that was dirty and the stitching was loose in several places they told me they could deliver a new couch in a week and that I should just accept the couch and they would send a service representative to clean and repair it .that was not acceptable for me my wife was 7 months pregnant and we had no other furniture after speaking to approximately 10 different people and 2 hours on the phone they were going to deliver a new couch the next day the new couch was rapped in plastic and no loose threads now a year later the couch cushions are flat and broke down offer no support and look terrible I dread this phone call and really don't have 2 hours to deal with this poor quality furniture Cindy I think I would think again about attaching your name to this

05-18-2012, 01:11 AM
Ashley Home furnishings are one of the wet strenuous manufacturers of fixtures and hence are available everywhere in US. This organization gives as much care in providing a right level of solutions to its important clients as it requires to art the stylized fixtures.

05-20-2012, 04:36 PM
We purchased a leather couch about a month ago, we waited 2 weeks for it to be delivered. when the delivery giuys finally got here after they opened the truck we saw a couch with a huge cut on the back of it. They put it on a dolly and the couch split in half. y had to bring it up the stairs and made even more scratches to the leather,. They didn't want to give us the phone number to customer service, but as soon as they left we called them and had to sent pictures of the broken couch'. They proimised they going to order another one and we will have it in a week". Week later WE had to call them and ask where is the new couch? they did nothing about it.. The store owner called us the next day saying they recieved a new one but after they opened it it was broken too and she didn't want to give it to us/. He said he will order another one:. Week later no one was picking up the phone at the store so we decided to make a trip there When we got there we found out they are under a new owner and he knew nothing about our situation and found out no one ordered a new couch;. We just got frustrated with them and got our money back/. Won;t ever order from Ashley again !!!!

New Bern
05-21-2012, 11:26 AM
The recliner looked great in the store; what came was basically plastic. Exchanged it; ordered the wrong chair which took an additional eight weeks. Now I have to call those crazy bastards tomorrow and get it straight yet again. I've made several trips to the store ($25 in gas each trip) trying to purchase a recliner. Most of their furniture is crap anyway. The ONE piece I want to purchase which happens to be a nice piece of furniture they can't seem to get to my house. Just don't deal with them unless you're buying something from the Outlet you're walking out the door with. Good luck!

05-28-2012, 04:37 PM
we purchased furniture from Ashley's Memorial Day As which ran through the 28th. Purchases up to $1.000 received 10%off and zero 60 month financing. We had a purchase over $600, we received a 10% discount and did not use the financing. On the 28 they ran a one day only with a 26% discount or 60 month zero financing,. We went to the store and were told by the business manager that she could do nothing for us". I told them I had no problem if this ad ran Tuesday, I would say I picked the wrong sale date;. But, I didn't, I could have come back Memorial Day if we had been told.. We were also told we could not cancel any or part of the purchase without a 25%fee,. We were also given a phone number that no one picked up or no message about hours or a spot to leave a message was given;. There is only an email address on their website and no contact numbers given in the contact us section". I think their level of customer service is sub-par,. I still believe we are owed a credit of over $100.00.

05-30-2012, 07:21 PM
Purchased a dresser in April still waiting for delivery! First attempt they did not even bring it into our home it fell apart. I called concerned about the quality turns out they don't even order you a new one they just order replacement parts. So if it fell apart once it will fall apart again. Did they care about our concerns NO speaking to the worst customer service rep she did not even listen to our concerns. And when we said we did not want to wait yet another additional 6 weeks our only option was to lose our full price due to restocking fee. Just got yet another call stating that they are still waiting for the part they have now had our money for 2 months and we have had stress. Will never ever step foot in that store and anyone I know I will be sure to tell them about our experience!

05-31-2012, 07:28 PM
May 2012 I got my daughter a new bed from Ashley furniture i saved for this bed for 1 year she had it for 3 weeks and it broke the parts that holds the mattress up are all duck tailed together junk that is what i got i told them i was going to bring it back and they said ok but we keep 20 percent so again i got junk made in Vietnam i will never buy anything from them ever again. They told me they will fedex the new parts to me and for me to call them and they would send someone out to put it together but the could take 2 weeks after i get the parts.

06-02-2012, 07:54 PM
I bought $10,000.00 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture. One piece was a leather reclining sofa. The recliner stopped working. I visited the store and was told by store manager, Alicia , that the sofa was covered by their 5 year repair warranty three weeks ago. I received a call from their Customer Service Department and was told by them that I would have to pay the labor charges. I called Alicia, AGAIN, and she said that she would take care of it. I have NOT been called with a repair date nor time. I have called Alicia, the store manager, several times and have NOT had my calls returned.

Do NOT do business with them. They are liars and unreliable

06-11-2012, 06:39 PM
My husband and I have been in the process of purchasing a sectional from the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Salem, New Hampshire. We made an agreement to pay a down payment of $204.97 off from a balance of $2048.97. When the couch came in we would pay $150 and have it shipped to Maine. The remainder balance was to go on our Ashley credit card. The worker sent us a receipt stating we were set for delivery to our home. Once the couch arrived at the warehouse, my husband called to pay the shipping and was told it was going to be $350. That was not what was agreed. The manager returned a pone call once we called upset, and was not willing to honor the agreement in any way. In fact told my husband "to get a truck and come get it". We asked for our money back since they would not honor their end and he said they did not have to. The receipt clearly states that customers are entitled to a refund less 10% charge. That would be acceptable with us. The manager was rude, unprofessional, and arrogant,. He told us that the agreement was never made and we were listed as pickup?. I have a paper that states otherwise, and he said he does not have to honor it in any way;. They are keeping our money and will not ship the couch". We mentioned a lawyer and the manager smugly replied "go ahead they won't take the case"?. I have never seen such bad service in my life!. The worker should have to take responsibility for this and ship it to us!. The manager would not let us talk to the worker to confirm the agreement!. NEVER will do business with ASHLEY FURNITURE again!!!!

06-14-2012, 02:38 PM
My husband and I purchased a living room set, reclining leather sofa, loveseat and recliner from Ashley Furniture off Man O War in Lexington, Kentucky January 2012. I was so excited to get our furniture and at the time was pleased with my store visit. Shortly after our furniture came we noticed that the couch and loveseat looked dry and cracking from top to bottom. I contacted the store in February and was given the number and name "Linda" to contact. Long story short after many phone calls it was decided that the furniture would be recovered not replaced. 7 huge boxes were sent to our home and when number 7 arrived I was to contact them for pick up. They finally arrived and were picked up at the end of April. Yeah you read that right, "APRIL". They were supposed to be returned a couple of days later. After 2 weeks of waiting with no furniture I called for them to tell me that a piece was not ordered for the sofa. After numerous phone calls to the store and distribution center I was told my furniture would be delivered, not completed yet as the sofa was missing an arm. They came on the next scheduled day and only had my loveseat. The sofa had been left off of the truck,. Another day was scheduled for them to bring my sofa!. I am still sitting here looking at my sofa with no arm!!!! I visited the store to speak to the manager of which she stated they have been timely and all sales are final.. I wanted my 2000;.00 back and them to come and pick up my junk furniture but she stated that there is no way that would happen and I just needed to deal with it! Furiously I left the store in tears and contacted my attorney!. He is now reviewing all the documents/. I am truly heartbroken!! And I feel against a wall/. I just want everyone to know what happened and please do not give these crooks your hard earned money|. And yes I said crooks because there is no better words to describe them.

06-14-2012, 02:55 PM
My husband and I purchased a living room set, reclining leather sofa, loveseat and recliner from Ashley Furniture off Man O War in Lexington, Kentucky January 2012. I was so excited to get our furniture and at the time was pleased with my store visit. Shortly after our furniture came we noticed that the couch and loveseat looked dry and cracking from top to bottom. I contacted the store in February and was given the number and name "Linda" to contact. Long story short after many phone calls it was decided that the furniture would be recovered not replaced. 7 huge boxes were sent to our home and when number 7 arrived I was to contact them for pick up. They finally arrived and were picked up at the end of April. Yeah you read that right, "APRIL". They were supposed to be returned a couple of days later. After 2 weeks of waiting with no furniture I called for them to tell me that a piece was not ordered for the sofa. After numerous phone calls to the store and distribution center I was told my furniture would be delivered, not completed yet as the sofa was missing an arm. They came on the next scheduled day and only had my loveseat. The sofa had been left off of the truck,. Another day was scheduled for them to bring my sofa!. I am still sitting here looking at my sofa with no arm!!!! I visited the store to speak to the manager of which she stated they have been timely and all sales are final.. I wanted my 2000;.00 back and them to come and pick up my junk furniture but she stated that there is no way that would happen and I just needed to deal with it! Furiously I left the store in tears and contacted my attorney!. He is now reviewing all the documents/. I am truly heartbroken!! And I feel against a wall/. I just want everyone to know what happened and please do not give these crooks your hard earned money|. And yes I said crooks because there is no better words to describe them.

I know this place. Friend of mine had similar "pleasure"

06-15-2012, 08:51 AM
When Ashley Furniture in Hagerstown Maryland was moving from their Longmeadow Shopping Center location to their current location on Wesel Boulevard they advertised a moving sale. Their flyer said all items must go. I went there with my son and drove our big van to take home our purchase if I found what I was looking for. I bought an armoire. After the salesman completed the transaction he proceeded to tell me that the floor item could not be sold to me. He told me they would have one shipped from their warehouse in 2 weeks. I needed the item then, not later to finish a room for my handicapped wife who was coming home from the hospital in 2 days. They refused to give me a refund, because the sales slip said "ALL SALES FINAL". I told them not to have it shipped from the warehouse that I didn't want it. They were rude and nasty. They had the item shipped anyway and kept calling me to come pick it up. I told them again that I didn't want it, they were rude and nasty again, demanding that I pick it up and that they would NOT issue me a refund,. Because the sales receipt says all sales are final, they refused a refund for something that I never recieved!. I reported them to the Better Business Burea and they still refused to give me a refund!. Luckily I put the item on my charge card and put a stop payment on it.. The credit card company talked to them and agreed that they could not make me pick up the item and the payment to Assley Furniture was never made;.

Assley Furniture is run by bullies with their bully tactics to force you to take their items and not give refunds,. This is a bad way to do business in these tough economic times.. They should be put out of business! I think people are tired of their crap, the parkinglot is always empty, except for employees cars?. I hope they go out of business soon!

06-16-2012, 02:04 PM
Ashley furniture in Fairfield Ca. sold me a bed frame with a Tempur-pedic mattress Eastern King stating the frame would fit the mattress. Upon delivery the standard box spring was too high, Ashley ordered a low profile box spring. After delivery noticed the frame had damage and there is a four inch gap between the mattress and frame. Called Ashley they set up a technician to come look at it after delivery of the low profile box spring. On Friday 6/8/12 delivery of the new box spring was attempted again still too high called Ashley they have now ordered an “Ultra Low box spring” still not addressing the issue of the 4 inch discrepancy. Saturday 6/9/12 the technician (may I add is a contractor for Ashley) arrived and claimed I either had to get a custom frame and that the 4 inch gap was normal. I then called Ashley as that is not acceptable they directed me to Corporate Customer service for the return of all items. I have since called Mancini’s sleep ware spoke with Ian sales rep, Sleep Train David salesrep and Tempur-pedic Chris who advised Tempur-pedic does not make their mattresses different sizing and the 4 inch gap is not standard and by no means normal,. I called corporate office and they refused to do a return due to the box spring on order and referred me to the store!. I called the store who referred me back to corporate office for the return;. I asked to speak to a supervisor at corporate office they are refusing to accept a return because the contracted technician recommends that there is nothing wrong with the frame or the 4 inch gap.

This is a big issue if I trip getting out of bed because the mattress is not flush and there is a gap that Ashley claims is normal they are going to have a larger law suit/.

All I am asking for is a simple return because I was lead to believe by their salesperson Lucas everything was compatible?. Come to find out it is not?. Also I have found out that Tempur-pedic will not warranty any of their mattresses without their box spring supporting it which the salesperson at Ashley also failed to tell me until Friday 6/8/12..

06-21-2012, 12:28 PM
Ashley furniture has got to be the worse furniture company in the world. We have been trying to get a bed post fixed for 3 months and all you get is someone will call but never do. The extended warrenty is worthless, they have no respect for there customers,. I wish I had read these complaints before buying they really would have helped me to make a decission that I really regret now:. We tried to cancel the order to begin with but didnt know about the 30% restocking fee until after we sign the paper work and were given the details after the purchase:. If they have this many complaints I wonder how they are still in business|. Just like the rest on big businees screw the little guy|. If you read these letters on nightmare really think before you buy the cheap *** furniture!. I except this type of treatment from a lesser named company but ASHLEY really'. I would rather live on the ground them buy a nightmare from ASHLEY;. Customer service is the biggest joke I have ever delt with.

06-21-2012, 06:24 PM

Last fall (2011), I decided to purchase a table set (6 chairs and a dining room table) and a desk with a hutch. It was delivered in Sept on time. When they delivered the products, the hutch had a crack in it, one of the chairs had a crack in the legs, and under the table were some weird looking holes along with a crack. They left all the items and said they would replace the defective items in time. I remember thinking that the holes in the table reminded me of termite holes but I thought, well in Canada there are no termites..right??? Well, one month passes, and I am at the dining table doing some craft work and I heard something drop onto the ground. I look down to find all this saw dust and wood bits and two small WORM things crawling onto the ground. I was so disgusted!!! I looked under the table and there were more holes along with what looked like chewed up wood!!! I cleaned up the mess and called Ashley furniture only to have the run around by them. I placed the table outside, OBVIOUSLY! They were not happy to come pick up the table and were extremely rude on the phone to me!! I just dropped $2100 at their store and have never been treated so poorly...the last guy that I spoke to was super condescending and rude, basically stating that if something were to happen to the table while it's outside that it would be my fault and that Ashley furniture would not be responsible. They came and got the table though that day after the yelling match I had with them.

So I had placed one of the bugs in a ziploc bag and took it to a pest control place. I was not sure if this had infested by newly built home!! Turns out, the bug was a POWDERPOST BEETLE LARVAE that eats anything wood...hardwood, soft wood, treated wood. Luckily it did not look like they had infested my house. I'm just glad I happened to be at that table at that time because who knows what would have happened if we caught it later!!!

So never again will I shop at Ashley furniture!!! They did give me a refund on the table and chairs...but that is about it.

06-24-2012, 02:34 PM
Looking for a leather loveseat recliner & am SO confused! The stores all mention their leather quality of which I am clue less as to what they are talking about. Then I'm told the extended warranties they rave about are actually only good as long as the store is in business, so many price differences, etc. The leather recliner we have is 'shot' in seven years: leather on the back splitting (& not in a seam either), sides of seat cushions wearing thin, etc. yet I'm told 'good leather' furniture with normal good care & use should last 20 years or more. But what brands would fit this description? I've searched Sofa Mart, HiLife, LazyBoy & Ashley locally & can't decide ... anyone have any ideas? I don't want to make another $$$ mistake like the previous one!

07-02-2012, 03:07 PM
My husband and I purchased a living room set, reclining leather sofa, loveseat and recliner from Ashley Furniture off Man O War in Lexington, Kentucky January 2012. I was so excited to get our furniture and at the time was pleased with my store visit. Shortly after our furniture came we noticed that the couch and loveseat looked dry and cracking from top to bottom. I contacted the store in February and was given the number and name "Linda" to contact. Long story short after many phone calls it was decided that the furniture would be recovered not replaced. 7 huge boxes were sent to our home and when number 7 arrived I was to contact them for pick up. They finally arrived and were picked up at the end of April. Yeah you read that right, "APRIL". They were supposed to be returned a couple of days later. After 2 weeks of waiting with no furniture I called for them to tell me that a piece was not ordered for the sofa. After numerous phone calls to the store and distribution center I was told my furniture would be delivered, not completed yet as the sofa was missing an arm. They came on the next scheduled day and only had my loveseat. The sofa had been left off of the truck,. Another day was scheduled for them to bring my sofa!. I am still sitting here looking at my sofa with no arm!!!! I visited the store to speak to the manager of which she stated they have been timely and all sales are final.. I wanted my 2000;.00 back and them to come and pick up my junk furniture but she stated that there is no way that would happen and I just needed to deal with it! Furiously I left the store in tears and contacted my attorney!. He is now reviewing all the documents/. I am truly heartbroken!! And I feel against a wall/. I just want everyone to know what happened and please do not give these crooks your hard earned money|. And yes I said crooks because there is no better words to describe them.

We purchased a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture in Lexington, KY. At the time of purchase we were told that the majority of the furniture would be delivered within two weeks and the remaining pieces within three weeks. By the way, we were not made aware of their all sales final policy until after they had charged our credit card. We questionned why we were not informed of this policy prior to the purchase and the question was met with a glare and a smart comment from the receptionist. Now with it being two weeks from the time of purchase and receiving no communication from the company, we called and question the delivery date. We are now being told that they will have some idea of the delivery date within another two weeks,. When we protested, we were passed back and forth between the sales person and the floor manager with both of these individuals telling is that if we have a problem, we need to speak with some other person and that there was nothing that they could do about furniture delivery|. We demanded our money back and were initially told no/. We told them that either they were to refund our money or get the furniture to us within the three week delivery time as was promised?. We received a call from the sales person accusing us of being too pushy and demanding on them (imagine that, this company not caring to be held accountable for their own words) and that we could come and get our money back.. I am now viewing complaints from several other consumers regarding the poor quality of the furniture and lack of customer service once the furniture is delivered?. We did go and get our money back;. This worked out in our favor". However, to those of you viewing this website, LET THE BUYER BEWARE WHEN IT COMES TO ASHLEY FURNITURE HOMESTORE.

07-06-2012, 10:52 AM
I paid 1218.00 dollars for a bedroom set for my son. I put it on Lay A Way due to our upcoming move. The idea was to have them deliver the set the day before the movers came. We were never contacted to let us know that it had arrived. The week before the movers were to come I called them and was told that the set I had all but paid for was returned and that it had been discontinued. So we went in and found another bed set that he lovede. We were told that it would take too long for it to arrived and the Manager Josh said he would just give us a refund. My wife told him that we would take the floor model and he said "No we can't do that". I thought the cusomer was always right? Why would anyone not want to make a sale. Anyway we went to one of their sister stores, The Furniture Zone,. The guy there bent over backwards to help us and would just transfer the money to their account since they were all part of the same team/. We called Josh to let him know what we intended to do|. He had already processed the refund". I called my bank and was told that since the transaction hadn't posted that Ashley could cancell it|. Josh said he wouldn't cancel it to just wait for the money to post and buy somewhere else!. We explained the short timeline that we were on and he didn't care the least bit!. They were all very rude and treated us like our money wasn't good enough to be spent there?. Avoid Ashley Furniture Home store in Killeen Texas.

07-25-2012, 12:56 PM
These idiots at Ashley load defective furniture on their trucks and hope you will take it! Well Not me!

but the worst part is when you pay 2500 for item and they tell you that you will have to wait 3 to 4 days to hear from their customer service department because they must process their paperwork as credit so they can reorder the furniture you already paid for. The corporate customer service is no better just unfortunately we cant do that. So I explained that if I walk in to Ashley store right now with my 2500.00 I can get ETA for furniture from them and since you already have my money why cant you give me ETA on next order and the answer was we must first process our paperwork before we can move forward and that takes 3 to 4 days...how crazy is this a big business that cant accommodate paying customers in cash just unfortunately our process doesn't allow this! who is the moron at corporate that puts his process before customer satisfaction too bad he doesn't have to answer to JD Powers about this because he would be lambasted in the press. I find Ashley may have good prices but they are worthless when it comes to service and if you don't believe me you are more than welcome to become their next victim. Go Ahead I dare you to experience the horrible service they provide because then there will be 1 more person sharing their poor customer service experience with the paying public and then they will either improve their processes or they will eventually fall to the side of Woolworths, Montgomery wards and other big box retailers that didn't have the insight to adapt, Improvise and overcome their own stupidity.

Baby KLB
07-29-2012, 06:12 PM
My husband and I bought a buffet and coffee table and end tables from Ashley Furniutre. First they ordered the wrong furniture then we finally got the right stuff and was completely messed up smashed corners and cracked places. My husband signed a form when picking up the furniture and they will not pay us for our gas, we have to return the tables and then in a week and half pick up the others. I think they should give us gas money for our wasted gas. I am not even asking for my time just gas but was told no because we signed a form. We did not want them to open the boxes we would have no way to carry them home safely and we thought we were getting good stuff

08-15-2012, 01:06 PM
Bought a microfiber sectional in chocolate brown color for almost $850. 13 days after the 1 year warranty expired I set a pair of folded jeans on one section of it and hear a loud pop. Sure enough the springs had shot through the bottom of the couch in 2 places ripping the fabric and pushed up on the fabric above ready to pop.. The piece is unusable and due to their 5 year limited warranty all that is covered is the springs themselves|. I have to cover all of the labor and shipping if applicable etc.. The original store I bought it from couldn't tell me who to call since I had moved to a different state|. After locating a local store they gave me a 1-800 # to call in this specific situation.. The couch broke on a Saturday night and I called both places Sunday and of course the 1-800 # is closed on Sundays,. The furniture is so cheap and the piece that broke was the one of the two that was used much less'. Go figure/. Do not waste your money on this nonsense.

08-17-2012, 06:25 AM
I have seen such an example of Ashley furniture, and it has good quality, best style and attractive look. A big advantage with Ashley furniture is we can see different kinds of verities with a quality brand.

08-24-2012, 12:13 AM
I heard a lot about Ashley furniture and also some research on it. It looks really very beautiful and especially the deigns are very attractive and polishing. You can search on online also.

Stone Mountain
08-24-2012, 12:03 PM
My leather sofa is turning a red color no heat or not any thing has spill on it, i am very pissed i want somsone to tell me what to do I have put messages on your board before, haven't anyone from Ashley fur. answer back. I know i have had it for 4yr. but it cost alot, an i would like to know what to do?. Ashley fur'. is in McDoughn, Ga.

08-25-2012, 02:03 AM
Ashley's furnishings store is a popular as well as a most frequented store in all over the world because of its quality furnishings. If you want to purchase some best furnishing's items that have stylish and furnishings with contemporary features, then Ashley's furnishings store is a great option for you.

San Antonio
08-25-2012, 02:35 PM
They SUCK!!!!!! Bottom line the beds aren't sturdy and the wood they use for the rails a not thick enough and withstand a lot of years I've had the bed and the dresser for three years and have numerous problems the dresser for instance the sliders keep breaking and screws keep coming out of both the dresser and the bed it's ridiculous !!!!!! I really think people should stop buying from Ashley or just shut them down for good! I'm really tired of fixing the same things over and over Ashley furniture store has horrible everything I'm so sick of it!

08-28-2012, 01:53 PM
My husband and I purchased a reclining sofa couch and when asked about if the material was real leather we were told it was. Then little over a year after having it, it started to peel. I would not recommend their furniture to no one. To think I was going to get a bed from them but after seeing the craftsmanship on how it was made my husband told the salesman no thanks. The more I searched the web about Ashley;s Furniture Company the more it turned me off of their products. This is one place they should have on their front door Cheap no good furniture Buyer beware

09-03-2012, 07:30 PM
Friend of mine has Bedroom Set form Ashley and he is very happy. No complaints so far.

buyer NM
09-04-2012, 03:05 PM
Ashley furniture is like any other national or regional furniture store, imported stuff, not the best, not the worst.

Know what you are buying, know the quality of the material and try to find out if it is real wood, dried before making or green/wet.

If it is particle board it is cheap, just glued sawdust like any other cheap stuff you can buy at Wal-Mart, KMart etc.

If you want top quality you go to a top quality furniture store, Ethan Allan as an example.

Caveat emptor = buyer beware.

Look at it this way, furniture salespeople at stores like that can be compared to car salesman, a dime a dozen.

They work on commission or and bonus so will say almost anything to make you believe you're buying the best.

They want your money.

09-05-2012, 03:49 PM
Let me just begin by stating that I have never complained about any company in the past. But this is just a poor demonstration of organization and their inability to correct/rectify my issue. I purchased a bed frame (Pinella Queen Sleigh Bed) on 8/21/12 and scheduled the delivery for 8/31/12. I took the day off in order to be available for the delivery. The delivery men called me about 10am and advised me of their ETA, they arrived on time about 30mins later. While they were unloading the bed frame I realized that it was a completely different bed frame which I did not order. I advised the gentleman about the error, they sincerely and empathetically apologized and advised me to call into the store to let them know about the error made by the sales person. THIS IS WHEN IT STARTED!! I was on the phone for 45mins, I was left on hold the majority of the time and transferred multiple times, at one point I was on hold for so long that the queue music and message ended and it routed to an empty extension that rang for about 5mins forcing me to hang up and call again. I called back, and was transferred and put on hold several more times. Frustrated, I advised the young lady of the situation, she showed concern, she addressed my issues, figured out that the sales person entered the wrong item number initiating the error. I advised her that I had taken the day off to take care of this and was it possible to arrange delivery for the same day. She stated that the soonest availability was for Tuesday 9/4/12, would schedule that delivery date but would see if she could expedite it any sooner, told me she would call me back, that return call never happened. No follow up call no nothing. Thinking that the delivery was set for today, once again I took the day off. I waited till 1230pm, no call, no show. I called once again, someone answered quickly. Spoke to Nick, he could not find any delivery scheduled for me today, he could not get my address correct so I repeated my address multiple times along with my name?. He eventually found the order, apologized for the error but advised me that I would need to speak to the local store where the purchase was made,. Very calmly, I expressed my frustration and dissatisfaction:. He empathized with but assured someone would call me shortly|. That phone call happened at 1231pm, its 309pm and no one has called/. There is absolutely no sense of urgency or attempt to fix this issue and its very unfortunate that, I have to sit here and wait for someone to show any type of concern?. I’m not one to complain but this is truly the worst customer service experience I have ever had!. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE OR RECOMMEND ASHLEY FURNITURE TO ANYONE IN THE FUTURE'. THIS IS SIMPLY HORRIBLE

09-05-2012, 03:53 PM
I bought a bedroom set from Ashley and noted when it was delivered it was all made of pressed wood and had "MADE IN VIET NAM" stamped on every piece. I have returned it and received my money back. I asked if they have any furniture made in the USA and was told NO and most of their stuff is made Viet Nam. I AM A VIET NAM VET and refuse to buy product made in a communist country.

09-07-2012, 05:35 PM
If you want to buy particle-board crap, WalMart is cheaper than Ashley. I recommend that you spend the money on some quality furniture from American Home or one of the other stores along furniture row. World Market has some very nice solid wood furniture too.

09-08-2012, 11:39 AM
Nails are popping out of the frame on our Ashley sofa and loveseat in multiple places - both are 1yr old and only get seasonal usage in the summer since we don't use that room in the winter. The nails are sticking out quite far and are ruining the upholstery on the cushions - not to mention it's dangerous and we have a toddler running around. The 'insurance' doesn't cover this apparently... but they will give me names of repairmen in my town that I can hire to fix it. How nice! :(

This was not inexpensive furniture... I expect better quality!

09-09-2012, 03:50 PM
I went to Ashley Furniture on 7/30/2012. I had been shopping around for a new sectional for about a month. I had seen their Gemini sectional on sale for $599. Which was considerable cheaper than the one I was interested in at nb liebman. The sale was to run out at the end of July, so I got in to order my sectional. He sales associate was awesome, I cannot place any blame on him at all?. Here is a rough outline of what I've been through and am STILL going through:

On July 30, 2012: I go into the store and order my sectional, pay for it, buy the 5 year warranty(which I am now reading was probably a mistake).. I backed out on the delivery because it was unnecessary when I live so close to the warehouse and have a truck?. I go home and excitedly wait for my new furniture,. I was so anxious to have my first brand new set of furniture, after having mostly hand me downs'. Total spent: $599 for the furniture, $80 for the five year warranty plus tax = $720!.

The warehouse called me on a Tuesday, august 7, 2012'. Since their hours are very short in the afternoon/evening, I had to wait until saturday, august 11th to pick it up!. I was at the warehouse at 8:30am when they opened. The guy that "helped" me was gruff and not very friendly at all. I gave him my paper and he went off to bring me my sectional. After he had the first piece cut open, I quickly looked it over and thought it was fine. Glancing at the second piece, I found staples....

--In a section of space where it would require 10 staples to hold the liner on the bottom of the piece in place, there were about 50. And they were ALL visible on the face of the furniture. They weren't even in a straight line, let alone hidden. But this is not all...

--Beneath the simulated leather, there is a thin layer of foam, which was rolled and buckled beneath the "leather" creating an awful bumpy texture to the piece.

--the simulated leather did not have consistent tension and was gathered and buckled.

I stopped looking at it at this point and told the guy that I would NOT accept the furniture. That it was a piece of junk and I did not pay for crappy craftsmanship. He then told me he would check to see if they had another set on hand. He went to get it and after he had it cut open for me to inspect it, it was even WORSE. This set had all of the same issues, plus more:

--There were exposed nail heads pushing into the simulated leather on the back rest.

--A tear in one if the cushions.

--In the spot where the arm meets the back of the couch, the simulated leather was rolled and there was exposed foam and other insides, then it was sewn over.

--On one of the arms, they didn't stuff it and it was caved and buckled.

--There was a scrape on the back of the sofa, like it was dragged down the street.

Thoroughly disgusted with what I'm seeing, I told the guy that I refuse to take any of the junk home. He went to talk to the warehouse manager, whined didn't even come out to try and soothe me in my concerns, and came back to me relaying that the manager offered me a $50 gift card for my trouble and they would reorder my furniture and call me to let me know when it would be in. I left. I was FURIOUS. I went home.

Within the next few days, I went to the store that I had bought the furniture from. He store manager was there and I told her I was DISGUSTED with the products they offered. I was ready to demand a refund of all of my money. She talked me out of it, offering me another $50 gift card and free delivery. She went into the system to look at my information because I had told her that the warehouse told me they would reorder my furniture. The order wasn't even in there, the warehouse had no intention of ordering me new furniture! And no note to send me a $50 gift card, which I STILL haven't received. She put in the order..

And it took until August 23, 2012 to get my furniture delivered.. The delivery men were late because their truck had broken down and they had to switch to another. Which I can tolerate, except that I have an extremely busy schedule and had to wait around. When they opened the back of the truck and my furniture was packed into the back of the truck, with no wrapping.. I was ready to freak out until I looked over the outside and there were no surface damages from that.. I asked the men to let me inspect it before they brought it into my house. After being PROMISED that my furniture would not be damaged, there were several faults:

--On the chaise to my sectional, in the corner... I can reach into the fabric and grab the frame of it. Last time I checked, you shouldn't be able to do this..

--Where the arm connects to the back of the couch, the simulated leather is rolled and buckled and sewn over.

--There is a slice on the bottom of the couch that looks like a staple had been ripped out and there is stuffing hanging out.

There are several other small faults like what has been previously mentioned. This is the furniture that I currently have in my house. I had already gotten rid of my other furniture because I was PROMISED proper furniture. The driver marked down a few of my complaints and they left.

Someone called me from the warehouse concerning the notes the driver took down for me. She offered for a technician to come out and repair my furniture... I asked her, "Yours kidding, right? Fix my BRAND NEW furniture due to faults that are NOT MY own? No! I want this furniture out of my house and replaced. With new, perfect furniture." She said she was sorry and that she would have to get the okay to replace my furniture. Then she said someone would call me, which never happened. Of course.

A few days later, I was at the retail store. Again. They know why I come in there, I'm not one for phone conversations. The manager was not in so I talked to the man that I had bought my furniture from. He looked at the email that was sent out concerning my defective furniture. In the email, they blamed the nice men that delivered my furniture. I told them that by no circumstances did those men damage my furniture. It was not their fault at all and I DEMANDED that the email be revised. I will NOT have innocent men blamed for poor craftsmanship. He made a memo and had it sent out. I was to be sent another $50 gift card "for my trouble".

It is now September 9, 2012 and I am STILL sitting on my junk furniture. I stopped in the retail store last night and the manager wasn't in again. The man that sold me the furniture looked in my account and my "new" furniture is scheduled to be delivered again on September 12, 2012. Almost a month and a half after I initially purchased my furniture. He gave me the gift card that was never sent to me after my last visit. I asked him why no one called me to keep me out of the dark. He had no answers.

I will be loading up this set that will be coming on the 12th if there is ANYthing wrong with it, making a sign warning people not to spend their hard-earned money at this joke of an establishment and sitting on my broken furniture in front of the store. I will be contacting the news stations while I do this. I'm so fed up with Ashley Furniture. Do you know what the motto is? "We make beautiful home furnishings affordable." Beautiful, what a laughing stock

09-09-2012, 03:56 PM
I bought a couch and loveseat from Ashley 3 years ago and I hate them both. They look like they're 20 years old rather than 3. Very cheaply made, shop somewhere else.

09-11-2012, 02:17 PM
Sectional was delivered 1.5 weeks ago. Since then I have experienced nausea, headaches, muscle pain, respiratory distress, and even skin reaction when being in the same room as the sofa. The sofa initially had a funny smell, it reminded me of a high school science lab. I looked up "formaldehyde sofa" on google and learned that formaldehyde can be used in flame retardants, upholstery, and engineered wood. I looked up symptoms of exposure to formaldehyde and my symptoms are spot on?. When I leave the house everything clears up in about 20 minutes and I feel normal.. When I come home I get sick again and feel muddle brained and weak;. When I called Ashley they said "it meets government standards", but I'm not sure how that can be since it is making me so terribly sick?. Now we are in a pickle because the couch has no return policy unless it is defective!. Ashley said it could be considered defective if it is emitting too many fumes, but how could I ever prove that.. The lady on the phone said "you're just having an allergic reaction- if you have an allergic reaction to a cat it doesn't make the cat defective|." But I have NEVER had a reaction to any piece of furniture like this EVER IN MY LIFE!!! And I actually am allergic to cats and I know what that feels like, itchy eyes, runny nose:. This is not like an allergy, this is like a toxic shock to my entire system

09-11-2012, 02:21 PM
I am considering buying a loveseat at the Albuquerque Ashley Furniture store. I have read hundreds of negative reviews about Ashley on the web, but not necessarily about the Albuquerque branch. Also, Ashley probably sells millions of pieces nationwide per year, so maybe hundreds of complaints is a reasonable percentage? They are registered with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating with the BBB, but I am worried.

So, has anyone here purchased anything from the Albuquerque Ashley Furniture store, and if so, what was your experience?

09-11-2012, 02:26 PM
I am moving into a new apartment and want some new furniture except I can't afford high quality furnishings so Ashley is right up my alley price wise but all the customer reviews I read tell me the quality is garbage and that they break down quickly, easily. What baffles me though is how the company can do so much business if the quality is so bad. Let me know want you think. Thanks in advance!

09-11-2012, 02:29 PM
Im looking to buy a sectional and recliner and im thinking about going to with Ashley furniture. How does it compare to Lazy Boy? Will it last as long? Is it as sturdy as Lazy boy?

Stone Mountain
09-13-2012, 06:18 PM
I bought the SouthBay Ashley Sleep mattress a year ago. 2 weeks after I got it I began complaining to my sales person (at that time Duluth, GA). At no time did she offer to have customer service come out and look at the mattress. I complained to the sales person several times over course of 6-8 months. Finally the store closed and I learned I needed to contact the Buford store. I went in to have a drawer handle removed and discussed with them the mattress problem. (I purchased a bed, mattress and adjustable frame.) Let me say DO NOT buy an adjustable frame and you will hear why as I go on. Finally, months later the warranty folks come out, yep my mattress needs to be replaced. Ok, so my choices are get the same mattress (which if it doesn't last a year then it's a piece of Junk)..so I decide to do a reselection. That also was a nightmare. The salesperson only wanted to put me into a mattress that costs about $2,000 more than I spent on the mattress I had (which was about $1,000) the mattress he wanted to sell me was also an adjustable but by Sealy. I really wasn't willing to give an adjustable mattress another chance. Then I found out they wouldn't take back the adjustable frame and give me credit to use toward a box springs. You can not put a regular mattress on an adjustable frame, manufacturer of frame doesn't recommend it and won't warranty it. So I'm stuck getting the same piece of , yeah that, mattress that will need to be replaced again in short while and my sleep will never be comfortable. I haven't slept well in over a year and was hoping to get something with this 10 year warranty that came with my mattress. Let me also note that the warranty people kept telling me to talk to the Buford store manager (Edward)?. I've been trying to get him in the store (drove out there a couple times) and on the phone more times than I care to count and he is NEVER and I mean NEVER in the store?. He does not return your message! Ever! I will never shop Ashley again and going back to Bassett down the street". The furniture I bought at Bassett for the rest of the house is in much better condition than this mattress or bed!. The other poster stated they had issues with the bed, I do too!. My side boards won't stay in". According to the warranty guy it's because there is no weight (because of the adjustable) to hold them in'. They pop out all the time and with a head and foot board I just wait for the day the bed falls apart while I'm laying in it;. I spent thousands on a good bed and I thought thousands on a good adjustable frame and mattress...well the frame is still holding up (frame by Leggit and Pratt) but the mattress is no good and Leggit won't do anything but leave me stuck with this frame. I will be buying a new mattress and box springs but it surely will not be from Ashley Furniture

09-13-2012, 06:31 PM
Purchased a brand new power recliner that we were in love with over a month ago. After the first week, it started malfunctioning, recliner buttons stopped working and a wire on the inside underneath caught on fire. Thank GOD we were home! After that ordeal, we've just been trying to have this couch taken out of our home to have it replaced for goodness sake. Since then, I've been working with a manager at their customer service center and she's given me the runaround twice. Very hard to reach, making promises she hasn't kept, and set a delivery date 3 weeks ago and guess what..nobody delivered. Furious, I called today and was told that the delivery had been pushed back to May 12th because she had been spending this time "finalizing things" When we first got our original sofa they had it delivered by the following Tuesday. I understand that some things aren't in stock but we are more than willing to work with them to find a couch that is, but nobody is communicating with us or taking care of us. We are just sitting here stuck with this burnt couch and paying bills for it! Is there nothing we can do? We asked for a refund today and they said they don't do refunds after 48 hours. Can we sue them or would it be in vain? Help!

Frank J
09-14-2012, 02:25 PM
We are very unhappy with a temper pedic mattress we bought from ASHLEY FURNITURE, we know its not the one we picked. they came so late at night to bring it we called were told once sign for there really nothing they could do. talked with someone again they said give it time to break in, this 2,000.00 mattress turn out to be a night mare, the store manager was know help she just wanted to point out the 30 day small print #1 name not true you have to be right to your customer for that, ASHLEY FURNITURE we spent 5,000.00 on a bedroom set that we save for it hurt to look at it and I want it out I'm very upset. Never did I think I would be going threw this that why we choosed your store I thought it was a good store thanks for proven me WRONG!!!!

Rock Hill
09-16-2012, 01:14 PM
I went to Ashley furniture on August 14, 2012 to help my daughter establish credit. We used in house financing and the down payment was ridiculous. After spending 3.5 hours on my daughter's birthday in the store (waiting for verification etc.), I told the rep that I would be back at the end of the month and he said my quote was good until then. I had furniture in storage that my daughter could get for free but she had just turned 18 and gotten her first apartment so I thought this would help. After given it some more thought I went back. The rep I spoke to sent me to the counter and I waited for 30 minutes for someone to help me pull up my application. After he pulled it up, he didn't have the quote or my verifications! I had to go out of town to get items out of my storage and was in a rush. It took them another hour to do that stuff all over! After about 4 days of verification, a call from delivery said 1 item would be delivered that Friday (Sept. 7) and the other on the 19th. Did I mention there were only two pieces?! 3 if you count the box spring to the bed. They did not call or come that Friday. Saturday came and I wanted my money back! I was transferred 3x's and hung up on twice?. Finally talked to some woman and she GUARANTEED merger my daughter's couch would be delivered that day and bed on the following Tuesday and refund my delivery costs?. The couch came at 5:30 pm (waited all day):. Tuesday came same as that Friday;. No call no show/. Called delivery/. Transferred twice and hung up on once?. Talked with the only competent person that works for Ashley who saw I got my daughter's mattress on first delivery.. Guess what? Still waiting for my delivery refund! LIARS!

09-20-2012, 10:55 AM
I have some Ashley furniture, purchased over 10 years ago... The quality isn't too bad - although we did have minor problems with both the bedroom set and the dining room set, that we (as young newlyweds) didn't know we could have remedied...

My dresser (wide and low, with a mirror), has multiple spots where there was either a crack or a ding (or both) that was puttied over. And after being moved once and stuffed to the gills for 10+ years, the drawer bottoms have warped a bit.

The dining room furniture was basically ok, except for some dings.

09-21-2012, 06:28 PM
When to Ashley store in easlake looking for leather living room set fell in love with leather set couch 3 piece set

Big mistake paid $2600 and after 1 year after they peeling

Inside pockets first started . l call Ashley and they told me they could not help me It had been a year l try telling them real leather does not peel now my couches are peeling everywhere now we need new couches again after paiding that kind of money we are so mad And disappoint they don't sell leather but plastic will never send friends .

09-22-2012, 03:58 PM
I have a dining set. And i'm happy with it. No problems at all

09-23-2012, 03:18 PM
I purchased a sofa, loveseat, ottoman approximately one month ago. The sofa has been sat on approximately 15 times but looks as if the furniture is worn, used and looks like a 3 year old sofa.The cushions on the sofa & loveseat are not firm, sturdy & look worn down. The cushion's material bunch up & wrinkle. The loveseat equally resembles the sofa. The ottoman's cushion was off centered and does not line up properly with the base. The material was stained with a purple substance and does not conform to the cushion. The corners are all bent /not aligned

09-23-2012, 05:55 PM
A few months ago, my wife and I visited the Buford, GA location and talked to Anthony Klassen about the Porter Collection (specifically, we were interested in the bedroom pieces totaling more than $4,000). Anthony was very courteous and helpful and provided a positive shopping experience. We already own an entire bedroom set from Ashley Furniture that we like very much, so we have no concerns about the quality of the furniture.

On May 22nd, after hearing about the Memorial Day Sale, we returned to the Buford, GA location to purchase the furniture at 20% off. We asked for Anthony and were told he was not there. Another individual, I think his name was Joe (but I really am not sure), helped us. Although Joe was very nice, it was obvious he was new. Indeed, he later alerted us that he has been working there for about 1.5 months. Initially, Joe included the wrong bed on the order resulting in an inaccurate price quote (fortunately, I had asked him to create a comparison quote including the other bed and he noticed his error . imagine if I had not and the wrong bed arrived).

My wife and I were deciding if we wanted to put the purchase on our personal credit card or through the 12-month financing option being offered by the store. I asked Joe for more information related to the 12-month option and he was unable to speak intelligently about how the program works. He provided me the in-store flyer of which I read the fine print, myself. It was clear I wanted a better understanding of this financing option and that his training did not provide him enough information.

I alerted Joe that we will definitely be buying the furniture today but that we would like to decide between putting it on our credit card or on the 12-month financing option. Joe said, .I understand. Let me point out the kiosk where you can determine how much money you will be approved for on the 12-month plan; that may help you make your decision. The kiosk runs a credit check and prints out how much you are approved for, you will just bring that piece of paper to the front once you are ready to check out.. I told him thank you and my wife and I began to discuss.

We entered our information into the Kiosk and began agreeing to Terms and Conditions related to Ashley.s financing option.I had no concerns with Ashley Furniture HomeStore performing a Credit Check and meeting their requirements if I chose their financing, as described by the employee, so I agreed. After determining the amount for which we were approved (plenty to cover the purchase), my wife and I decided that given the benefits on our personal credit card (and knowing we would be able to pay it off in the current month), we would use our own Visa. I then read the receipt from the Kiosk and noticed it said .Your credit card will arrive in 7-10 business days.. CREDIT CARD???

I immediately went to the Financing Desk and was told I opened a Credit Card. When I alerted the lady that her employee said the Kiosk only performs a Credit Check, she just shrugged, laughed (along with another male employee beside her) and alerted me that I indeed opened a Credit Card. She offered to cancel it for me . obviously not realizing that canceling a credit card does even more harm than opening the card did in the first place (by negatively impacting my credit-utilization ratio which is a direct feed to credit score calculation). She then tells me that the card is automatically cancelled after 12 months of non-use. Oh wonderful, now I get to decide if I want to hurt my credit score now, or in 12 months. All for a credit card that I didntt want in the first place.

I called the Credit Card Company (GE Capital) the next morning to alert them the card was opened in error. They said there was nothing they can do until I talk to Ashley Furniture HomeStore, first. I called the store 3 times on Wednesday and was told the Store Manager was in meetings and lunch. I left two messages that day for him to call me back. I also told the entire story to one of the female employees and she let me know that the store manager will return my call. After receiving no call, I contacted Corporate on Thursday, repeated the story, and was told that a Regional Manager would call me back. It is now Tuesday and I have not heard back from the Store Manager nor the Regional Manager. Poor customer service from management makes me even more mad than the poor training/execution of the floor employee that misunderstood and misinformed me about how the 12-month program works. I am now glad that I had the opportunity to see the lack of customer service prior to the purchase.

Fortunately, I was telling a friend about the situation and that I want the furniture but I don?.t want to give the HomeStore any money:. He alerted me about an awesome furniture store in NC called Gibson Furniture". I contacted them and they offered me a price $670 less than HomeStore..s sale price, with free shipping and no sales tax (out of state)! My wife and I were within 3 minutes of paying too much for the furniture.. Of course, I still have a credit card that I don".t want that is going to negatively

My wife and I have already spent more than $3,000 at the HomeStore (on the previous bedroom set we bought), were minutes away from spending another $3,500, and had plans to purchase the matching living room furniture in the near future at approximately $2,000,. Due to poor training and unbelievably poor customer service from Management, the HomeStore has lost those sales and a previously happy customer (well done!)/. In addition, my generation relies heavily on online reviews...this situation will be included appropriately on the respective review sites for the store

09-24-2012, 02:42 PM
May 2012 I got my daughter a new bed from Ashley furniture i saved for this bed for 1 year she had it for 3 weeks and it broke the parts that holds the mattress up are all duck tailed together junk that is what i got i told them i was going to bring it back and they said ok but we keep 20 percent so again i got junk made in Vietnam i will never buy anything from them ever again. They told me they will fedex the new parts to me and for me to call them and they would send someone out to put it together but the could take 2 weeks after i get the parts.

09-25-2012, 06:28 PM
The sales people at Ashley Furniture told us that "anything" that happens to the sofa would be repaired. we were concerned being the last sofa we purchased from Ashley had a bad problem with fading and cracking in the leather. so we specifically asked if this issue would be covered by the warranty they were trying to sell us. Their answer..."Absolutely" TOTAL LIE!!! Here it is less than 2 years since we bought the sofa and it already has a major fading problem! We have not even finished paying for the sofa and it already looks like crap! Do not buy an extended agreement through Ashley Furniture it does not cover anything. Even the short list of covered issues are still up to the discretion of the warranty company which means....honestly...Nothing is covered! Total scam. I would also recommend that you purchase your furniture from a better store with higher quality products The couch we purchased cost $2500 So it was not cheap! Well actually it was cheap....cheaply made!

09-25-2012, 06:35 PM
we purchased over $6,000.00 in furniture from Ashley's 5 years ago. Since than our leather pub chairs are cracking and splitting. Our leather couch has collapsed in one corner, with major fading in the leather. We too bought into their extended warranty bs. Since than they have changed there extended warranty division twice. We would not recommend ashley furniture too anyone. They lie. and too top it off the warranty department said they changed their policy on sofa springs and are n ow honoring it. where was that offer when we bought our's? terrible way too to do business. I know their aware of the complaints, just wish they'd honor them. Were not through with them yet.

09-27-2012, 07:17 PM
My wife & I purchased $10,000's in new furniture almost 5 yrs ago. After having our furniture for more than 20 years we thought we deserve a change. There are so many problems I don't no were to start I'll do the best I can. We will start with the china cabinet finish peels off, came in 2 pieces they never removed staples in top and ruined the base called the store and their reply was I'll give you a $25.00 dollar credit or give you a new base but there be a pick up and delivery charge. We also purchased dinning room, chair legs uneven they blamed the floor why is it the other chairs were fine? Also 2 living room sets complete sets all junk "please" if you decide to do business with them check cushions you can't flip them to help ware due to them being covered on 1 side, another piece of cheap ***. Customer service the pits after the sale

09-28-2012, 01:36 PM
I went into the Plymouth Meeting location on 9/12/12 and purchased furniture?. At the end of my purchase the sales rep explained to me at the time of delivery there would be a 4 hour window period;. Someone from the store finally called me Monday 9/24/12 and told me my furniture will be delivered 9/27/12 from 9-6 with no 4 hour window". I found that to be strange but I been waiting a few weeks and I'm excited so I just let it pass by.. Now it's 9/27/12 and I've been waiting since 9 and its now 4pm,. I called the store and one of the sales associates told me this is very rare and she don't see me in the system,. She called the delivery manager and no one picked up and that she would call me when she found out what's going on". I would never purchase anything else from Ashley's again|. I am a very unhappy customer and there was false advertisement!!!

10-08-2012, 02:51 PM
I purchased a bedroom suit and mattress from Ashley Furniture in August, first of all, they came to deliver my furniture at 9pm. My 4 hour window was 10-2, then 2-6, finally at 9 they arrived?. The slats on my bed which hold the mattress up have been broken since the day the delivered it/. It is now October and I am still trying to get my slats fixed'. They keep telling me that I refused service from the tech". No, that is not what happen, we agreed a week before the scheduled day to be the last stop because my husband worked until 5 and I worked till 8, the tech called two days before to tell us he needed to come earlier than what was scheduled'. We told him we couldn't leave work!. Since then I have been having the worst time with them to come fix my furniture;. I am so tired of dealing with these people:. My next step is to call the store and tell them to get their junk out of my house.

10-09-2012, 07:31 PM
I purchased the Garden Spice furniture collection for my living room?. I purchased a sofa, loveseat, and chair/. I was told when I purchased the set I could always buy new cushion covers , The Garden Spice set was discontinued, and replacement cushions are not available,. I've contacted Ashley Furniture's Home Office they were unable to help me?. I called my local store and talked to the salesperson who sold me the furniture explaining I only wanted to turn the cushions over to extend the life of my furniture;. He claimed he would check into it and never returned my call:. ASHLEY FURNITURE HAS NO MATCHING FABRIC ON THE REVERSE SIDE OF ANY CUSHIONS". Needless to say I am now looking for new furniture again". I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE IN THE FUTURE

10-10-2012, 01:55 PM
The furniture I bought in April last year is falling apart, wood trim falling off, cushions seams coming apart. The wood trim fell off one week after It got delivered. The furniture has actually hardly been sat on as it is in a formal living room. I paid $1600 for a couch and loveseat that will probably be replaced in the next couple of months. I have called countless times only to be told someone will call back, they never do.

10-11-2012, 01:46 AM
I have purchased a sofa and some stylish furniture from Ashley five years ago, and I love them both so much. They are looking very attractive and providing great looks to my house. That's why personally, I want to give advice to buy only Ashley's furniture items.

10-11-2012, 07:44 PM
I brought a set of cal king size mattress got them home had them about 7 mouths and they had a big dip in the middle of the bed so I called Ashely and told them about they sent someone out to take a look at them then decided to give us another set well guess what I've had this new set for a year and this set has got dips and lump everywhere I called them back and they said you have to call the company we don't sell them anymore. We can't help you. Now I have 1500 dollars in the bed and can't sleep on it and can't get help with getting new ones and there not even 2 years old. Ashely is no help when you buy thing from and need replacements.

10-15-2012, 01:47 PM
The first living room set arrived, and was scuffed, scratched and cut. They attempted to cover up the leather scuffs with a furniture marker. Seriously? Secondly, they cut the armrests with a razor knife, I guess removing the shrink wrap. Do they even look at the furniture before they load it on the delivery truck? Today they delivered the replacement set, and once again, scuffed, cut and scratched. Now, we are without furniture, and having to shop once again. Save yourself time and heartache, shop anywhere but Ashley! I will say that our store manager, Nancy, and the delivery crews were polite though.

10-15-2012, 08:13 PM
Purchased over $ 1,000 worth of furniture that was promised within 3 weeks. 8 weeks later I had to call the store only to find out that they were waiting on a headboard ( which would take an additional 2-3 weeks). Between dealing with a call center and the store itself and receiving 2 different stories EVERY TIME I CALLED, I requested a refund on the headboard and had to pay the balance for the remaining furniture before they would deliver anything ! They were to set up a delivery day/time- never did that until the guy called from the truck en route- fortunately my husband was home that day to receive the furniture. I paid $150 delivery fee for 2 men to bring the furniture into my living room
( wrapped) and leave. We had to carry the dresser upstairs and move and unwrap the love seat ourselves. Upon unwrapping the loveseat, my husband and I both stood aghast at this loveseat that had 2 different arms !! Hauled the dresser upstairs to my daughter's room and noticed a gouge on the dresser front and the drawer wouldn't close ( not a cheap dresser at $560) ! My husband had to take pictures, contact Ashley's customer service line, email the pictures and wait to get a response as to whether or not this furniture would be replaced!. Finally the gal returned with a response that said, " You must keep the current furniture in pristine condition until we deliver your replacement furniture or the delivery men might NOT be able to replace the furniture'." After an 8 week waiting period, there was no way in *** we were going to " store" damaged furniture for Ashley,. We called and they returned within 4 days to pick up the damaged furniture|. A week later we got a call from a gal who advised us that our replacement furniture was ready to be picked up at the store|. PICKED UP ?!!! I paid $150 to have it delivered, I had no means of picking up anything! After my call to their call center somewhere deep in Maryland, I was told that they'll have to take my furniture back down to the warehouse and then they'll call us to have a delivery scheduled !! WTH? Given the location of my neighborhood, they would have had to drive BY my house to take it back to their warehouse at which point I would have to call them to bring these items back UP to Hagestown?! This is a real story people- you can't make this up ! I then had to call the local store and explain this whole situation for about the 4th time,. I was then assured that the MANAGER would call me the next day and somehow get my dresser and loveseat to me that day or the next!. Get this- NO CALL- imagine that|. My husband called long after the store opened, spoke with the Manager who said that he'd have to use his personal vehicle to get my furniture to me because of their "shipping policies".. huh what?..They didn't have a truck in Hagerstown to bring me my replacement furniture. So he did make it to our house and as my husband began to unwrap the loveseat in our driveway, he noticed that .. dear GAWD, it was the same loveseat that they took out of here a week ago. The dresser which was now in my daughter's room , upon closer inspection was the SAME dresser with the same gouge- that someone obviously filled in and painted over.. This is REPLACEMENT furniture? No.. They flat out LIED and said this was replacement furniture. We're going on 3 months, and the best we got is, " We'll have to call the corporate office." How long do you suppose this nightmare will go on?. It's a comedy of errors that has been a debacle from the jump, not to mention some serious ethical issues, erroneous statements about "replacement" pieces, and several people who i could seriously go postal on ! The ONLY person who apologized to me for this heinous experience was a receptionist who answered the phone yesterday. I will write letters to our local paper, call the better business bureau, and tell EVERYONE I know about my experience at this store. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE GO SOMEPLACE ELSE...

10-19-2012, 03:13 PM
I bought furniture at the Ashley/City Furniture store in Ft. Myers, FL. They advertised a sale and then would not allow me to use the terms of their sale, claiming it "wasn't advertised", even though it was advertised throughout the entire store! Tried talking to the manager, but he was the rudest person I've ever come across in a retail store! Note to manager: if you don't like people that much, which is clear, get a job in another field! Reported them to the BBB and the Attorney General's office. They clearly violated the consumer law and they're allowed to get away with it. My only recourse it to spend more money to take them to court to make them do what they should have done in the first place -- the right thing! When are these companies going to realize that CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE KEY! If you have no customer service, you have no customers, so where's your business then???? I wish I could wear a sandwich board advertisement to warn people against this rip off store!

10-22-2012, 06:08 PM
If you spend one cent at the ashley furniture store at 661 Mall Ring Circle in Henderson Nevada you may as well have toss your money out the window.
three hours after the $719.09 recliner couch was delivered it stop working.
the $1,398.99 bed that i was told is ashley very best bed came to my home wrap in a cloth roll and plastic i had to setup my self only to find the wrong top was sent and even under the three day exchange/return policy this store will not exchange the top for the one i ask for when i spent the money.
under the five year extended warranty on the broken couch i have to install a motor in one of the recliners and i have to wait up to 21 days to get it, mean while i have a broken brand new couch that cannot be used.
big time buyer beware when it comes to buying from this store and the way i was treated when i went to the store to ask for the right mattress be exchange for the brick wall that was sent i have a hard time believeing that this is the only ashley store that does this.

10-22-2012, 06:16 PM
My wife and I spent $3000 at the Ashley store in Holland, OH (suburb of Toledo). We purchased a love seat, sofa, kitchen table and chairs and Sealy queen mattress set.

The only thing that came in as advertised and as purchased was the queen set, of course it is not made by Ashley.

When delivered the new table needed repairs by a technician. The repairs went fairly well. It is a butterfly expandable table which would not expand properly, but after repair it now works in an acceptable manner. Not great but we will live with it. The table is made in China (which we were not told at time of purchase) and is of a pretty rustic quality.

Originally we purchased a microfiber loveseat and sofa with two recliners in each. The foam in the seats broke down within two weeks to the point that you wondered if you would end up on the floor when you sat down.

The gap between the seats on the loveseat was measured at two and three quarters inch. You could easily look between the seats and see the floor and wall behind. The seats were sewed at such odd angles that they looked like they were put together by a boy scout with a hatchet. No amount of repair was going to solve this problem.

Plus there were other quality issues. Uneven cushions and footrests, top of the back seats were uneven to the point of over three inches. Nothing was matched or symmetrical.

We wanted a refund, but no deal, once Ashley has your money you have seen the last of it. So we decided to 'upgraded' to a leather loveseat and sofa. More money but not better quality.

I even went to the distribution centre when the new leather loveseat and sofa arrived to inspect both for my acceptance before delivery. Three items were discussed by myself and a technician and were agreed to be repaired before delivery.

These three 'issues' were not repaired.

The really big issue is the quality of foam in the seats of the loveseat and sofa. After only a month of use the foam has broken down to a point that one would think that both pieces were several years old. Again we feel like we are sinking to the floor when we sit down.

Other construction issues include particle board used in the furniture, cardboard used as the support in the armrests. This will cause the furniture to basically collapse in about a year.

The overall quality and workmanship of both pieces is poor to terrible and definitely are not of the quality represented on the showroom floor.

Due to the poor quality furniture and Ashley's refusal to refund any money (they will only give you store credit after charging you an twenty-five percent restocking fee) we will never enter an Ashley store again, we will recommend to anyone that will listen that they never consider purchasing any Ashley furniture.

In our opinion Ashley Furniture sells poor quality products, misrepresents the quality of what they sell on the showroom floor, do not inform you of the restocking fee until you try to have a problem resolved, will not refund any of your money and essentially operate a bait and switch store.

So after spending $3000 we were treated like dupes, someone to be conned, and basically told to stuff it.

I would never recommend Ashley furniture to anyone.

10-27-2012, 11:38 AM
My wife paid $2000.00 for a leather couch. 2 weeks later it ripped, and this was not in the seam but the actual leather! Tried to contact the furniture place, and they sent someone over to sew... yes sew it. OMG.... looked like a scar on a face of a monster. Called Ashley.... got no where with them. Got the run around, no call backs. Can't afford to replace it right now. We gave up. This was a few years ago... but anytime I can write a review I take the opportunity. Anyway, I've glued it several times myself. Still can see the scar and this is what continues to Piss me off! Hey Ashley, wanna replace the POS you sold me yet?

10-27-2012, 04:15 PM
When are you people going to learn that Ashley= trashley. They sell garbage and throw away furniture. Get used to it. Garbage is garbage annd it does noit improve.

10-29-2012, 06:40 PM
We bought a brand new leather couch from Ashitly... couch ripped in 2 weeks. They told us they were going to sew it... yikes like you can see it. Customer service was a joke and non-existant. We gave up. This company sells crap

New York City
11-05-2012, 03:50 PM
we bought a leather couch and love seat with 4 recliners and 4 glass top tables at a cost of $ 2700. The couch and love seats had a one year warranty and 5 yrs on the mechanisms. after only a few months of use the leather (camel in color ) began to turn white on the head and armrests.. They came and changed the headrest of one seat but said they couldn't change the armrest,. Wasn't long before the one headrest they changed along with all the others and the 4 armrests lost color!. What a disgrace:. no matter how many times we called, following their instructions to email pictures of the unusual wear the leather was sustaining, we were always put off and told that they would contact us:. They just wore us out and took our hard earned money,. Do yourself a big favor and dont buy a leather couch from Ashley Furniture,. You'll be very sorry and stuck with it no matter how hard or long you try to get satisfaction they lie to you and forget you after they have your money.

11-09-2012, 12:03 PM
Bought recliner 9/16/12 mechanism broke 11/6/12. Response from co. Oh well, i can pay for someone to come look at it and pay for repairs or take it to an ashley warehouse in mo. Maybe can fix i live in so. Il really. Husband 100% disabled was trapped in ##@ chair. Co. Says should have gotten warranty, if i thought i would have for 10 years sure but for a year or two. With or without warranty less then 8 weeks this is awful, cust. Service does'nt return calls this store is in shiloh il they rely on military business "don't go"

11-12-2012, 07:32 PM
I purchased a sleeper sofa from Ashley furniture 8 mos ago. The material is fraying, the back cushions are attached to the back and they are seperating from the back. Ashley is refusing to fix stating its normal wear and tear and customer inflicted (I guess that means that we did it on purpose). I paid $1,000 for this couch and expected it to last longer than 8 months. I have spoken to them several times and they more less stated that we damaged the couch. We hardly ever sit on the couch. I also paid an extra $100 for a warrenty that they said will not cover this.

11-14-2012, 06:55 PM
A year ago in November we purchased $6,000 worth of furniture from Ashley's. Without realizing we were talking to the President of this business, Rick Martinez, we talked about building up our credit in order work on buying a house/. He approved our account and talked about the financing'. Two months into the account they sent our account to a company out of California, Monterrey Finance/. Aside from us having problems with the furniture, these people were suppose to report the account to the credit bureau so we could work on our credit/. Account payments were made on time and paid out?. Needless to say, it was never sent to credit bureau and they claim it was their fault and nothing can be done about it'. This business is a rip off!!!

11-23-2012, 11:57 AM
We bought 2 rooms of furniture 18 months ago. 2 'all leather' couches were amongst the items. We have never yet had couches that looked new. These 'high end' products have constantly been in a peeling state. They send their techs and I spend my days waiting for people to come: assess, come: repair, come: assess, come:repair, come: assess.....Yes, 3 times so far and another in the works:.

One of the techs told me that the base won't peel because it's vinyl! My 'all leather' furniture is NOT all leather!. Guess this is a blessing since it's the only part that will hold up".

I have asked for it to be bought back as was explained to me by one of the techs that came out:. Oh no, they aren't doing that!. Even though it cracks everytime anyone over 50 pounds sits on it/. Very unconcerned customer service reps|. "it wasn't our intention to sell you defective products' was the excuse for not replacing. "Well, it wasn't my intention to pay thousands for crap either!"

Advice from THEIR tech... as soon as they look nice, sell them and get what you can out of it.

Huge footprints on the bottom of the coffee table we bought. A crack all the way down the side. Replaced after one year wait. Kitchen table/chairs have held up.

11-27-2012, 05:02 PM
I have now had the same piece of furniture delivered to my condo by Ashley furniture two times. The first delivery staff was extremely rude and did not speak any English. When I told them the furniture was going on the third floor, the gentleman rolled his eyes at me and then started talking to his partner in Spanish. They broke a lamp getting the furniture upstairs and once it was upstairs they asked me to sign for it. The furniture had a tear in it and they told me there was nothing they could do - I needed to call the customer service number;.

Now three weeks later our new couch has been delivered,. A new delivery crew has arrived and they are just as rude as the first!. I heard them comment about how "this sucks" and then go on to speak in only Spanish around me,. They also rolled their eyes when I told them where the furniture was going/. I'm also 7 months pregnant and they asked me to lean over the stairs to assist them in bringing up the furniture".

Customer service inside the Ashley furniture store was great'. The delivery staff has made it so I will NEVER order furniture from them again. They were so rude. Clearly the only criteria for being a delivery person with Ashley Furniture is to be a man who can lift something. I'm writing this as they are still in my home and I'm counting down the minutes til they leave.

12-02-2012, 03:43 PM
Ashley furniture in Elkton, MD ordered my furniture in the wrong color - my son picked it up and could not tell it was the wrong color because it was wrapped in plastic. He placed it in my home but I am not living there yet so I didn't see it until yesterday. Now Ashley will not take it back and give me the color I ordered because its been 4 days rather than 1. The furniture still has the tags on it and no one has even sat on it. This is the second time I've had trouble with this store. The customer service is a joke. Never Again!

12-07-2012, 07:09 PM
I'm extremely frustrated and feel miserable because of Ashley Furniture. I purchased a daybed on the 18th of November 2012 and my product was to deliver on the Thursday of the week after which would be on the 29th. They did not deliver nor did they try to contact me on the day of the delivery so I could be aware of the situation. So I took the day off and went to their store to see what was up; however the store manager was not there as I was told. So I explained my situation to the store costumer service and she managed to get Ashley Furniture's costumer service to contact me to setup another delivery date which would be today, December the 4th from 1-4 PM. So today I took off from work again from 1-4 and they still did not deliver on the specified time. I left my house at 4:05 PM to go back to work and that's when they finally managed to call me. They told me that they would arrive in approximately 40-45 minutes so now I had to ask my son to stay home for the delivery and I was informed that they had arrived on 4:40 PM. When I came home from work at 6 PM, I noticed that the bed was not properly assembled. There was either a problem with the bed or they had no idea how to assemble it together because the screws were not even properly screwed. Another problem that the assembly had was that the bottom section of the furniture was supposed to slide inside; but they had left it out and it was impossible to slide it in. I called costumer service and was told that it would take 7-10 days for them to come and check out the problem. This was the last straw, now I hated my purchase so much that I went to the store and asked for a refund. They told me that I would not be able to get my refund due to the fact that I had made the purchase more than 2 weeks ago. I told them that my product had only been delivered a few hours ago and asked to talk to the store manager; however, as usual I was told that the store manager had taken the day off. The same costumer service lady who I had approached the week before told me that the store manager would call me soon but I know that the store manager would not be able to help me even the slightest. So after all this trouble that I had went through, I called my credit card company and asked them for my refund. I will put in all my effort, in order to achieve my right and I will not stop.

12-09-2012, 04:33 PM
My dinning room set chairs were missing screws and actually one chair came apart after only two days from delivery. After inspecting the other chairs they were all missing screws. The company came out and deemed chairs defective. That was three weeks ago and I still have not received a replacement. They are paid in full 11/6/12 and I am stuck with a set that cannot be used (potential for harm if anyone sits in chairs). They keep scheduling delivery, I take off from work only to have the delivery canceled. The last delivery 12/7/12 I called after they were a hours past the time frame and was told the set was not on the truck and they would have to scheduled another delivery. I have asked for compensation and a new set (no answer yet) but really thinking about just getting a refund. Never had this type of experience with any company.

12-16-2012, 06:19 PM
bought a couch and loverseat recliners. too big for the room. wanted to return and buy other furniture. was told they would not take it back because it is listed on back of sale as "buyers remorse!
WHAT!!!every other furniture store in clearwater takes back furniture, some without charge. what am i supposed to do with two pieces that don't fit? the trucker told me i had 72 hours to request a return. the sales manager questioned whether i was told that, so now i am a liar. they should just say all sales are Final. this buyers remorse stuff is nonsense. terrible company. my only remorse is ever going there.

01-03-2013, 07:37 PM
We bought a new home and needed to buy new furniture, we shop around and found what we liked at Ashley's.so we bought sofa and love seat from Ashley Furniture, after the first year cushions were very uncomfortable did not hold shape, they replaced them the first year and said they would not replace again.

after another year they are very uncomfortable and look old. My sofa, that is over 35 yrs old looks better.

Very dissatisfied.
Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I will tell others not to buy from Ashley.
BJ from Surprise, AZ

01-03-2013, 08:01 PM
I bought a lounge chair from ashley
years ago that microfiber material which has held up well many years, however, I bought a sofa approx 2 months ago and I noticed this white fleck in the groove in the wood looking part.When I went to try clean it more pealed off.

OMG it looks like real wood but I really think it is painted plastic.....l
With so little wood accent on it you could not use the real thing? I will not make any more purchases there.

I am very dissapointed.Why are you purposely fooling the customer with this cheapness?

01-10-2013, 05:58 PM
On Aug. 8, 2009 we purchased a motorized reclining couch and two chairs. The sales person told us if we purchased the additional five year protection plan for $199.95 all mechanical and electrical components would be covered. She told us the motors can be very expensive and this would protect us.

We have a problem with one of the chairs and they tell us now that is not covered, only fabric.

I called to talk to the sales person and have been told she is on the phone and will call us back. She never calls back.

I realize that these sales people get a commission for these warranties, but that is no excuse for this kind of dishonesty.

01-14-2013, 07:12 PM
My 80 year old mother purchased $11,000.00 worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture including a $450.00 warranty to cover the leather and wood.After 3 years her "leather" couch began peeling.

Huge sheets of the top layer of leather have come off so the couch looks like a bad rummage store piece. She went to the store to talk to them because she wears a hearing aid in one ear and has a cochlear implant in the other so talking on the phone is very difficult for her. She was told the store had been sold and the new owners were in Lubbock, Tx and she would have to call them. She called and was told they would investigate.

After several calls on her part and sitting on hold for extended lengths of time she was told because the store had sold she was out of luck they would not honor the warranty. At this point I got involved as I thought maybe with her hearing difficulties she had misunderstood. I called consumer affairs for Ashely Furmiture and was rudely told I could only deal with the Lubbock store. I tried to explain to the woman that Lubbock had told us to call them and she rudely told me that she could not help me in any way.

I then called the Lubbock store back and was told by Cynthia she would check on it and call me back the next day. After a week I tried to reach her but instead talked to Daniel who had spoken with my mother. He told me he would have to check on it ( wonder what he was doing during the 2 months between talking to my mother and talking to me??). He called me back the next day and informed me there was nothing Ashely would do nor would they honor the warranty.

He was unbelievably rude and was telling me I could pursue any means I wanted but Ashley was NOT going to do anything. I asked to talk to his supervisor and was transferred to Tammy. She also said she would have to check on it with her superiors and call me back. The next day I received a call from Ashley service department and was told they had contacted the previous owner and he said there was nothing they would do.

He said they would give my mother a discount if she wanted to go pick out a new living room set but they could tell me how much of a discount until she actually picked out the furniture. (As if she would buy one stick of anything from them ever again).

At this point I feel i need to explore a class action suit or perhaps a private lawsuit.This is fraud and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

01-18-2013, 07:29 PM
I don't know, maybe all furniture delivery is like this, but I found Ashley's delivery policies to be insane.

They called to schedule our delivery, Thursday is the earliest date (all of 2 days notice). I asked about Saturday, oh we're all booked up on Saturdays until the end of the month. OK, how about Monday? (Since my wife is already off on Monday for something else). No, we don't work on Mondays.

Ok, so Tues-Sat only, only no Saturdays until late this month, anything else? Yeah, we'll give you a 4 hour window, but we can't tell you what the window is until the day before delivery....Seriously? What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running here? You clearly don't deliver to people that work on an hourly schedule.

So, I have to take an entire day off work, at short notice with my boss, in order to be there to get the furniture that I've already paid for because you can't tell me which FOUR HOUR BLOCK OF TIME I need to be there for....

01-19-2013, 07:50 PM
Think twice before wasting hard-earned money on Ashley Furniture!!!


01-20-2013, 06:10 PM
I have a durablend sofa that is about two years old and the durablend is peeling.Ashley will not do anything about it".

Even if you took the warranty they will not do anything because they call it a malfunction.. I have e-mailed Ashley and all they will say is they are sorry but cannot help me|. Who is responsible for this? How can they justify selling furniture that they know is not going to last".

Can someone explain what a malfunction is?

If i had damaged the product I could understand.I have tried to fix the problem but the damage is too extensive.

Anonymous 11
01-26-2013, 08:13 PM
I purchased the couch in 2009 and leather material is peeling.

It is so awful. I even got the extended warranty and they said anything could happen and I could get replacement on any part of the couch for 5 years. I tried to use that warranty and they said it does cover peeling". What the heck?

The sale guy said if anything happen!. It could be replaced!. My daughter choked a piece of the leather that came off'. She was lucky and she cough it back up:.

But now I sit with a peeling couch and a danger to my 3 and 5 year old

Even ask for info for where I can get replacement couch cushions with no response thru warranty company!!

Called store and was transferred to answer voicemail and no response too.

01-31-2013, 07:47 PM
Ashley Furniture company is an ABOMINATION to quality furniture!I purchased a couch in October of 2011 and now that I have owned it for a year and about 3 months it is coming apart at the seams--literally all of the cushions are coming apart.

I was talked into purchasing the most expensive warranty and it only covers cigarette burns, nail polish being spilled, or a knife slicing into the couch:. The company described this to me as normal wear and tear?!? I have two adults living in my house and an 11 lb puppy--this is NOT normal wear and tear for a couch that cost nearly $2000! I called corporate and they told me there was nothing they could or would do because this was outside of the 1 year manufacturer warranty!!

It's 3 MONTHS outside of the manufacturer 1 year warranty and I called as soon as I saw this occurring|. I even noticed that they no longer sell this particular sectional couch--probably because it is not a QUALITY piece of furniture;.

I will be spreading the word to EVERYONE that I know not to purchase ANYTHING from Ashley Furniture|. This is not a store that offers customer service or quality dependable furniture--a company that truly cares about quality and their customers would offer store credit for something that is 3 months outside of their warranty so that they could keep a customer and replace faulty merchandise!

Is there truly NOTHING that you are willing to do about a situation like this?

02-03-2013, 03:46 PM
I have many complaints about the Bakersfield store manager "JOHN" and of the delivery of our purchase.I had a terrible experience having the furniture delivered as promised on 1-15-13, the day of purchase.

The option was given of a delivery on 1-12-13 or 1-15-13. The distribution center called on Saturday while we were at work. We had no way of getting a hold of the distribution center until Tuesday morning because we got off late on sat. and it was close sun-Mon.

They never called nor left a message letting us know the delivery would not take place because of a non confirmation. On Tuesday morning they inform my wife they were not going to deliver it because we never called to confirm the delivery. My wife explained how it was never mentioned to us of any confirmation needed to be done prior of delivery. She tried explaining how it was in our receipt the date it would be delivered and the inconvenience it was to her as she took a day off to be present during delivery as well as another schedule delivery for our mattress from MOR furniture to be delivered on the same day.

They told her to call the store and talk to the store manager John. My wife called and explained the problem to John. He began to tell her that it was her fault that we were not able to confirm. John told her if we were lucky and a miracle was to occur, we might have it delivered if the delivery truck made it back in time.

But that the miracle was unlikely. She continued to explain the inconvenience until the store manager "John" said;"You should just have your husband call after he gets off work." After this statement my wife was very upset and just hung up the phone. I got off work and went to the store and I pulled John to the side and questioned his behavior towards my wife. He said "I have done nothing wrong and will not apologize for my actions" I questioned him on the delivery and understood your store has policies.

I informed him that promises were not to be said or promised if they were not to be kept. He told me that we should have answered our phones. The conversation escalated to an argument and i told him I wanted my money back and he told me it was going to be a 30% restocking fee. I was extremely upset and thought it was best I leave since nothing could be changed.

I understand your store has policies they abide by but I don't quite understand how your store manager has no sense of professionalism nor any kind of training in people skills. It's by far the worst experience I've ever had in purchasing furniture". You should change your policy on delivery;. For example if its going to be delivered on Tuesday, have your distribution center call at least 2 days ahead'.

Not Saturday since they are closed on Sunday and Monday?.

The time you give your customers to respond is beyond my reasoning".Especially when you have set a delivery with the store during the time of purchase.

02-04-2013, 04:55 PM
I purchased 4 pieces of furniture from ashley furniture in August of 2011.a few days after the furniture was delivered I noticed that the arm rest on both the couch and love seat were making noise and something on the inside was loose.

I called ashley up and they sent a repairman out to "fix" the problem.
Around this past Christmas I noitice that the problems returned.

I called Ashley up to find out that they would not cover the repairs because the furniture was out of warrantee, as a courtesy they would send parts but I would have to pay for the labor.I was totally disatified with there response; I will never buy anything from them ever again.

02-05-2013, 08:14 PM
Spent $1200.00 for three pieces of furniture at Ashley in Rosedale Md. The sofa lasted three weeks.My husband is a big guy and we bought what the salesman told us was their better made goods.The frame is all particle board and the seat springs were cheaply attached to the lousy frame.Ashley refused to honor the worthless warranty telling us it did not cover the structural failure due to my husbands size(he weighs 325 pounds).They flat out refused to help us in any way".We have been dealing with this for over 2 months and now the other two pieces are falling apart|.We tried the Better Business Bureau but were told that they have no power to force the dealer to do anything|.Even our credit card company cant do anything since Ashley claims we abused the furniture'.We took everything to a local homeless shelter and went to another local store and bought a new set:.Not only did the salesman show us the solid oak frame and steel seat springs...he also assured us that my husbands weight was not a problem.The new set is now four months old and is in perfect shape.Just head up Pulaski Highway towards Middle River and you will find the best place to buy furniture.For goodness sake ask about the construction and how they will stand behind the product so you dont get ripped-off like Ashley will do to you.

02-12-2013, 01:29 PM
I purchased a $2500 section PLUS the 5 year Montage Extended Warranty and neither Ashley or Montange will stand behind the warranty. Beware that if you purchase Ashley furniture and more importantly an extended warranty from a Home Store, Ashley does not stand behind those stores because they are independently owned (EXCUSE) The store I bought from closed and they are claiming they do not have records of the purchase!. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ASHLEY !!

02-19-2013, 10:21 AM
We ordered our dinning set & coffee table & side table as well as bedroom set on 12/28/12.And we were told it will be delivered around 2 weeks.

I planned my son's birthday party at end of Febr/. However, every week I checked them I was told to wait another week'. Finally they delivered on 2/15|. Every pieces comes with scratches?.

When my husband questioned them, the deliver guy used pen to cover it! Will you accept the furniture with ink not paint? We barely accept the bedroom set and returned the rest". We went to the store again on 2/18 today;.

Finally the solution will be we can re-select the furniture and they can deliver again.... Another 6-8 week's waiting and may with furniture with scratches...

I wish I could see this website before and wish I bought my dinning set at Macys along with sofa..A few hundred buck does not worth the frustration I went through.

02-25-2013, 07:04 PM
I bought a sectional from Ashley in 2010 and I loved it at first!It was big enough to fit my family and a lot of my company.

I loved the color. Then I had the furniture for about 6 months and we heard a squeaking when we sat down. This was not a part of the couch we sat on much. So we called to have them come out and fix it.

We also had some concerns about the cushions going flat. The repair man said that he could fix the back of the couch but there wasn't anything he could do about the cushions. Ashley didn't seem too concerned about the cushions. So the repair man opened up the back of my couch and fixed the problem and closed it up and left,.

About 5 minutes later we hear meowing coming from inside the couch and come to find out that the repair man had not check to make sure nothing was inside my couch.. He knew we had cats and turns out my 10 week old kitten was trapped inside/. We called the repair guy back and he came and opened my couch back up and let my poor kitten out,. Called Ashley to tell them what happened and they were shocked but didn't really seem to care about my cushions still:.

I have only had my sectional for 3 years and it looks and feels like a couch that I have owned for 10 years! I just went and bought a new couch and love seat on Sunday and I will never buy from Ashley again! I will never refer anyone to buy from Ashley!

When we just bought our new furniture the sales man said that Ashley furniture is disposable.

02-28-2013, 12:14 PM
Purchased a dining room set in late November 2012 with additional 2 chairs and a buffet.8 weeks later started to show stains on table top, buffet top and chairs.

Reported the issue on Feb. 11, 2013 Promised the technician would call to set up appointment the following week. The technician Never called back. Followed up with 8 different calls.

Were supposed to show up today Feb. 27. The guy name Erickson never came or called. Tried his cell phone and got a recorded message "this cell phone has no registered voice mail";.

Customer service never answers their phones and the Customer Service Manager Lizette Santiago does not answer calls or come to the phone?.

A so clalled Yesenia keeps of making excuses, but that it..DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY!

Indianapolis, Indiana
03-09-2013, 09:41 AM
I purchased a recliner with a 5 year extended Warranty!The recliner is a piece of crap,the whole bottom mechanism is toast!

I filed claim with Montage on Jan. 3, 2013 and its now March 7 and its still not repaired! I went to Ashley and talked to a cust;. service mgr,.

and told her I'm tired of this crap and she said she would make a call to Montage! I told her after all this I want a replacement and she said no way! Montage has scheduled a tech to fix it on April 9!

That would make it over 3 months to fix!I'll never buy another item from Ashley and I'm reporting them to attorney generals office, the BBB and post every social media I have access to so I can spread the word about their horrible customer service!

Augusta, Georgia
03-11-2013, 11:41 AM
We ordered 3 bedroom sets from Ashley Furniture ..On delivery they forgot my kids mattresses, my daughters bed was missing a part and my sons bedroom set was scratched..

We sent it all back went to the store to get our refund and they talked us into having it delivered again, gave them another chance and when they delivered again, my daughters bed was broke .. So aggravating! Called the store and they promised delivery for Tuesday (today was Thursday ) So gave them a 3rd chance on Tuesday still no bed.. So needless to say they are coming Friday to pick up all the other furniture !

HORRIBLE! Definitely would not recommend them!

Forsyth, Georgia
03-15-2013, 02:56 PM
We ordered a bed, mattress, and nightstand from Ashley Furniture in December, 2012.It's now almost mid-March and we still haven't received our nightstand.

Each time we call, we get a delivery date--only to be cancelled at the last minute. We were told that the nightstand would be delivered this Tuesday--but then the warehouse called and informed us that the item hasn't arrived. We called back and they told us that the item was at the warehouse after all, and it would be delivered between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

today,. Nobody came/. This was the third time that they said they would come:. We have our fourth delivery date set up for next week/.

Doubt that they will come".

Will never buy from them again.

03-17-2013, 05:22 AM
Not well. you can think choose the other brand furniture

Lethbridge, Alberta
04-01-2013, 09:59 AM
We've been dealing with Ashley Furniture for about two months now.We still don't have the dresser we ordered with the bedroom set.

Ashley Furniture broke the dresser during the delivery and they've been trying to patch up the broken dresser while making us wait ever since. The patch job failed as the broken dresser looks like it's been patched up. They still tried to deliver it that way. Customer support is no help.

They are not there for the benefit of the customer. Only to maximize profit for Ashley Furniture.

Worst company I've ever deal with.The dresser alone was $815.

Conroe, Texas
04-11-2013, 11:13 AM
This Conroe store, is not the nicest store to shop..
never returns your call and when you go in store can't find any help all out side smoking are at lunch;. they do any thing to sell a thing they can /. (lying, promising, leading you on to believe them;. and the salesman that sold you it is gone , not working there any more they say/.
you ask to see manger of store you get, floor mang'.
that is rude|. I have a piece of furniture that I can not use !.
it is totally useless and wrong color. it is so hard to get in are out of it.I ask them to help me to resolve
this problem. I would like to pic out some thing
else even I would pay for this being pick up.
they wouldn't even work with me.

North Las Vegas, Nevada
04-11-2013, 07:26 PM
2 months ago I went to the Decatur / 215 location and bought Furniture.It took 30 days for the delivery and the day before my delivery I called to verify the time and they told me they didn't have my items in stock.

They told me to come in to pick more furniture so I gave them another opportunity and Bought more expensive furniture to get it broken and missing 2 pieces. They have 3500.00 of my money and after 2 months I have nothing. They told me it will be 3-5 days before I can get my money back....Horrible experience, soon they are going to be keeping people's money....

Save your self the hassle and go some where else...

04-12-2013, 06:16 PM
We purchased a dinette set from Ashley Furniture Homestore in Lithonia, GA.We went around the back to pick it up and the manager comes out and tells us first of all that they have the table but they only have one chair..

Then he tells us that the table they want to give us was sent to another customer but they returned it because they ordered black and they sent them the white table instead|. He offers to order three more chairs but wants to give us the table that has been sitting in their warehouse in furniture covers wrapped up with a bunch of tape?. Now I thought when you purchased something "brand new" it comes in a box or a package?. Not some raggedy cover with masking tape all around it'.

I emailed the corporate office and all I got was that the stores are indepednetly owned and the owner's make up their own policy and procedures;. Now I have paid for a dinette set and still don't have one:.

This place is a joke and for anyone who reads this and is thinking of getting furniture from there I would advise against it".The manager isn't even trying to make this right all he is doing is trying to get rid of that raggedy table that has been sitting in their warehouse since they screwed up and sent the wrong table to the previous custmer.

04-22-2013, 07:14 PM
I added another much more clearer than last photo color changes and cracking and loss of money before a yt purchased 2007 in March and was rapaired.I was given a run around and was advised normal for leather to do this and when repair man came he said side is not leather at all and the label should not state leather and representative I spoke with regarding repairs explaimed to me it was my fault because of oils from my body turning causing fading.

Refused to let me return product and get my money back.I am pissed off royally


Baltimore, Maryland
05-01-2013, 04:38 PM
Ashley Furniture location Baltimore National Pike The standard door way to most homes 36 inches.I have gotten larger furniture in my house.

I instructed the delivery people to bring through the back door because it was easier and more space, they refused. I was told on the phone the guys were just being lazy by customer service. My house is new construction and I have seen other companies deliver without a problem. I was told to pick smaller furniture.

When I looked at the specs of the sofas most of them are the same.

Never buy from Ashley Furniture.Waited the whole day for nothing to be delivered.

05-05-2013, 11:25 AM
I have problem with my bedroom set furniture. Most of my dressers handles are broken.

I went to the local store in my area and I brought some picture of my furniture with me. They pretended to help me because there are other customer in the store. They took my info and they said they would email me how to get the parts. I ask them what's the handles made out of because why they pulling apart.

They said metal... And they said that after 5 years it should break like anything else. So I told them. I said I have other furnitures that are way older than 5 years and still in great shape?.

I said I feel like they are made out of clay!. He just smiled and said ill email you the info when we find the parts;. I did hear from them but I called and emailed them and they just give me an 800 # to call'. I did but i was on hold for a long time and no one answered;.

We should all get together and sue them or we can make flyers and put in every car in front of their store:. This is ridiculous!. Ashley furniture is a piece of Sh_t!!!

They need to go out of business if they can't help us get the parts..I'm pissed!!!

Greenwood, Indiana
05-13-2013, 01:18 PM
We purchased a microfiber suede recliner from Ashley Furniture and at the same time purchased a VIP service contract?. The recliner started falling apart after the first year|.

We paid 650'.00 for the recliner and warranty'. We contacted Ashley Furniture and was instructed to contact the warranty company?. After repeated attempts to file a claim with the warranty company we went into Ashley's store in Greenwood Indiana". They attempted to file the claim with the warranty company and had no more luck than we did:.

I will never purchase anything from Ashley's again'.They didn't even to try to "make it right" even though they are the ones who sold us the warranty and recliner.

06-04-2013, 06:06 PM
I ordered a TV stand.Ashley gave me the run around about what day to expect delivery.

First they promised it on a Monday, then they changed the day. They didn't give me any notice. I sat and waited on Monday, then called them in the evening to find out they had rescheduled my delivery. When the TV stand arrived, the leg was cracked and patched.

There was fresh stain on the leg that wasn't even dry yet. The delivery men tried to rush me when I was inspecting the unit.

I can't believe they would try to pass off damaged furniture to me like that.I rejected the TV stand and did get a refund credited to my Visa

Spokane, Washington
06-11-2013, 05:50 PM
1st of all they delivered the wrong color sofa, twice, then the had the wrong length of legs for my dining table, so if that wasn't enough the bench that came with the dining table was rocking from uneven legs they had to take it back to the warehouse to fix.The major problem is it took almost 2 months before everything was set up.

Now I am hearing scary stories about the furniture being reliable. They just don't make things durable like they use to.

There for we suffer now, and I feel pity for the next generation.Good luck with your future purchases

Lethbridge, Alberta
06-15-2013, 04:50 PM
How can a company get away with this.They make you sign a contract so you can not get your money back.

We bought a dresser that took a month to get in (had to pay for it in advance and sign THE CONTRACT). We get it home and it is damaged. They didnt even want us to return it to the store but we did because 2 drawers were falling out and the top was cracked off the side board (JUNK)!. We took it back and they charged us 25% RESTOCKING fee|.

I made numerous phone calls even to the head office'. They all gave me the same response, "Thats our policy".. So they make big money on the mark up, send the damaged dresser back or throw it out with full credit then they also get our 25%'. We lost $100 for having a dresser for 5 minutes;.

Is that stealing or what,.

It should be against the law but apparently they are within the law because of the CONTRACT".BUYER BEWARE.

06-17-2013, 02:05 PM
I purchased a new bedroom set to be delivered to my new home in Cochrane, AB on a specific Friday - 6 weeks down the road.We have sold my existing bedroom set and it will be gone to allow for the delivery!.

Today, Wednesday, 2 days before delivery, I get a phone call from Jasmine Ebert at the Heritage, Calgary location to say that they F@#ked up the Postal Code in their computer and that they don't deliver to Cochrane on any day other than Thursday|. I have explained to her that I schedule this 6 weeks ago, and that I really need it delivered because I will be without a place to sleep!. She assures me that she would contact scheduling to try to arrange a Saturday delivery:. This afternoon, I had not heard back, so I called her|.

She said that they had until 3:30pm today to answer her email/. I suggested that she follow up with a phone call to their department?. Yup, she would do that and get back to me before the end of today:. Sure enough, I called her back again, but she leaves at 5:30pm and I have heard nothing!!

Delivery of your new furniture....WHO CARES!!

Los Angeles, California
06-23-2013, 01:06 PM
I have been waiting for my beautiful furniture to arrive for a long time, and was planning to show it off at my daughters huge graduation party tomorrow. When the delivery man showed up today, I was so excited to see my room finally done. Instead my husband came inside telling me the driver had just pulled away: I asked what had happened and it comes to find out, he didn't like the fact that we had a tempurapedic bed and the wheels just needed to be unscrewed on the bottom'. So instead of waiting for them to be unscrewed he took off with my new furniture(already paid for delivery and set-up) and told my husband he'd have to contact the store we got it from!. So of course being confused as to why this man,(who was by the way by himself,with no help) just took off with our paid for stuff,we called the store in Santa Clarita,Ca and spoke to manager SERGIO CHAVEZ,who had no concern at all and told us there was nothing he could do about it;. You could imagine my frustration?. All they said was they will see if they can make it tomorrow". The customer service honestly had me confused and blown away how they just didn't care?. I RECOMMEND NOT GOING TO ASHLEY'S FURNITURE !!!

06-29-2013, 02:11 PM
I tried to get in contact with someone about replacing my furniture.I KEEP on getting the run around.Nobody can help me get the information i need to get my items replaced.I was told that I need to find out who the owner was in 2005.

That's a bunch of crock.I paid a lot of money for my items from 2005 to 2007.When toe company went out of business it was oh well to the customers that had warranty's on their furniture.What kind of company does this to their loyal customers . It's not fair to treat your customers like that after all of the money that has been paid to your company for crappy furniture.

Anonymous 4
07-04-2013, 05:22 PM
we want only a spring for the recliner.we cannot even get a salesperson out here to look at the recliner...it's only 3 years old.

We love the recliner and we don't want it to get worse because the spring broke. We have the spring in our hand...we went to lowe's we went to home depot - no luck. please, please honor your warranty with us. We love our recliner and we want to keep it in good shape --- may we hear from you?

This should not be a big problem...but it still needs repair.

Manassas, Virginia
07-04-2013, 05:32 PM
I ordered a bed for my daughter and was very specific with salesman Earl on the color.When it arrived a week after they said it would, they delivered the wrong colored bed.

Now they are saying I have to wait to even find out when they can deliver me the right one. And are offering nothing for the inconvenience and one manager was cold and uncaring. Dave William is his name here at the Manassas, VA location. I want to say forget it and cancel, but they say that can't be done.

Well they messed up the order and in my opinion are out of time.My daughter is heartbroken and needs a bed now, not a month from now.

07-12-2013, 05:58 AM
i often heard this brand, but do not know much about it.

Anonymous 5
07-17-2013, 06:14 PM
Went to the store in Northern NJ. The sales associate approached me as soon as I walked in. Needless to say, I have been there numerous times, and the parking lot is never crowded, and I am talking during the middle of the day. I told the sales associate I wanted to look around.. Within 5 minutes, and for the next 35 minutes at about intervals of 2 minutes, there was my salesperson again.. The sales person at one point heard what i was looking for, and pushed me to their package section:. The prices were competitive, the material terrible/. A sort of one size fit all offer". In addition, when the sales person got me in to the package sections, one of the bosses came around and gave 'high-fives' and 'words of encouragement';.
The sales person explained numerous ways to pay; and finance options!. The sales person told me about their layaway plan, none of which sounded legitimate...all of the salespersons words and ideas, and none of it in writing. In addition, when I asked the salesperson about delivery and set up, i was told delivery was included not set up. The sales person then told me 'but if you slip the drivers a few extra bucks' then they will 'probably do it'. In addition the sales person told me about local liquor stores that had great liquor to party with on my new furniture.
I also noticed other salespersons who were bullying and talking down to customers, talking to them in glee that the other customers did not qualify for any special offers, and trying to hard sell the customers through intimidation...and yet, again, no one else was in the store.
It was basically like going to a car dealership to buy furniture..except that most people in my neck of the woods are too savvy and ethical to always know that if it 'smells like it, and 'it sounds like it', it probably is it' from top to bottom.

Austin, Texas
07-23-2013, 03:54 PM
We bought two recliners.They had a limited warranty on the springs!.

We had two springs that broke in one of the chairs,. We called customer service they said they would send someone out for $87.00 to inspect and see if it was a manufacturing defect,. I said, I only wanted the two springs, I did not need them installed|. They called back and said the item was discontinued and they could not get the parts even though the warranty was still within the time frame,.

I consider this the poorest form of customer service!

They did not even attempt to help us solve our problem, just blew us off. Bad form for a company that spends in the millions advertising to get customers in their store and then will not take care of them when they have even a simple problem !!!!!We intend to make it our personal mission to make the public aware of the horrible customer service!

Houston, Texas
08-05-2013, 04:32 PM
I bought furniture from Ashley and they were all so nice and sweet.Once I made the deal and gave them my address.

Believe it or not the delivery came after 3 weeks. On top of that my order included bed, Table, 3 Seat Sofa and love seat and 2 lamps. I was told by the guys sent by Ashley that I have to collect the lamps myself from some warehouse in Pasadena. Then they said oh we don't have the stuff we need to assemble your bed.

We were just told to deliver it... I called Ashley so they said YES U HAVE TO COLLECT THE LAMPS YOURSELF AND WE WILL ORDER SOME THINGS WE NEED TO ASSEMBLE YOUR BED WHICH WILL TAKE 3 BUSINESS DAYS TO ORDER ONLINE... In the end I picked my lamps up and assembled them. This was June 7 2013.

As of today 8/03/13 the bed is still sitting in my room only in parts. I received in mail the stuff that they needed, probably nuts and bolts". They said well we will send someone next Saturday. What the *** is this..

I have never seen such a low service quality". I told them why don't u tell the customers during the time of deal making that he/she will have to wait for 2 months in order to get the furniture they order.. Gallery furniture I heard delivers the same day'. I will never ever do business with Ashley..

Neither should you:. Save your time and money.

Lake Charles, Louisiana
08-13-2013, 06:14 PM
Do not buy furniture from Ashley Furniture HomeStore.Their sales people lie to try to get you to buy their Extended Warranty by claiming all the crazy things they cover and how Ashley will repair or replace the furniture.

My sectional that I bought started to peel and flake very badly. I went to the store to use the extended warranty (which costed an additional $200). I was told that they don't handle the extended warranty and that its through a third party company called Montage Furniture. Something the salesperson failed to mention.

I called them and they told me they don't cover any of the things the sales person said and that he shouldn't have said any of that. I went back to the store to speak to the manager and he stated there is nothing they can do for me. Even though the furniture is a little over a year old and flaking horribly, they don't cover that. He stated it doesn't matter what the sales person said, it's not in the contract of the extended warranty".

So I'm under the impression Ashley's allows their sales people to lie to get you into an extended contract.. After showing him pics of how bad the couch is, he stated that Ashley's furniture is of superior quality?. Really? Such good quality that they don't stand behind them,.

What really irritates me is that I have 2 more years of payments to make on this couch and I get to watch it deteriorate day by day with each payment:. The couch will look great forever as long as you plan to never ever sit on it/. Such horrible quality! Don't shop here and go to a place that stands behind their product and honors their warranty their sales people are selling:.

Also on a side note, if you post anything negative on their facebook page, they delete it promptly instead of addressing the issue'. This should speak volumes of their customer service.

09-14-2013, 04:21 AM
i have heard a lot about Ashley Furniture, but have not buy pieces from it.

09-24-2013, 10:50 AM
Here are the pictures of the damage furniture I purchase from Ashley Furniture. I'm very upset with the life of these pieces of furniture. I look forward to someone reaching out to me so this matter can be resolved. I do have more pictures if needed please let me know.Please respond as soon as possible so i want have to pursue this claim further. Because i certainly believe that this company will do the right thing.



8973 8974 8975 8976

Las Vegas, Nevada
09-25-2013, 06:11 PM
We purchased a leather furniture set with an extended warranty that the salesman said covered "Everything Top-To-Bottom".When some areas of the furniture showed the leather damaged from spills or vomit or other unknown causes, the company refused to fix it.

They did replace the damaged piece, but finally produced a warranty sheet that has numerous "exclusions" that render the extended warranty useless and again is not "Everything is covered Top-To-Bottom" like the salesman told us.If you're smart do not buy any extended warranty full of convenient exclusions, but if you're really smart, buy anywhere but from Ashley Furniture.

Pearland, Texas
09-25-2013, 06:29 PM
DO NOT SHOP Ashley Furniture HomeStore! On 02/10/2012, we bought a living room set, including sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. Our total came to $1493.02. This purchase was made With it, we purchased a Montage Protection program, that our salesman stated that we had FIVE YEARS to make a claim. He also stated that delivery would come from Montage and their people would assist in moving the old furniture.

When they arrived for delivery, they refused to do so. They stated that wasn't part of their job description. My brother ended up having to assist in moving the furniture, while the delivery guys sat there and waited for it to be done. UNACCEPTABLE, but we got our new furniture.

After regular family use, on 08/26/13, I made a claim for regular furniture cleaning. We filled out the paperwork and mailed it to the address ("Mail to:") on the sheet. It was returned to us because it did not have "Montage" on the envelope.

On 09/05/13, the same sheets were then faxed to 800-966-5574. We later discovered they did not receive them.

On 09/09/13, we did our THIRD ATTEMPT to fax the paperwork to Montage and this time they confirmed receipt. A female named Geri stated it would be scanned in and they would get back to us within 2-3 days.

On 09/10/13, our claim was DENIED. Because we passed the "14" day of first noticing our problem, it fell outside of the problem reporting period. OUR SALESMAN DID NOT TELL US ABOUT A 14 DAY REPORTING WINDOW - ONLY THE 5 YEARS TO USE!!

I called Ashey Furniture Homestore in Pearland that same day and spoke to Lorenzo. I asked what was the point of the 5 year warranty if we were not notified of the 14 window period. I automatically assumed we have 5 years from the date of purchase to make a claim, which is what was presented to us. Lorenzo agreed that it was the correct policy, but that he would get with Montage to see if something could be worked out. Lorenzo stated Montage would call and speak to us, but that did not happen.

That same evening, I called Lorenzo back to inform him Montage did not call back. He stated that he would call them again and see what was the delay.

On 09/11/13, Lorenzo called back and stated Montage would not budge on cleaning the furniture because of the 14 day noticing policy. I then went back to see if I could get a refund or store credit for the $169.95 spent on this worthless purchase. A female employee did call Montage to check the status of our claim. Montage informed her that it was still denied. The female at Ashley informed me that she did not know anything about the 14 day window. I was then told I would have to wait the 5 years to get my money back. Because of yet another letdown, I called Corporate Office in New Braunsfels and spoke to Robert S. He presented himself as being in charge of the Texas stores. After explaining the situation to Robert, he stated that he would address the issue with Montage head management, that he has seen this situation before and there was a way to get the money back from Montage. Robert stated he would call me back.

At 3pm today, still no word from Robert, so I called Robert. He was unavailable and left a last name. When I asked for his last name for my notes, I was told that information could not be given. I have no idea if he was indeed anyone from management since Robert is a common name.

At 6pm today, Robert returned my call. He stated that we were back at Square 1 because Montage refuses to clean our furniture!

This is a total DISSATISFACTION from Ashley Furniture. How can you represent yourselves as a company"committed to you, our customer, and want to ensure you have an excellent experience when shopping at our stores" when all you do is make a phone call and say "oh well" if your vendors can't honor their end of the sale. Again, as your website states, "We understand how important your furniture purchase is, and our store associates are trained and prepared to offer the highest levels of service at each step in your shopping process." That is TOTALLY FALSE! If it is true, then I would like someone to contact me ASAP to see about either cleaning our furniture or giving back our money because if your employees do not know about the 14 time window of filing claims, how is the general public supposed to know?!

We were thinking of going back to buy furniture for the 3 bedrooms, but after this experience, I do not think that will happen, and I will make sure that word is spread not to shop at a store that will NOT HONOR customer satisfaction

Ogden, Utah
09-26-2013, 06:15 PM
We purchased a bonded leather sofa set from Ashley Furniture in Layton, Utah in October of 2012.Until last week the furniture was fine, no complaints.

We agreed to purchase the warranty because we have pets. The warranty SPECIFICALLY covers pet urine, ***, stomach fluid or blood. While on our vacation last week, our house sitter closed the door to our cats litter box, kitty used our loveseat as a litter box for a day. (super gross) but the warranty COVERS cat urine, thankfully!

So i call and make an appointment. The soonest they can get a tech out is two weeks!? When the tech arrives, before he even sees the loveseat says "i can tell you right now i am not going to be able to clean it, the warranty doesn't cover smells" what?! our loveseat is dark brown leather, the urine is obviously dry, it been two weeks!

Tech says he can't clean the urine because he can't see it!!!! are you kidding me?! it's blatantly obvious where kitty peed! But because the sofa is a dark color he can't clean it...???

had the sofa been white he could clean it, (furniture racism? WTF)but because he cant see the dry pee he wont touch it. I call the warranty department back and the woman tells me that he was right, he does not have to uphold the warranty that specifically says that it covers cat urine because he can not see the stain. I told her fine, i will have a black light and show specifically where the cat peed, schedule another appointment.

again, two weeks is the soonest they can get a tech out! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!! I am not finished fighting this war.

We paid for the warranty specifically because it covered pet bodily fluids! Next stop, Ashley Furniture Corporate Offices (don't expect much from them either, but I am not going to quit until they uphold their end of the warranty!)what a GIANT waste of money!!

save your time AND money!if you live in Utah go to RC Willey or anywhere other than Ashley Furniture!!

10-29-2013, 02:42 PM
I went to Ashley’s of Midland on October 4th to purchase furniture for my whole house.After picking out what I wanted I went to the front to do the paperwork and just prior to giving them the credit card, I was informed that it would be 2-6 weeks before it could be delivered.

I told Alex (My Salesman) that I could not wait that long and I would cancel and go elsewhere. Alex asked me to give him a few minutes to see what he could do about getting the date moved up. He went to talk with George the manager on duty at the time, George said he made some phone calls and found all then furniture that I ordered and would guarantee delivery within 2 weeks. I did get delivery 13 days later but I did not get the couch for the living room, my sons twin bed came without the foot board which made the bed unusable because it is part of the frame and they charged and sent me a full size mattress for the twin bed, 2 out of three bar stools came but they were both damaged so had to go back, the hutch for my desk did not make it but a desk that I did not order but was charged for came, the dining room server/table didn’t make it , and they sent and charged me for a queen box spring which can’t be used on the bed I ordered.

I called the store to find out what happened and was informed by Alex that he would check into it and call me right back. I did not receive a phone call back and went to the store the following day October 18 and I was told he was not in so I talked with George the manager again and he promised me he would check into it and find out what happened. After me making several calls to Ashley’s with no one calling me back I again went to the store to find out what was happening with the furniture I ordered and the credit due to me for the furniture the charged me for that I didn’t order. Needless to say I am quite annoyed with them by now and while I was talking to Alex a man that identified himself as Sam the brand new general manager stepped in and personally guaranteed he would look into it and call me back on October 23rd as I had come to expect from anyone in that store I did not receive a phone call back so I called him again on Oct 25th and he apologized saying he was working on it and had to get with his vice president to get it squared away because there were so many problems with the order.

Once again he promised and guaranteed he would call me back that day. As usual no one called me back.

I am in management myself and I know that the employees can’t be any better than the management they work under and this store has been the worst shopping experience I have ever dealt with I use to think that buying a new car was the worst but that doesn’t hold a candle to dealing with Ashley’s.I strongly suggest that you shop elsewhere and avoid the headache I wish I would have.

11-07-2013, 07:30 PM
We purchased thousands of dollars worth of furniture from Ashley in Jacksonville, FL and the salesperson told us it would be a good investment to protect our furniture by purchasing a protection plan from Montage Furniture Service.The leather began to split just months later at the poor-quality seams and when we called MFS, they told us emphatically that they don't cover things like that.

In fact, everything is at "their discretion", meaning they cover NOTHING. It is a scam.

We gave Ashley and MFS hundreds of dollars for nothing.Ashley should not associate with this fraudulent company and should not allow their salespersons to lie about the coverage.

11-14-2013, 01:46 PM
I purchased a bedroom set. 21 September 2013.Was told it would be delivered 19 October 2013, and of course I looked up all the reviews after i got a call 4 days before the delivery date that it would get delayed. Reason being they are missing parts to bed and it's going to take another month to get delivered.
Problem is I trusted every word that came out of sales person's mouth and booked flight tickets for our wedding which is 1 week after the day actual delivery date.

I called 1800 number and explained what my situation is and if there is anyway we can solve this problem. The answer simply "NO" there was no explanation but just "NO" . Maybe the guy had bad day or tired of dealing with complaints of delays but definitely was not the way to deal with customer and sounded like it's not their problem. Then he transferred the call to the local store I went. Explained my situation again and spoke to the manager. The guy said He will see what he can do and call me back in 15 min. It's been 18 hours and I got no calls back.

I will visit the store today, and cancel my order.
Some people might say it's only a month delay. However, i planned 4 months of trip after the wedding and I'll be sleeping in empty house for the time being. Who knows how long.

I hope this letter goes to everybody who is thinking about buying Ashley furniture and don't have to go through all this trouble. I will defend myself from their policy and get whoever I need to involved if I have to. If they think they're losing 1 customer, that's a mistake. I will make sure it doesn't happen to my family, friends, and all the people I know.

11-20-2013, 05:11 PM
Within 2-3 years, the Couch started to fall apart and all 3 bed started making creaking noise. I had bought their purchase protection plan. So, called them up. The whole experience was horrible.
1. They would NOT call you back or respond to you on time. It took me two weeks just to talk to someone.
2. They would NOT send anyone to take a look at the issue.
3. I kept going in circles for almost about 3 months, trying to get the issue resolved over phone.
4. Finally, I went to the store and was told that they are sorry, they have been having issues with their protection warranty company. They have recently changed the company. So, it will be better. The store staff promised that they will get back and take care of the issue.
5. Then nobody called up for 2 months. I kept following up but would NOT get a response.
6. After lot of efforts, I again managed to talk to someone only to be rudely told that we don't cover these issues and they are your responsibility.
I want buyers to be aware of 2 issues
A) Poor quality for their leather couches and bed make noises within 2-3 years
B) Their protection plan does NOT cover anything and do NOT buy it
C) Their staff is very rude.
Never ever going back to Ashley furniture.

Portland, Oregon
12-17-2013, 05:23 PM
Called several times to move my delivery date up, we couldn't due to work schedules.The day before the delivery date, they called to say they don't deliver to our town.

I called the sales rep and the company in Texas and had that all fixed but it was moved to 4 days later. They called again 2 days before the rescheduled delivery time to say not all our items were available to deliver. Promised a customer bonus, like a rug or another end table.

Called a day before deliver to ask wether a floor model would work for us.By the time I was able to get thru on the phone, this option wasn't available anymore

Bear, De
12-23-2013, 08:11 PM
Like so many other reviews posted, I made a BIG mistake buying from Ashley Furniture. The problem is the warehouse located in Newark, Delaware. When the furniture was delivered (loveseat, recliner and sofa - all power, 2 end tables, coffee table and two lamps), one of the delivery guys was very rude. He walked in like he owned the place and not even a greeting. They damaged the loveseat, couch and recliner by scratching them going up the stairs and into the door. This also left unsightly damage to the door entrance. When I suggested that they do more to protect the furniture in the future, he had the nerve to as me "how". He's the delivery person and had to ask ME how. What a joke. I told him to wrap the furniture in the blankets they had in the truck. Then he asked me how would the blankets stay on. What a joke! I told him to use the rope (also in the truck) to tie it around the blanket. He shut up after that, but this only the beginning of my nightmare.

All the tables have swirl marks, smudges, outright scratches and a noticeable dent in one of the end tables. I was told the swirl marks are "normal". It's obvious they were used. I called Ashley about repair or replacement. They have missed multiple appointments (both telephone call-backs and visits) and not even called to reschedule. I had to consistently call them after they missed the appt. The manager was a nice guy, but VERY forgetful. They came out to look at it (after they missed an appt that I had to call them about), then came out to try some swirl remover (again, after another missed appointment that I had to call them about). The swirl remover did not remove the swirls. Then they said they would order new table tops and have them delivered to my residence. Two weeks passed, nothing. I call them to ask about the delivery, they said they would check and call me right back. Two days passed, nothing. I called them, yet again, and was told that the separate table tops were not an option. So tell me why didn't they call me when the found this out??? Makes it so bad is that the manager told me (on his previous visit) that he had already ordered one of the table tops. Only a couple weeks ago did the manager get a hold of 1 tabletop and replace the one that was dented. His doing that was the only thing that kept this being a 1 star review. He also said he would escalate the other table issues to his boss. Since then I've tried speaking to the main manager, but he always has left early. I give up.

I don't know about other Ashley stores, but communication with the customer is non existent with this warehouse in Newark DE. They answer the phone, but not much after that. Either way. Absolutely the worse customer relations I've ever experienced. All I can do at this point is sell this stuff at a loss, buy GOOD tables and send complaint letters.

If you live in Delaware, I strongly recommend that you don't buy from Ashley furniture! Save yourself some money and a headache. If you must, then don't let the delivery guys rush you to sign for the delivery like the did to me. Inspect the furniture thoroughly because coming from Ashley (and from reading other reviews), it's automatically suspect. If you notice damage, don't sign! Make them take it back immediately.


Wheeling, Illinois
01-07-2014, 06:54 PM
We just purchased a leather sofa sectional from Ashley Furniture and cannot tell you how disappointed we are.First they delivered the wrong sectional pieces, then said we had to wait a month to get the right pieces (I even drew a floor plan so the sales man could see where the pieces would go) and now, we are dealing with this smell that is causing nausea and headaches.

I have no idea what the smell is, or why it is so strong, but I feel like it is something they put on the couch to perserve it. I have never, ever experienced a smell this strong with any couches I have purchased in the past -- nor have any of my family members.

We spent nearly 3,000 on the sectional and now can't enjoy it without feeling miserable.I wish wish wish I never went to Ashely!

Anonymous 21
01-07-2014, 06:57 PM
Mattress is the most uncomfortable mattress we have ever slept on and we have had a few being married 51 years. The ridge in the middle of the mattress is annoying and I cannot push it out each morning to make the mattress flat at it should be.

Is there anything we can do to correct this problem? A refund or replacement would be much appreciated.

We have checked with the store and they said nothing could be done because it has be over thirty days. We agree but we thought our bodies could adjust to this mattress but to no available.

Sydney, Nova Scotia
02-11-2014, 03:46 PM
My sofa is only 2 years old is cracking like crazy.We have no children at home & no pets.

I use the sofa & the loveseat while my husband usually sits in his lazy boy chair. They told me if I used anything like a condition on it the set would turn white & when I spoke to the sales person he said you could & should have used leather condition on it so how is telling the truth.

I am not a happy person.I could understand this if it were misused but with 2 elderly people in the house it isn't.

Jonesboro, Arkansas
03-10-2014, 05:50 PM
My wife wanted this beautiful Couch and Loveseat combo, a very pretty set .But after a short time found that the cushions were terrible ( stayed flat ) after sitting or laying on them .

We contacted the Ashley company and they replaced them with the same poor quality cushions that we already had . I spent money and had the quilt batting off the foam cushion and adding more to the foam on two of the cushions [ Helped some ] . Ashley cut corners on the quality of the cushions and that's what the main problem is . Beware: Do not Buy Ashley furniture -- It's junk!

We have learned an important lesson: It's terrible they have to make something that is so pretty and is worthless.

Just causes them to lose customers .

03-24-2014, 12:09 PM
I needed to purchase a mattress for my daughter from the springdale, ar store after purchasing 4 dinning room chairs. I called several times to the sales associate jose that had helped me before and he never called me back. No one ever called me back.

Also, i have received by mail 2 different times to purchase merchandise as a vip on certain dates and times. Well the coupon arrives in the mail 1 week after coupon is valid.

I feel this is not good customer service and i will never buy from ashley's furniture again and i will recommend no one else do it either. This just not acceptable and i understand why there are so many complaints on this company.

And by the way, the chairs i bought are so flemsy and not of good quality. I sure hope this complaint makes it to the owner.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
04-24-2014, 12:22 PM
My wife and I bought a leather sectional from Ashley Furniture in Fort Wayne Indiana less than three years ago.It was supposedly one of their nicer leather sectionals.

We purchased the extended warranty. The leather has began to crack, peel and deteriorate. We contacted Ashley Furniture and they say this issue is not covered by the warranty. Considering how much we spent on this sectional it should last longer than 2.5 years.

We aren't even tough on our furniture.

It's just my wife and I.We will never purchase furniture from them again and I encourage everyone to think twice before buying anything from them.

Beaufort, South Carolina
06-05-2014, 01:40 PM

First of all, I never write reviews, but I am so disappointed with Ashley Furniture I am taking the time to write one.Salesperson pressured to buy, didn't leave us alone to look at furniture would pop up every minute.

Ended up buying furniture that is not good quality, Target is better. Furniture has a strong smell and the inside of drawers from the chest bleed off paint. So, I called to make a return telling me that it is ALL FINAL SALE no returns, refunds, exchanges and if I had cancelled my order before delivery would be charged a 20% restocking fee. So, if anything goes wrong with what you buy at Ashley Furniture, you are pretty much stuck with it.

I guess that is why the return policy is so strict because it is cheap quality.Therefore, I will never buy at Ashley Furniture again!

Beaufort, South Carolina
06-05-2014, 01:43 PM
I'm having an issue with off gassing from my Burkesville "Hamlyn" dresser and night stand? (Made overseas!!) Has anyone else had this problem? The furniture has been in my home for well over a year. When the furniture was originally delivered, I could smell something strange!!! It was almost like an extremely dirty, musty sour smell.. I did open the windows and let it air out for a week or so and the smell was less noticeable. The furniture is for my extra bedroom.. I do not sleep in this room and keep the door closed most of the time. I do have a sewing machine in the room that I sometimes use. Every time I would sew my eyes would burn and water.. Just thought it was tired eyes!!!

Then my husband fell, he fractured his back and required surgery.. As my husband healed, I stayed with my daughter for 2 months to be closer to the hospital. I would only return home to pick up mail and so on. The house stayed locked up during this time. After being released we took my husband home and my daughter came to stay for his recovery. She began sleeping in the spare room and right away had severe headaches!! On the first night she complained about the strange smell, so we completely cleaned and aired out room. We used lemon oil on the furniture and placed boxes of baking soda around the room.... Nothing helped!!!! She kept the windows open, but still had headaches, dry eyes, dry mouth and trouble breathing!!! Needless to say she moved to the couch and we closed the door. We began calling Ashley furniture and still don't have a solution... Because I've had the furniture for over a year the warranty is gone! I do understand the store policy, but I was only hoping to exchange for something useful. I can't afford to throw this furniture out nor would I sell to someone else.. I have a conscious and could not stand the fact that I exposed someone to this toxic mess! We've called and spoke to the manager over and over.. He is a great guy and has been extremely nice to us...BUT nothing has been done!!!

I can't believe out of all the pieces of furniture sold this was the only set with toxic off gassing fumes!!! This extra room is now useless for my family and friends... I think there should be a law against distribution of furniture containing toxic material. Where is the EPA when you need them???

Please, please share if you've had any of the same problems. Thanks

Phoenix, Arizona
07-07-2014, 12:08 PM
I purchased the mattress on a Saturday, delivered Wednesday and looked like their was a body inside of it.This is an expensive Simmons Holly Glen Mattress.

Ashley delivered a new mattress on Friday, it had the same problem and the delivery people would not return it. On Sunday, no resolution. I have a $2600 unusable mattress in my bedroom. After several calls to the store, no return call from manager.

Look at the pictures, do not buy anything from Ashley.

The lack of follow up by the store and customer service is reflection on the entire company.Do not buy from Ashley!


Falls Church, Virginia
07-15-2014, 01:08 PM
We moved to VA and I bought $5000 of living room furniture from Ashley furniture store in Alexandria.The center table had a really long wait time so I got all the other furniture delivered and agreed to pick up the center table.

Once it is available I went to pick it up and the STORE MANAGER had to find the item as delivery staff was not available. We were at the back of the store and once he found the box and brought it near the ramp and helped my father and brother to load it to the minivan. The ramp was 4ft tall and a lady who was standing there gave me two papers to sign. I signed the papers and took the box and went home.

When we went home I opened the box inside the car to take the pieces inside to find that the table frame was cracked and broken. So I called the store immediately to inform that and they asked me to call the head office. When I called the head office they told me that I signed a paper stating that I inspected furniture to ensure it is not broken. The store manager who delivered the box to me didn’t say anything about inspecting the item and I thought I singed the papers to accept the goods.

Well, they said they are not going to do anything because it is my fault that I didn’t read the papers I signed.
I also bought the protection plan for the furniture so I thought it could help me to fix it, to find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is covered in the protection plan. There is a fine print for all sorts of exclusions for types of damage in the protection plan.

Bottom line is I have a broken center table that I paid $400.

Sterling, VA
07-19-2014, 01:41 PM
Sterling, VA store manager Jeremy gave us a damaged coffee table and passed it off as new after we bought new, waited and was told it was delivered to the store but mysteriously disappeared, then was miraculously found only moments later in a shabby, bs box used to hide the damage it had when we picked it up.

Two months prior we bought top end reclining furniture from them with springs which after 2 short yrs, has sagged and really hurts our backs to sit on now. The worst junk and mistake we ever mad in furniture purchasing.

Please people, spend a little more and buy La Z Boy or better quality.

Elkton, Maryland
08-10-2014, 12:28 PM
Purchased living room set for home under construction was told they would hold it as long as we wanted and deliver when building us ready .They have tried to deliver three times now and now want to charge a delivery charge.

We can cancel with a 40% restocking fee which is laughable as the items aren't bring restocked they never left there custody?they sent me to five different numbers to cancel and each passed me to another number. No one will accept my cancelation so I will ask my bank to charge thus back. Of course Ashley said I can't cancel as all sales are final. One said can't accept cancelations.

Personally I believe there is a fraud scheme in play and can not understand why the Feds and or State attorney's are not looking into this open fraud definitely should be some kind of class action suit?STAY AWAY FROM THESE STORES AND COMPANY REALLY BAD NEWS ESPECIALLY ELKTON, MD AND DELAWARE

Gurnee, Illinois
08-16-2014, 10:03 AM
My husband and I ordered 3 full bedroom sets and two full living room sets.Upon delivery one of the delivery/set up guys damaged one of our end tables.

I sat there and watched him do it and then continue to try and hid it. just as they were about to leave and have me sign for the delivery and set up slip. I insisted on checking every piece of furniture with the main guy there. and showed them the damaged piece.

Was told that they would just have a new top for our end tabled shipped to our house and he explained to me how to remove the legs and put them on the new top and even stated we would the have an extra top if something were to happen to the other table. after a month and no new top I called the location in Gurnee, IL location and spoke to the manager and was told the same thing they would order and ship a new top. I proceeded to wait another couple of weeks and called again and was told that the original manager I spoke to was no longer there and that the new manager would look in to it. All they said they could do was to exchange the entire table.

which we are using but have been able to hide the damage for now. I told them I want was I was promised from the beginning from both the delivery crew and the manager. I also have found out that the receipt that I signed they have added additional notes to after the fact and are now trying to say all along it was supposed to be exchanged.

I contacted corporate because I was told that the furniture123 location was corporately owned and now corporate is saying I have to work it out with the store that they have no say.I will never buy Ashley Furniture from any store ever again and I am telling all of my friends that recently have bought a house to stay far far away and to not be fooled buy the deals and nice smiles in the store because they will stick it to you some how.

Palm Desert, California
08-20-2014, 03:17 PM
Went in Ashly furniture store one Sunday just to look, so saw a nice couch and salesman said they had I house "financing" no "credit check", never once explaining how this work, so one of the rep came over and made it sound so simple and you can pay it off within so many months, well let say that's when the nightmare begin, lie lies and more lies, my payment was 136.00 paid them each month on time til one month was out of town and called us like crazy, I said o no this is crazy so I decided to go Into the store to find out if I can pay them off and got the shock of my life, run this plan is a nightmare, don't do it, there gonna take you all the way to what you where quote when you suppose to have purchase price, this is a hampster wheel, I had the worse experience with these people, and almost did it again, when I sat down and realized what it was I said ooooo no, this mess is crazy, if you can't get real credit, do not go for this, you will be paying double for what you purchase and their awful!!!I contact better business on RAC , unfair practice !!!

Do not get pulled into this scheme!!!!!!!! Run....

End up giving them back that bad furniture, the couch start sagging something terrible, took them over months to come and get it....Do not deal with this kind of so call in house financing, it's not worth it!

Daytona Beach, Florida
09-08-2014, 01:43 PM
Purchased Dura Blend dual reclining couch and love seat approx. three years ago from Haynes Brothers furniture , Daytona beach, Fl. .Stickers on furniture shows it was manufactured by Ashley furniture.

The blended leather is peeling off from the cloth backing in large areas on both pieces of furniture.

Even though I did not purchase warranty with furniture (didn't think I needed it with Ashley's reputation) I feel that your company should offer some compensation for furniture that absolutely did not have the ability to withstand normal use by a retired couple without showing major defects.

I am extremely disappointed in the basic quality of this furniture..........it is certainly not quality furniture.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
09-15-2014, 11:30 AM
I purchased an Ashley dura blend reclining couch a little over a year ago .It was in an office and is not used daily so there was little wear and tear on it.

The faux leather covering is peeling off and is showing the white underneath. It looks horrible and he warranty is only for a year. We bought kitchen chairs and table from Ashley too. The kitchen chairs have the legs falling apart and the leather tore at the seams.

As soon as the warranty runs out, the furniture falls apart.

The quality of Ashley furniture is not good.

Stay away from this junk!

Calgary, Alberta
09-21-2014, 11:40 AM
We went to Ashley Furniture in Heritage, Calgary, AB to buy a full bed set for our 4 years old boy.We bought bed, mattress set (including box spring) and because of the insistent recommendation of the salesman, a cover for the mattress as "kids will have accidents and they will spill things" which sounded reasonable.

Some weeks later, their warehouse called to advise our order was ready for pick up. We go there and they quickly let us know they don't have the cover mattress. But that's ok, we will pick it up from the store then or ultimately get it some place else. So we go to the store, ask for the cover and they say they don't have it and they would be happy to call us when it becomes available.

I said to the cashier, well, I really don't wish to wait for that undefined period of time, so lets just cancel the cover that I really can get anywhere else, is just a piece of bedding. She quickly replied that then the warranty of the mattress will be fully void, to which we said Ahhhh?! So I said, hummm, we don't want that do we, so let's go ahead and cancel the order for the mattress all together as I can not have a fully new, just picked piece of furniture with no warranty because of the lack of a cover that Ashley Furniture sells but don't deliver. And then she says (Oh yes, she had a memorized response for EVERYTHING): Oh, I highly doubt my manager will allow the return of a mattress.

I ask for the manager, who basically comes to repeat to the beat everything the lady just said. And I say, the mattress has just been picked up, is in my car in its original packaging, YOU don't have the cover that I now find out makes a vital part of the warranty(vital as in, buy it or the warranty is VOID) and is not just a suggestion to keep it stain free). So now he says, we will take the mattress back with a 25% re-stocking fee (which he quickly points out is part of the terms and conditions on that invoice we signed), you are responsible to take it back to the warehouse, and then come back for your partial refund. AND by the way, is not that the warranty is fully void, is just that you lose the warranty against stains, and the warranty for the mattress is just 1 year and not 10 years.

Long story short:

I go to the mattress manufacturer: Sealy Canada website and found that there is no such thing as a warranty for stains. Stains of any type are actually not even part of the warranty. This store uses the deceiving speech of the "warranty" to sell you additional stuff or to keep you from cancelling an order based on a warranty that doesn't even exists.

That has a name and is Unfair Trade Practices, SCAM and Fraud.Shame on you.

Mobile, Alabama
09-21-2014, 11:52 AM
I actually purchased my durablend sofa manufacturer by Ashley from J and J with a warranty.

The sofa's start to peel.

I called the warranty department and was told that the warranty didn't cover peeling.

I wish the sales person would have been Honest regarding the merchandise and warranty.


09-24-2014, 01:21 PM
I ordered 1600 dollars of furniture from Ashley Furniture including a $250 coffee table.

Upon delivery I saw that it had a dent but was told it had to be fixed and I was not given an option to have it replaced.

It took a month for the repair tech to come and attempt to fix the damage which looked awful. I then had several calls back and forth with the repair department and had to send pictures to them only for them to say no they would not replace the table they will send the tech out again. Fast forward another couple of weeks and the tech comes again, tries to fix it, no dice. So after more frustrating back and forth including speaking with the supervisor in the repair department who had a terrible attitude and told me that there was no one higher up I could talk to except write a letter to the board.

They told me this time that they would come pick up the table - I even had emails saying they would pick up my table and deliver another one. When I called to schedule the pickup of the table and I asked about delivery of a new one, they said Oh actually that's wrong we are bringing it to our warehouse to fix it and then will return it to you. If they had any decent customer service they would have said okay that's our bad we made a mistake we will replace it like we communicated to you, but no. So now it's been 3 months since the table was originally delivered and I've been without a coffee table for 2 weeks.

When I asked what would happen if they bring it back to me and the repair is still not satisfactory they said it will get sent back to the warehouse again for repair. Really at this point they have spent more money on their end and wasted more of my time than the table is worth but I refuse to give up.

The store I bought from tried to help but they have zero power to do anything.

It has been the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Bellevue, Washington
09-28-2014, 10:09 AM
We bought 2 bed sets for our children when the delivery crew had set them up I discovered both head boards were banged up and cracked as well as one of the foot boards plus one of the dressers had paint that was let dripped on and dried and had a bumpy, sloppy finish!Also one of the night stands had bare nails in the inside that when you opened it you would scratch yourself.

To make things short a repair man was sent to repair or see if needed be replaced. The repairman only painted over the pieces leaving bumpy corners and messier finish!! I told him I was not at all happy with his work, he answered that it was repaird to the company's expectation!! I called customer service and told them I wanted the furniture pieces replaced since I had purchased new furniture and that is what I expected what I paid for!

They said they were sending another repair one for 2nd opinion, to my surprise "They" sent the same guy from the first time like he was going to disagree with his work!!!This is the 4th purchase we made at "Ashley's and last"!!


Augusta, Ga
09-29-2014, 12:23 PM
I bought furniture from ashleys in augusta ga. Furniture is awful. The store is staffed with people from I don't know where it is certainly not a reputable store.

They sell junk,it falls apart.That is one side of ashleys I'm sure you've read a lot here When you initially open an account with them,you make your purchase one time charge. Evidentially they can add charges to your account a year later.

This is furniture you haven't purchased nor authorized them to add to your account. They charged me for a sofa and love seat,I did not order nor authorize them to use my account. If you make the mistake of purchasing from ashleys,for your credit protection close your account after your initial purchase to keep them adding purchases to your account .

They will do this which I call fraudulent and so I hope you will do this so you don't let this happen to you.. Beware of them and their business practices.

And tell everyone you can to just read their bad reviews and please shop somewhere else. Run from Ashleys BAD BUSINESS............

Kingsport, Tn
09-30-2014, 02:01 PM
Bought couch and 2 leather recliners about 2 years ago. And a bedroom Suite About Year ago.

The couch is falling apart and one recliner is peeling horribly. Was lied to by employee who I bought it from. They said covered everything and if can't be fixed they will replace. This is not true.

Was told this at 2 different city locations As I Had Bought THE One FURNITURE IN KINGSPORT TN STORE AND THE OTHER AT JOHNSON CITY TN STORE..

They have chappy furniture and dishonest employees. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM .


Palmdale, Ca
10-01-2014, 01:04 PM
Bought a twin mattress from the Palmdale, Ca. Ashley Furniture. Had it delivered and was told by sales rep that they would pick up my old mattress.

Drivers got here, delivered new mattress but would not take old full size mattress because of lightly soiled and stained.

Okay. I get that and understand that.

My problem is, why didn't the sales rep tell me that they would not take the mattress if it had some light stains on it. What old mattress doesn't have stains on it I ask you??

And why are the sales reps not trained by store managers to have their sales reps tell the customers this before the purchase is made.

I could of picked up the new twin mattress myself in my truck and called Waste Management to pick up my old full size mattress instead of paying the delivery fee of $49.99. I thought the fee of $49.99 included to have them take the old mattress as well. But I guess not. Apparently it's a free service they provide. BS!

Called the local Ashley Furniture phone number and told the store manager what had happen.
All he wanted to do is offer some lousy gift certificate. Forget it! I don't want your lousy gift certificate.

Now I have to wait a week, leaving the old mattress in my driveway till trash day until Waste Management is able to pick up my old mattress.

(Funny - they don"t have a problem with it )
I will never shop at Ashley Furniture again.
The problem I had sounds small.

But it was a pain in the butt. Wasting my time, money and the aggravation with this company.
Even wasting time having to write this complaint. But I hope it serves a purpose in letting everyone else know about it.

Don't have a 5 year old or more lightly soiled or stained mattress, they won't take it. Call your local Waste Management.

BLAH on Ashley Furniture.

Walnut Creek, Ca
10-02-2014, 01:57 PM
Don't waste your money on Ashley "leather" furniture.My Brown leather sofa and loveseat started turning orange a few months after purchasing.

The "solution" was to have a tech "color" it which lasted less than 6 months. My set is now orange and looks horrible. I was told by Ashley that it was a problem for the furniture store not them. So I still have my ugly, embarrassing, orange, Ashley leather furniture.

And I go out of my way to tell everyone the whole story.DO NOT BUY ASHLEY....premium price ...inferior service and quality.

Fountain Valley, Ca
10-08-2014, 11:47 AM
1. I purchased new bedroom furniture July 26, 2014 from Ashley Furniture in Fountain Valley California. I spent over $4,500 and was very excited about this furniture based on its appearance and other furniture I purchased from Ashley over the years. I told them I did not need the furniture until early Oct and set up a tenttative delivery date on Oct 4th 2014.

2. I called ahead and rescheduled delivery for Thursday October 2nd. I then rescreceived a damaged media center and one night stand was supposedly on back-order. The bed was also damaged and rejected. I called the store and they re-ordered the damaged/missing items.

3. On Saturday Oct 3rd I received a call stating the rest of my furniture would be delivered on Oct 4th. Again, it was not. I was told during the delivery that the media center was on back-order. They brought me a broken nightstand and there was a problem putting the bed together.

4. 10/7/14 (delivery #3) I waited all day for the delivery of my media center and night stand. The night before they confirned both pieces would be delivered. I waited from 3-7 pm. I received a call at 4:30 and was informed by the driver that the nightstand was NOT on the truck. I told them to take it back and shove their furniture up their ***. I am beyond frustration. This is completely unacceptable and causing me to lose time at work and extreme anxiety.

I will never shop at Ashley Furniture again. Do not shop here. The delivery service is horrible and the goods appear to be damaged in the warehouse and not even inspected before they deliver to the customer. Also come to find out, the furniture is made in Vietnam. I guess you don't get what you pay for. I thought $4500 might get me some good furniture but apparently not. I would love to just return all of this and get my money back.

Lawrenceville, Georgia
10-16-2014, 11:22 AM
I have purchase a durablend leather sectional. From the time i purchase the sectional it had nothing but problems from small holes to now peeling on back cushions.

I had the sectional for not more then three years. The extra warranty is money thrown out the window , because they said i made the small holes but i keep saying that it from being in your warehouse too long probably dust mites.

Your repair representative is not for tbe customer but for Ashley company of poor workmanship of integrity of owning that this sectional have damage from the beginning.

I will not recommend your store to anyone.

10-23-2014, 01:32 AM
Ashley Furniture is on the lower spectrum as far as quality, so you do get what you pay for... However, their Millennium collections are pretty good.

Draper, Utah
10-24-2014, 11:41 AM
Terrible customer service, they cancelled our home delivery last week without our knowledge, and scheduled it for today. The delivery today was missing half of the furniture we bought, when we contacted the customer service department we were instructed by SHELBY that we were definitely getting a further delivery between 1-4pm, when that didn't happen and I called again - Shelby denied she had confirmed the delivery, was very curt and abrupt and basically made me feel like I was making her life extremely difficult.

She had no answers to why I had missed 2 days of work for deliveries that didn't arrive, she was unwilling to help look into our problem, her only response was that the trucks were already out for the day so no additional deliveries could be made - which I could understand IF she hadn't assured me that we were getting a delivery later in the day!

Draper UT Store - you really suck in the customer care department!!!! Your store people are great, very friendly and helpful but I guess as soon as you get our thousands of dollars you really don't give a hoot about us!

Bellevue, Wa
10-31-2014, 12:18 PM
Oscar sales rep. Lied to me saying that furniture that I bought in full cash was available same day then lied to me saying that furniture was available on 10/25/14 got to ashey furniture was not available then said you should off contact when you have any problem try ed to him about this problem but instead brings his supervisor supervisor said all furniture is not available till 10/31/14 oscar said to supervisor no it was available for 25 supervisor corrected him saying all furniture was available 31 then Oscar told me no I never said furniture was available before 31...request my money back didn't trust after to many lies supervisor said didn't carry cash how could be true when I payed in full with cash then supervisor lied to me again saying that I sing that agree that could get refund by check within 7-21 days request paperwork with my signature she only gave receipt then said that couldn't gave me paperwork that according to them i sing now she speaks to her boss to asked if I could have paperwork that she had said didn't have when I request to speak when showed her no signture agreen to get payed by check within 21 days wanted my money back she force me to sign if wanted my money back don't trust this company to many lies if they lied about so many things I'm sure they lie about there mattresses and there furniture won't ever buy from them again......

Dallas, Texas
10-31-2014, 12:21 PM
I needed to purchase a new couch.

When I walked into Ashley furniture I was greeted by a sales associate.

He allowed my to walk around the store and take my time without feeling pressured to make a purchase. When I decided on a couch my sales associate let me know that the couch was temporarily out of stock but he would call me in three weeks when it was ready for delivery.

Much to my surprise, two weeks later my sales associate called to inform me my couch was ready for delivery and allowed me to pick the day that worked best for me. The delivery was scheduled to arrive in a four hour window.

In the exact middle of the delivery window, the delivery men came and careful set up my couch exactly where I wanted it placed.

Everything about my experience with Ashley furniture was great.

Cordova, TN
11-02-2014, 11:38 AM
I am VERY pissed off right now!My payment was late because when I set up my account I was told I could not have my due date set up on the 15th and that I could only get the 1st of the month.

So when I tried to make my payment the hateful, smart add manager of the RAY inside Ashley Furniture in Cordova, TN (her name was Crystal) told me I HAD to pay for a month and a half, which was 397.67, even though my payment was supposed to be 271.16.

I DID NOT authorize the larger payment but she charged my card anyway!

Toms River, New Jersey
11-03-2014, 02:01 PM
This has been the biggest mistake of my life.I had damaged used merchandise delivered to me in 7-2014.

And I continue to try and deal w this correctly. I have tried to contact Barry the owner which refuses to call me back. I have spoken numerous times to mgr mark, mgr Marcus , Brittany and Danielle at the Edgewood (Home office ) and yet I still can't get this damaged used merchandise replaced or remove from my home. I wouldn't recommend this place to a baboon.

Very unprofessional upper mgmt. Lack of follow up or communication.

I highly recommend everyone go some where else. This is disgraceful.


Florence, Kentucky
11-04-2014, 01:35 PM
I had a defective sealy mattress , which they agreed was defective , so they come out with another one , but the guy looks at the matress and goes back to his truck , I am waiting for ten minutes , then the guy hands me the phone and says there is a small stain on your old matress , and we cant take it , I said I don't see a stain , so he got a flashlight to show , one little stain , so I said get a plastic liner and we can put it in that , they don't carry them on the truck , so here I am with a defective and they leave , I could not believe it , never I will never buy anything at Ashleys again , total rippoffs..

Rancho Cucamonga, California
11-04-2014, 01:37 PM
My couch broke in two places I call distribution center to tell them what happen I told them I didn't want this couch I wanted another couch but they insisted on ordering me another one they said to inspect the new one I inspect it I sent it back they were suppose to call me that day and they never called I called the store I bought it from no manager there so I had to wait till Monday .Monday they called me and told me they can fix my couch by tearing the bottom up and putting extra wood underneath it to give it more strength I was so upset I told them no I was not doing that finally after three weeks of this they told me I could exchange the sofa only that's why they didn't want to let me have a new couch because they don't want to replace my whole living room suit I just so frustrated by this point so now I'm not going to have a matching set so when I got to the store it me a little while to pick a couch out but I did no manager there again I guess they only work three days a weektje girl told me I was going to have to pay the difference I was so upset I spent 2800 dollars so I ended up not being able to get what I really wanted I just think its ridiculous to nick pick a customers to death the only good thinga bout this whole situation is that the manager was nice I didn't have to pay the difference on the couch but it wasn't the one I really wanted it was my second choice and she also let me have the comforter that I wanted

Old Bridge Township, NJ
11-13-2014, 02:14 PM
I have had my durablend leather couch for 3 1/2 years and it is falling apart like wet paper.in the same spots both on the love seat and the couch.

Repairs are not covered under the warranty and was advised by the salesman that this couch if taking care of would last a very long time. I have taking care of the couch and love seat.

BS on the warranty and the extended care plan (which if my dog scratched it they would repair it) very poor workmanship.

Will not buy anything from Ashley furniture again.Very very disappointed in them.

Jonesboro, AR
11-16-2014, 11:11 AM
We went to the Jonesboro location to purchase a new sectional couch.We have purchased thousands of dollars with Ashley in another state with no problems.

The salesperson was very nice and we purchased a $2500 couch. Our only request was no deliveries on the weekend as we travel every weekend for our business. We made our purchase on a Tuesday and they promised to deliver the following Tuesday. We gave away all of our old furniture.

I took off work but they never showed up on Tuesday. We called and they said they do not deliver to our town on Tuesday. The sales person stated this happens all the time we have nothing to do with deliveries. They moved it to another Tuesday then to Thanksgiving weekend then another Saturday.

We cancelled being out of town on that Saturday to be home it cost our business about $3000. I hope they show up !!!!! I have never written a complaint before but the salesperson should have told us about their delivery issues, but all they wanted was the sale. If you buy from them ask a lot of questions about delivery make sure they even come to your city on that day.

We are refurnishing our whole house but I assure you I will not buy from Ashely furniture again. Later we found out they have done a lot of people this way including our daughter who had the same experience with a bed.

It took her a month to get her furniture.

Richmond, Virginia
12-17-2014, 02:56 PM
The customer service at the store is great when purchasing my items but when it comes to delivery.it's horrible.

I ordered a mattress, couch and love seat that was supposed to be delivered within 3-4 weeks. at the third week mark i call just to get an update and i'm told that they are waiting for my love seat to come in and that it wouldn't be there until the week of Dec 18 which would put my order 5 weeks out at that point. so i ask if my mattress could be delivered sooner because i was sleeping on an air mattress which was killing my back.

The customer service rep set up for delivery to be that following Wed which would have been Nov 10.

The morning before they called to let me know what time the delivery would be there. then that afternoon they called to tell me that my mattress was damaged while loading it in the truck and that they couldn't deliver it. so i had to wait for them to order a new one and then send that down and that someone from the store would call me later that day to give me the new date and time. did i get a call, no.

At this point i'm pissed. not only did i not get a courtesy call to let me know it would be longer than 4 weeks but when i called later that afternoon on Nov 9 to find out when it would be delivered i kept getting the run around.

When i asked to speak to a manager the young lady told me a manager wouldn't be in until that thursday. when i told her that was unacceptable she told me she would look into my order and call me back.

Did she? no. so i go to the store and low and behold, a manager is working. now i'm extremely mad because she lied to me.

The manager looked my info up and told me that my mattress would not be shipped to the store until Dec. 15. it is Now Dec 16, i called to check on my status and my delivery will not make it to the store until this weekend and they won't be able to deliver my stuff until Dec. 24.

I have a brand new house that i've not been able to live in because i don't have a bed to sleep in because of the *** i've had to deal with from the delivery department.at this point by the time i get my stuff it will be a month that i've not been able to live in my home AND it will be 6 weeks total that i've been waiting on my stuff.

Tallahassee, Florida
12-19-2014, 11:11 AM
This company has the rudest customer service department I have ever interacted with.

I deal with hundreds of vendors online and have never encountered a company so rude and not helpful.

I had to threaten further action before even receiving any kind if response from them and then from that point on it was bad.

I did not receive a product myself because I cancelled my order but do have a friend who purchased from them and the quality is also terrible.

Do not used them !!!

Jacksonville, Florida
12-19-2014, 03:08 PM
Purchased reclining sofa and recliner on October 22, 2014.

Began noticing popping noise immediately on sofa armrest each time I would get up..noise got louder so I called them in early December.

They said if I wanted it fixed I needed to return it to warehouse..ridiculous ... Will not buy anything from them ever again!!!

Worse customer service ever!! While purchasing furniture they were so helpful and promised such terrific customer service.

Do yourself a favor and do not make a purchase from this company as you will probably regret it.

I wish I had looked at customer review before making this purchase.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
12-31-2014, 09:45 AM
My husband and I brought furniture from Ashleys about a two years ago.We were told by the sales man that if we invested in the 5 year warranty plan, it was guaranteed that our furniture would be cleaned or replaced in an event damage was to occur.

Ok fast forward two years later. My newborn baby had a couple of feeding accidents and I called the warranty. No problem...everything will be ok. Or so I thought.

A technician from the rug doctor came and took pics of my furniture. I inquired if he planned to even attempt to clean my furniture. He stated to me that he could not, but would submit the pics so that my furniture would be replaced. Two months went by without yet hearing from a customer service rep.

When I finally called, I was informed that my claim was closed due to an accumulation of stains, which in Ashleys term two stains is an accumulation. Had to wait forever to speak with a supervisor, which was a waste of my god given breath. I informed them that if I paid for a service, an ATTEMPT at least could have been made to clean my furniture. Every poor excuse I was given to why they could not help me, did not suffice.

Not only is the clause section for the warranty very vague, but I do not appreciate being lied to in order to beat me out of money for a poor warranty.

To make no attempts to satisfy a paying customer is absurd.The saying " A customer is always right" is apparently forge in to them and after reading so many poor reviews, I will definitely shop at American Signature Furniture the next time around!

Charlotte, North Carolina
12-31-2014, 02:08 PM
Ashley Home Furniture DOES NOT stand behind their products.I was sold a sofa and recliner that start crackling and peeling a year after I had purchased it.

I had also purchased a 5 yr protection plan, which is worthless, and only got the run around from BOTH companies! I have all paperwork and emails where I tried to get something done about this piece of junk I bought.

They always blame you for their poorly made products. I will NEVER buy furniture from them again!!!

Less than 5 years.....I'm stuck with a very embarrassing piece of furniture. Too bad AHF won't make things right and make happy customers.

The $200 refund to use in their store is NOT going to replace my furniture.I have shown pictures to many people and each one said that was ridiculous!!!

9665 9666 9667 9668

Louisville, Kentucky
01-01-2015, 10:22 AM
I highly advise anyone looking to purchase furniture to look beyond Ashley.It was only after I had purchased and was to have delivered (still waiting) a living room set that I discovered that the same issues I have been having with the store in louisville, ky are the same experiences others are having, no matter what store location.

After paying for the order and having delivery dates pushed back multiple times I was contacted to schedule and confirm delivery date and time. NO DELIVERY!!! Both the people in the store and delivery office confirm that it was scheduled but no one can tell me where my furniture is. I have company visiting for the holidays and had furniture that I had to get rid of once my delivery was scheduled so as of now I have an empty living room.

The people in the store hung up, and left me on hold for periods up to 17 minutes, multiple times which I waited because I have all transactions recorded and notes kept to document. But I will be paying them a visit to see what accommodations can be made. After speaking to Kevin Kelly, who identified himself as the store manager, and telling him that I was checking the status of my delivery, he once again confirmed it was scheduled. I informed him that I knew that but had also been told by the delivery people that even though they also know that my delivery was scheduled there is no furniture to deliver.

So he was to contact the corporate office and call me back. He did call but I missed his call but called back and was informed that he had placed a call to corporate but he had left for the day. This was yesterday. I will have to go to the store today to see what they have come up with.

But I have also been in contact with others and plan to make sure that their practices are public knowledge so this is to be continued.But again if you come across this post beware of buying from Ashley, because once they have your money they for some reason don't want to deliver the product and can't give any answer as to why they would call you to schedule delivery but don't have your order.

Montebello, California
01-01-2015, 02:45 PM
Very very disappointed with your delivery schedule, i have to cancel my order you guys get me 3 delivery dates 12-3 12-13 and 12-18-14 so far nothing never, ever get anything from your company.

Keokee, Virginia
01-04-2015, 11:51 AM
On November 11, 2014 my grandson went to Ashley Furniture Castle Creek and picked out a dining set and two bar stools.He was told 4-6 weeks.

On Dec. 9th I called the store to get an update and ask where my paperwork was. (I paid for the furniture). They didn't have a good answer, gave me the warehouse number.

I called them they told the table was in no chairs. I called on Dec.18th the lady said the table and chairs were in and she would schedule delivery for Dec. 20th. No delivery on Dec.

20th I called on the 21st and was told the dining set was in but they could not find where the delivery had been scheduled, would Jan 3rd or 5th do. I requested the 3rd, was told someone would be calling to confirm a time. On Jan 2nd no one had called, so I called back and was told yes the furniture would be delivered on Jan 3rd between 11:30 - 2:30.Again I asked now that is the table and 4 chairs, she assured me the set would be delivered. I checked with my grandson at 3:30 and nothing had been delivered.

I called again and was told they were in transit to the apt. Now I'm told the table was delivered but no chairs and the lady told them maybe in Feb..!!!

What a crock...they are liars, worst customer service I have ever dealt with.Have no idea when he will get the chairs or bar stools!!!!!

San Jose, California
01-05-2015, 01:55 PM
We have exact same problem with our set of sofas (Love seat and Sofa).We purchased them from Ashley furniture in Fremont, CA.

Just after 2 years we noticed Sofa was peeling. When we bought them we were told that they were made of 100% leather. One of our friends bought his leather sofas from Macy's. His sofas are 10 years old, they are still in great shape.

We bought 5 year warranty from MFS because we were spending $2200.0. We filed claim with MFS, they declined stating that is not covered under warranty.

They put this under normal wear and tear.

I've told many of friends and sent in our company group alias not to ever purchase Ashely furniture.They are just selling fake furniture.

North Liberty, Iowa
01-08-2015, 01:57 PM
We purchased furniture on 11/26/2014, we were told we would have the furniture in a couple weeks and promised by the store before Christmas.

We did not receive the furniture before Christmas, we received no follow up phone calls or status updates in regards to our purchase with Ashley Furniture.

We had to return to the store and ask for a refund because they could not give us any updates as to when we might receive the furniture. All we were told was any day it should arrive but that is all we know.

We are still waiting for our refund of $4,858.05 as of today 1/8/2015!

Concord, North Carolina
01-15-2015, 02:47 PM
We have owned two sofa from Ashley were told 100 percent leather after about 2 years first one it started peeling.

So we complain didn't do any good so the store we purchased it from gave us a $300.00 discount on another one and it has done same thing I will never ever buy anything that is ASHLEY furniture again so now we have spent over 3400.00 on there furniture that is no good.

And cant get them to do anything about it you can call and call and they give you the run around.

All they are doing is stealing hard working people money and running scams.

I will report them to the BBB 100 PERCENT LEATHER DOES NOT PEEL.



Louisville, KY
02-05-2015, 03:53 PM
I ordered a complete bedroom suite on the Friday after Thanksgiving.I was told I would probably have it before Christmas.

It did not come. They rescheduled for Jan 20. So the night before, we took all of our old bedroom furniture out of our bedroom, so the delivery men would have no problem bringing our new furniture in.

It did not come.
After numerous phone calls and being placed on hold for an average of about 45 minutes each time, I was assured my furniture would arrive on Feb 3rd.

Well yesterday I received 2 of the 7 pieces ordered. I immediately called the furniture delivery dept. They said the rest would arrive between 1:00 and 5:00 yesterday.

After staying at home all day waiting, guess what? It didn't come. Now they are telling me the first available delivery date is Feb. 17th.

This is the most ridiculous experience I have ever had.

I am so sick of dealing with these people I could scream!!!Never again!!!

Indianapolis, In
02-15-2015, 01:34 PM
Unhappy with Customer service. I was in the store nearly 30 minutes or more and not one associate approached me.

I finally was able to get an associates attention and asked him a question about a dining table. He seemed distracted and just pointed me to a section. He didn't say he would return or that he would be around for questioning.

15 seconds later he approached a couple asked their name and engaged in a conversation for a visit.I am in the market for a dining table and won't purchase a table or anything else from this store and maybe even the franchise.

Niagara Falls, New York
02-24-2015, 02:45 PM
About 4 years ago I purchased a bedroom set coming close to about $5000.The salesman at the time shoved the warranty down my throat for $369 and told me that if the warranty was not used I would get a full refund so it's really a no brainer and that's a quote.

I was there with my fiancé and my mother at the time both remember hearing the same exact words come out of the salesman's mouth. I finally paid off my furniture and called customer service to find out about the warranty reimbursement. The woman told me that my warranty was still good for another year and that I was mistaken about the full refund. She said that I would only receive $150 store credit and it was in the contract that I sign that day.

I told her that is not what the salesman told me, she just kept saying that I signed a contract. I found the contract that I signed four years ago and it does state that I will only receive $150 store credit. After 3 hours of picking out a bedroom set and a mattress the last thing I was going to do that day is read through pages of contract information. As I told a customer service rep, I don't believe that I should have to read a contract and that I should have confidence that my sales person would not lie to me.

After calling my mom to confirm that is what she also heard, she told me that within the next couple months she also went back to Ashley to buy a kitchen set for my grandmother with my aunt. the salesperson told my aunt and my mom the exact same thing about the warranty. That she would be fully reimbursed after the warranty was done if she did not use it. I am very disappointed that they would lie to us to get us to buy a warranty not once but twice to five different people.

The money honestly does not mean much to me, right now the problem is just principal. I'm thinking about calling a local news station to do a story on Ashley Furniture because I believe that customers are lied to again and again about delivery about payment and other things just so they can make a sale.

I will never purchase another thing from Ashley Furniture.

If anybody else has had the same problem with Ashley can you please post comments.

Thank you.

Amarillo, Texas
03-08-2015, 01:34 PM
We moved to Amarillo last Jan.And bought dining room furniture from Ashleys.

Furniture was delivered to us damaged. The furniture was the Ledelle. Chunk of wood from table and also spots all over table and chairs where the stain wouldn't stick. Tech sent out numerous times to try to color with stain stick.

Every call was dismissed. Finally in August of last year after continuing to call, we were permitted to choose less expensive furniture. It was delivered damaged. Tech took the tabletop and left the pedestal.

Also the hutch was not delivered due to being damaged. At this time we were told we could not have another tabletop. Finally got another damaged top 6 weeks later. 2nd china was brought and is still here.

When delivered they hit some of our existing furn. And damaged it. Doors wont close and glass will not hold inside. Another was ordered snd supposed to be delivered before Christmas.

It was damaged enroute to our home. Finally we filed dispute with finance company and Ashley's told them they would get us more furn. They sent tech and then ordered parts to repair our chairs. Had parts sent to our home and we were to call them when they arrived.

When parts arrived we were told they couldn't do anything.

Then the delivered the wrong tabletop and had to take back.No mention of the china hutch.

03-17-2015, 03:49 PM
We were given a delivery date which we had agreed to and signed the contract on.This delivery date was an entire MONTH out from the day we purchased the furniture!
When the delivery date came and went, our furniture was not delivered for another THREE WEEKS!!! We kept calling the store and at times no one would answer, other times we were placed on hold for so long with no one picking up our phone call.We finally gave up and went into the store again only to experience the WORST customer service of all times!We were told that there was nothing that they could do for us and that we would just have to wait!

Chicago, Illinois
04-03-2015, 12:25 PM
Bought my furniture on jan 25, 15.Told it would take 30 days for delivery.

I was fine with that, even though it seemed excessive. More than 30 days pass and nothing. Finally get a call n message asking to set up a delivery time. However when I call back, nobody answers!

I leave messages and nothing. Week or so goes by and I finally get a live person, only to be told my furniture is on back order!!? Then why call me!! This dance continues n now I'm at over two months and no furniture!

I call store directly! Get call center n told a manager will get back to me in 24-48 hours!!! Uh, if the store is open then why can't I talk with someone!! I'm being told not till end of April for my furniture!

3 months!! Not a good business plan!

I'm done!Going shopping else where for furniture and I'll tell all I meet what I went through and to never shop at Ashley furniture!

Clearwater, Florida
04-14-2015, 12:13 PM
Now that I'm on here I see this is a recurring issue for Ashley.

On 3/29 I ordered an "Ashley" mattress and motorized base for $3,000. They set the delivery date to 4/10 and on 4/8 confirmed that delivery would be 4/10 between 12:30 and 4:30. On 4/10 they call me to inform me that I need to confirm my delivery date for 4/14.

Now I gave my bed away this morning expecting the new one, I took today off of work and can't take any more the rest of the month but here's the kicker. When I called the store they told me they'd see if another customer ordered the same bed and they'd see if they could grab one. So basically, there's a very good chance that another "angry" customer yelled loud yesterday and got my mattress.

To make matters worse, they won't try and replace the order with another mattress that is in stock even if I had to pay more and they're offering me $100 gift certificates or waiving the delivery fee. That's simply insulting. Kudos to Ashley for perfecting the "Just In Time" inventory control system, crappy for us the consumers because one burp in their system and you become less important to them than a couple of days of interest they would have paid to have a couple mattresses on hand.

I've always bought locally through small stores and this time I am regretting not doing that big time. At least a small local store would give more than 4 hours notice that your goods aren't being delivered and would bend over backwards to make it right. The last time something like this happened locally they cut $500 off the order and gave me a free 10 year warranty and repair plan.

Buy local, Ashley is obviously too big to care.

Wilmington, Illinois
04-14-2015, 12:15 PM
Salesmen quoted a price on a mattress set also informed us he would throw in bed frame, free delivery, mattress cover & a set of gel pillows.We informed salesman we were comparison shopping & possibly we would be back.

Well we came back & this time he denied what he "threw in". He called us liars told us to leave the store. Another salesman chimed in & stated that he was aware of the offer minus the pillows because the initial salesman informed him. The Sales manager did nothing just stood their allowing HIS salesman to yell at us in front of other customers.

The initial salesman put on his jacket & hollered "I'm out of here", & walked out. We contacted Ashley Furniture customer service requesting to speak to the regional manager but never received a call except for a call from the sales manager. We asked him how he got our number & he said the store received an email from customer service & he was told to call us.

I can't believe the store manager didn't call or the District manager didn't call considering what just happened in their store so they passed the buck & told someone else to call.

Very disappointed with this store.

Patchogue, New York
05-21-2015, 01:27 PM
After purchasing several rooms of furniture, we finally got delivery.A drawer in an end table was broken.

We were assured another drawer would be shipped within a few weeks, unassembled, and we were to call when it arrived to a have someone come and put it together. Almost 3 months later we are still waiting. Ashley's "customer service department" should be an embarrassment to them. I have made in excess of 6 calls trying to follow up (never on hold less than twenty minutes), two emails (only which one was responded to) I requested a supervisor contact me to discuss the situation (never happened) and finally I called corporate and they wouldnt talk to me.

They referred me back to the same "customer service". It's amazing that this company stays in business. I have never seen anything like it.

My new furniture has a drawer that is being held together with duct tape.I would NEVER recommend this company under any circumstances, they should be ashamed of themselves and how they treat customers!!!!!

Franklin, Indiana
05-28-2015, 12:41 PM
It took 5 months to get our furniture.They shipped us the incorrect pillows THREE times.

It is now 6 months later and I am still waiting for a $271.00 refund. I would never shop this place ever again. I have even gone so far as to hand out flyers to people I know sharing my experience so they know never to patronize this store. We actually spoke with a lady who said she waited 9 months for her furniture to arrive.

Worst retail establish in the United States.The public needs to know to never shop this establishment.

Bessemer City, North Carolina
06-05-2015, 12:19 PM
I purchase a Ashley sectional model #4640316 I were told this was a Leather sectional !!Purchase@ Hilton furniture in Houston Tx.

Purchase in 2010, In 2012 after 2 year the sofa start peeling. I have try to get the STORE to make it right !! They tell me Ashley furniture WON'T REPLACE or Service the sectional. It just now 5 yr old , it Look so baD I now must replace it !!

This is poor customers Service. I pay $2000. Cash for this sectional. I need some justice on this problem that Ashley furniture have Cause for me !!

POOR Quality !!

The MFG warranty should be more than 1 yeaR on a fake *** Leather sectional ..

Poughkeepsie, NY
06-22-2015, 06:27 PM
10022Bad experience In Poughkeepsie, Ny Ashley HomeStore.This was our first and last time we will deal with Ashley Furniture ever.

We have told friends and family not to Shop at Ashley Furniture. Went in received financing and got to shopping. From the beginning I knew it didn't feel right. Customer service guy kept showing us the expensive items even though I explained to him we are new home owners and have a budget.

My plan was to go in and buy 2 living room sets, dining room, and bedroom set. Well we walked out with 1 living room set, small dining room set, and a bedroom set. A warranty that was discussed, but never asked if we wanted it after I walked out with overwhelming bill. I saw a bed protector and a warranty on my bill.

Wow really. We would of probably gotten the warranty but the fact to add it on our bill without saying "hey so would you be interesting in the warranty". As far as I remember I do not recall being as about Bed protector $130. Really Walmart would of been a lot less expensive.

Oh and we got talked into a rug and some very bleeping expensive lamps. There is more to this part but don't have time to discuss. Onto delivery which only bright side were the driver and helper. Very nice people, quick and thorough.

First piece of furniture taken off truck which was wrapped up nice was damaged. Sent that back. One of the end tables had a small chip which I was not bothered by just tiny. The footboard on our bedroom set had to be repaired on spot for a edge wear I guess I can call it.

Now after it was all done. We were missing another dresser and it was not on our bill. We recall when we were shown the set which was actually the only thing we liked that scammer sales rep showed us what included in display. I called they did investigation and found out that it was not included and also one of the night tables was an extra charge.

That again was shown as part of display. Now my wife spoke to he manager and she ended up buying the matching dresser and manager did what he could for us as far as Not paying for extra warranty which again we shouldn't have paid for extra dresser since we were told it was part of the display that all this was included. Manager did what he could but we are not happy at all about situation.

If I do receive a call from Ashley I do not want to speak to store because they are not going to take blame for anything. Beware do not buy from any Ashley's store especially Poughkeepsie, NY.

Anyone who wants to buy furniture do yourself a favor and go directly next door to bobs furniture or raymour across the street. I am currently shopping for a sectional for my finished basement and Ashley's will not be receiving this business or any of my business in future.

Orange Park, Florida
06-30-2015, 10:30 AM
Couch 2 years old leather.One of the cushions husband lay a piece of tape pick it up and leather peel off.

Leather should not do that. I had leather furniture that last me over 10 years. Got warranty Platinum 5 years warranty. They will not do anything about this.

Ashley send me the part to fix but I have to pay for it to be fix. What is my warranty for it. Ashley should pay for this or replace my couch. We should Boycott Ashley.

I will stand in from of their store and warn clients about their furniture and Warranty.Will show people my pictures don't buy at Ashley

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
07-01-2015, 02:05 PM
Purchased a sofa and love seat about 5 years ago and was offer an extended warranty(service plan) on the merchandise.Was alittle hesitant at first.

Bad experience at another furniture with a similar warranty. When I ,asked to be given a little information on what the plan covers , the sales associated proceeded to explained...wasn't really convinced until he ended the with if we dont use the warranty within 5years the sum of the the warranty will be refunded...."SOUNDED GREAT"....Until I call to find out how do I go about receiving my refund.

HA!!!!!, turns out the refund was in a form of a certificate and you had to spend four times as much ($99 -warranty)....in reality, im not sure who plans that way, to wait 5years for $99, just to go back to the store to spend $400.00. They refuse to refund the money and insist on the certificate.
The thing is, even though is been five years I, still remember the conversation...I have worked customer service for 8years, and I have heard it all, but one thing ive done, is to make sure that those customer who are in truth are taking care off.

Being mis-informed is one thing being mis- lead, that's something else.....next time you get offered any type of warranty make sure they fully explain it and put it in writting...PA....

07-02-2015, 10:04 AM
I purchased a couch and recliner almost 2 months ago and left excited about new furniture.We were given a delivery date only to have Ashley Furniture call the day of to tell me that the furniture was on back order.

The new delivery date would be another 3 weeks. My thoughts, no sweat, things happen. On the new delivery date they didn't even bother to call. My wife stayed home all day and once the time was close, she called to find out the furniture was still on back order.

After being given the run around, she was able to speak with the highest ranking customer service rep (I use this term loosley) and he offered us $130 in store credit and told us that the new delivery date "should be" July 11th, but fell short of guaranteeing. Customer service was rude and condescending and not once took any ownership of doing anything wrong. An "I'm sorry" goes a long way and I have yet to receive that. Additionally, they initially tried telling me they could not refund money back to my card that I put down as a deposit and would just apply anything to my existing credit.

Only one that benefits it them.

So now instead of being able to cancel my order over the phone, I have to actually go to the store to cancel the order.They were unwilling to fix the problem and unwilling to apply and adequate credit to my purchase.

Elizabeth, New Jersey
07-07-2015, 09:16 AM
I brought the sofa from Ashley furniture store 2 years ago which is very bad condition right now.I brought the warranty for $499 for 5 years so I called the customer service and they said this thing doesn't include in the warranty.

I went to the store from where I brought the sofa. The customer service representative was so rude and so much attitude. I spoke with supervisor and she said they will send the employee with material but the will charge $85 per hour to fix the sofa and it will take 5 to 6 hours to fix it. But why should I have to pay for that I have warrranty for sofa why should I pay.

And if I pay for that the cost will be more then the purchase price of the sofa which doesn't make any sense. Worse customer service ever.

Very poor quality of the furniture. Never ever wants to go back to store and advice everyone to not to buy the furniture from that store.

Saint-Hubert, Quebec
07-07-2015, 01:26 PM
I purchased a dining room set in early April.They committed to a delivery date of end of May.

While this seemed a long wait, it actually lined up with or schedule so we agreed. end of May... no dining room set. Called them up and they tell me it is delayed until mid June.

Mid June... no dining room set. Called them up and now its delayed until end of June. End of June...

no dining room set. Call them up and now its delayed until end of July... see a pattern?

and notice that they never call to provide any update, I have to call them for info...and they won't let me cancel without applying and unusually large administration fee.

Katy, Texas
07-09-2015, 10:15 AM
Delivery is not what was quoted, over a month out.

5 different deliveries for 1 order, no compensation for missed work.

Days keep changing, they only deliver on specific days so even if it's available I have to wait. They can not tell me where the rug is, it's being shipped from a third party. Now I can not cancel, they say only after 48 hours, so I have to wait 6 weeks for furniture. You would think after spending over $5,000 there would be some sort of rush to get me my furniture so they can actually have my money.

I will never purchase from Ashley again.

The check out lady was incredibly rude, inconsiderate and completely disrespectful.Sales lady made up things just to get the sale.

Riverview, Florida
07-18-2015, 02:03 PM
We purchased a Durablend sofa & loveseat but upon receipt was nothing like the store floor model.

Not only was the color completely off but the actual fabric felt very cheap & almost plastic.

I have made several calls & was told it was like this because it was new & just needed to be worn in. After several more calls stressing how disappointed & unsatisfied I still was with their furniture, I was told that it could not be returned or exchanged because too much time had passed. Now we are stuck with ugly, cheap looking/feeling furniture, that by the way was NOT cheap. It has now been 5 months & it is still the most uncomfortable piece of furniture that my family & I have ever sat on.

Bottom line...don't think that you are receiving good quality furniture by shopping at Ashley Furniture.

You're better off going to a nice furniture store & paying for nice, quality pieces.Furniture isn't really something that you buy or switch out that often so it should be able to last a long time while at the same time, look beautiful & feel comfortable.

Houston, TX
08-13-2015, 02:12 PM
My mother is 80 years old and bought a mattress at Ashley Furniture on March 23rd this year & afterwards the mattress developed an inch plus depression in it after a month.

She tried using their complaint phone number but it will either keep you on hold for over an hour or longer so you will either hang up in disgust or it disconnect you.

In late May after multiple complaints attempts she finally gets someone out to look at the mattress he tells her what they delivered was not what she bought and that it is also defective.

She had to go back to the store multiple times and they always gave her the run around and tell her she has to call their complaint number.

On July 15th She finally gets them to acknowledge that they delivered a wrong mattress, they tell her she will get a phone call arranging the delivery of a lower priced mattress since her model was discontinued after two months of complaining.

After a week still no phone call and back to the store she goes again.

Of course the store manager is not there again, and more run around.

My mom finally tells me about this and I go to the store with her, of course the store manager is not there.

After pressing them with both my mom talking to someone and myself there with her calling their customer service people on the phone in their store we finally get them to tell us that no one had submitted the paperwork .

At this point we ask for her money back and the refuse saying they cannot approve it

They refuse to give me the store managers direct email and give me generic emails that I send complaints to.

We are told everything will be taken care of shortly.

We don't believe them but we leave the store.

While complaining about their service two other customers come in and have similar problems with the store, they even told a customer it would be easier if he went to their warehouse and picked up the item himself.

The staff do not care and are not helpful.

Three people have to come back to a store to complain in person in an hours time is a sign that there are major problems at the store.

Another four days go by and no response by them via email or by phone call again.

So I go back to the store again on Saturday July 25th.

The store manger was there but didn't seem surprised or overly concerned when I talked to him.

Turns out the paperwork still had not been processed.

So Ashley Furniture has dropped the ball once again.

Ask for her money back since they had already admitted that they had dropped ball several times of course they refuse again

I stay in the store for over an hour will they try to figure out what went wrong.

Approval for her mattress was delayed.

Took 3 attempts for me to get the store manager's card from him.

I leave the store with the promise that they would be calling me back tonight with a delivery date.

Late tonight I think around 930pm I finally get a phone call from them (first ever response I got from them) and they apologize but they do not have a delivery date.

I tell them just another set of lies and broken promises that I have come to expect from Ashley Furniture.

Promised a response for Monday the 27th because the people they contact are not working Sundays.

No phone call during the day so I go to the store the evening of 27th.

Have to press them for an answer but get told it is still not approved by corporate.

Figure this means more run around, leaving the store I complain to other customers in side and outside the store, I get asked to leave the parking lot by their security or I will arrested.

Left the store, called them again for mom & finally had someone call me back.

They now tell me corporate has refused to allow the exchange because the mattress representative told them that the mattress was the correct mattress and was not defective & that If I came back to the store that I would be arrested.

Figure we will now take them to court to get her money back.

Catonsville, Maryland
11-04-2015, 11:20 AM
Went into the store on September 19th and purchased a king size canopy bed with all the extras; cost close to $11,000 (but got it on sale). Finally got delivery scheduled for October 9th. On the morning of delivery got a call that said the chest was damaged in shipment so they would not be delivering it.

Delivery guys were the absolute worst. They literally dropped my furniture off the back of the truck onto the pavement. My husband went outside and asked them to be a little more gentle with the pieces. As he was talking to them, they dropped the mirror to the dresser and broke it.

He inspected the other pieces and found scratches. I refused to accept the scratched furniture and made them take it back. We were told that the new pieces would arrive October 21st. On October 22nd we were told it would be October 28th. Here we are on November 2nd and we're being told November 6th. I'm pretty certain I won't be seeing my furniture this weekend either.

I called the store to complain and got the run around. I am beyond furious. I told the customer service person that I want to enjoy my bedroom set. She told me to be happy that I have the bed. If I could have reached through that phone I would have choked her.

I am extremely disappointed with this experience. And if I had known any of this would happen I would not have made my purchase there.

Roselle Park, New Jersey
01-22-2016, 12:41 PM
Went to their store in Linden NJ and saw at least 8 salesmen just standing around and was totally ignored for over 20 minutes. Only 6 other people were in the store and 2 of them were signing paperwork.

I saw a recliner I wanted more information on and 2 salesmen walked right by me and when I started to ask about it, one of them even continued to keep on walking!

If you like a big unorganized place to buy furniture with no sales help, this is the place to go.

Saugus, Massachusetts
03-01-2016, 10:01 AM
We purchased a leather power recliner living room set and we were told if we bought the $500 warranty it would cover everything no questions asked.

The salesman went on to state that you could sit down with a screwdriver in your back pocket, it could penetrate the leather cushion and they would give you a new couch.

So now we have a couch with a defective frame leaning to one side stitching that's coming apart, marks on the top of the cushion from our dog and everything is excluded from the independent in and separate warranty company.

Avenue, Maryland
03-04-2016, 01:02 PM
Bought a couch and loveseat from Ashley Furniture in Frederick, MD.Picked up Dec.

3, 2015 and on January 5, 2016 the whole side of the couch if falling off. They used tiny tacks to attach the side of the couch and they are falling away from the couch. I called and they told me it was a manufacturer defect and they would have someone call me and arrange a time to come out and fix it. About 3 weeks later I called back and was told it would cost me $250.00.

I had bought the 5 year warranty but it does not cover that. We also noticed that all the sides are falling off the couch and loveseat. The small tacks are all coming undone. I contacted BBB and if I take the couch to Brandywine, MD.

they will fix it at $125.00 per piece. Brandywine is over and hour away from my home and I would have to make several trips there. I wish I would have never walked into that store. 8 years ago I bought a couch from Big Lots and it lasted 8 years.

Paid $300.00 for it. Paid $1500.00 on sale for these 2 pieces and falling apart within months. The cushions are now sagging as well. Just want my money back and will go to Big Lots again.

I am filing with the Attorney General Consumer Affairs office and Small Claims court as well.Biggest junk store around.

Crestline, California
03-07-2016, 12:19 PM
If there was a no star option, I would have chosen that!I ordered an accent chair.

The day before delivery I received a text message confirming time to be between 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM. I responded with a "yes". Day of delivery, I received a call from the driver at 1:11 PM stating that he should be at my residence in 1/2 an hour. An 1 1/2 later, I called his cell.

It went to voicemail. I left a message. No call back. I then called the store.

Marianne said that the chair is not in stock. When I told her that her driver called me, she put me on hold. When she returned to the phone she stated that they discovered the chair to be damaged that morning.

There is nothing that will send me through the roof faster than someone lying to me and insulting my intelligence!I will NEVER buy anything from them again and recommend strongly that you do the same.

Woodbridge, Virginia
03-17-2016, 11:24 AM
Highly priced low quality furniture that is most takes several weeks for delivery. Withing weeks of delivery, wood finish started peeling, and screws coming loose. Upon inspection, is obvious this furniture is delivered in an unasembled kit to the local warehouse; and their delivery guys put it together there; think ikea.

Their warranty repair service is noneexistant; asume it is sold "as is", for their will do very little to help.

Bottom line, go shop elsewhere.

Lake Oswego, Oregon
03-25-2016, 12:18 PM
On December 5th 2015 Ashley Furniture delivered furniture to my home. They arrived at almost 9pm. I was originally told they would be there early in the day. I can't recall the exact window. So I sat all day waiting. Got a call at 1pm the truck had broke down and they weren't sure they would even make it. So I am like well I am not about to waste my whole Saturday sitting here not knowing if they will even show. So I called customer care who advised they will be en-route and should arrive no later than 6pm. Finally at almost 9pm they arrive.

It was pouring rain out and they didn't even put on shoe coverings. that was only the start of the rest that happened. They forced thier way up my stairs after me asking if the legs could come off to creat a little extra room as well as not scratch my walls. They said yes they do but that they are fine. I purchased a sectional and an entertainment center. The sectional came up in 4 sections each time scratching my walls, denting my walls and hand rails. The entertainment center was missing a shelf. The delivery guy noted the missing shelf but not all the home damage.

I received an emailed survey the next morning and right away responded with my concerns. Not one call back did I get or response. I also went into the local store that next day as well. They were not much help at all. Apparently everything after purchasing goes through customer care in Texas. So good luck ever reaching them. The manager in the store took my complaint on December 6th and I emailed her the pictures of the damage. She said with home damage I will get a call in 24-48hours. 4 days later I had to call. Customer care had nothing on file that I had even opened a claim. So once again I had to explain ecerything to the gal on the phone, email her the pictures and "open a claim" she said I would hear from someone in 14days. What a surprise..... 14 days came and went and I heard nothing. So once again I call. Now at this point I am told I need to take my time and get estimates and email them the estimates. Keep in mind through all this I also am still missing my shelf to the entertainment center. Because the delivery man noted it I assumed they would be contacting me on this. No way.. LOL Why would they. So now I am pissed. Here we are now a month into all this. Mind you also My home was just built. This is a brand new home with now damaged walls and handrails. Oh and lets not forget the mopping and vacuuming I had to so after they left.

So now here I go to the store. Complaining about why I have to take my time to get estimates...... ??? That is time off work to meet with contractors etc... But if I want my home fixed that's what I am told I had to do. While at the store she looked into where my shelf was. Finally 2 moths later I got my shelf.

I have submitted my 2 estimates for repairs with pictures once again. They seem to love to lose the pictures. Maybe in hopes I'll lose mine and there then won't be proof.?? "Now here I sit 4 months from delivery and no one will get back to me regarding the estimates.

Not to mention I now need to open a claim for my couch that is falling apart already. I am dreading this as I can only imagine how log that will be for them to come repair it. I am beyond disappointed. Not once have I been offered money back, Money for my time and troubles or even just common good customer service and follow up. Ridiculous!!!!

I see below they ask to support this claim with pictures/videos, receipts, screen shots etc... Whatever... They have them not to mention pictures are all on USB drive at home.

New Hyde Park, New York
03-27-2016, 12:18 PM
I ordered to couches at $849.99 each not cheap,they look good in store.Since I have them they keep getting fade marks on them they replace one couch already.

After they had the wrong piece to fix it 3x.I keep asking for them to take them back and give me a credit so i pick something else out but they want to keep fixing the same problem.

I purchase the warranty so after one year the warranty kicks in and the fade marks and not covered how convenient.

A very unhappy customer...at this point I would never recommend Ashley Furniture to anybody.

Tampa, Florida
03-29-2016, 12:43 PM
Recently purchased a 14 piece living room set after seeing advertisements all over the place.Well, as I was picking out my items the sales man stopped me item #11 stating that the package recently changed from 14 to 11.

However, the advertisement was directly in front of us so I pointed at it reassuring him that it is marketed for 14. Therefore he gat a manager involved and allowed me to pick out my remaining 3 items. That issue was resolved.

I opted out of having the furniture delivered to me because my husband was off on the date it was available so I had him and a friend pick the furniture up.

Well the warehouse had only provided the sofa and love seat; my husband called me to confirm that everything should be picked up together! I told him "Yes". He then went to say that they don't have anything else for me. I cleared my throat, to state the items one by one as to what they should have for me.

And hour later a lady from the warehouse called me apologizing saying that somehow my order was split in three and some of the items are at the actual store. My husband was upset because he had to drive to the store to get the other items. By the time he got there to collect the items, he learned that the wrong lamps were included with our order. He sorted it out with a sales person and was told that he would have to retrieve the correct lamps from the warehouse.

By that time he was livid due all the mistakes, disorderly services, snappy attitudes, and having to drive back and forth.

Although, he went to the warehouse retrieved the lamps and made it home after a full 6 hours of dealing with a day of errors from a disorganized company.

If you're looking for great customer service, accuracy, and a smooth deliver/pick-up process then I wouldn't recommend buying from this store!

Pocola, Oklahoma
04-07-2016, 12:33 PM
I recently financed a sectional from them in ftsmith arkansas.the lady is rude,and nosey!

We went to Illinois for my husbands work put it in storage and called and told them and they said they would work with us.

I came back for my storage key and they said they knew i was back and would not work with me!

I dont see the problem if i am paying the payment and letting them know!!Very unprofessional!

Chattanooga, Tennessee
04-16-2016, 09:39 AM
This company is terrible. I bought a $2,000 sectional (yes, $2k, not the $500 cheap one). It arrive damaged, and it took 3 service calls for them to fix it as well as 15+ phone calls of them moving the appointment, confirming, etc. Yes, they eventually fixed it, but that was 12 hours of leave from work that I had to miss.

Their customer service number people are rude. If you have to call them for service, i highly recommend also signing up for meditation, a therapist, or getting on Xanax.

Their sales staff are nice people, I'll give them that. On the other hand, I know a used car salesman that would love to be your friend...

My advice, buy from somewhere else. If you buy from them, don't forget that small claims court is a very easy process...

Bear, De
04-18-2016, 09:26 AM
I was told my purchase would be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks then 3 weeks go by and they still haven't contacted me.So many called and they told me oh it's 3 to 4 weeks.

Well It's well over 4 weeks and they called and left a voice mail saying they would be here on Tuesday which is today and it's freaking 7:01 pm !! I wasted a whole day waiting for these ***.

And they are still not here!!Pissed off

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
04-20-2016, 03:50 PM
My husband and I purchased a dining room table and a Sealy king mattress set at this store in anticipation of a new home purchase.We put down a $750 deposit and then I paid the remaining $2843.68 just on April 6th.

Later that VERY SAME DAY, the other party quite unexpectedly defaulted on our home sale, leaving us with no home to move into. My husband called and spoke with the general manager Tom, but Tom had zero compassion for our situation and refused to refund our money. He explained that he had administrative costs, and was also required to keep the 20% because "Ashley makes all its own furniture".

That seems like a pretty flimsy excuse considering the majority of our purchase was the Sealy Optimum Radiance King Set. Considering we have already been devastated by the loss of our new home, his response seemed tantamount to kicking us when we were already down.

I don't even remember that policy being explained to us at the time of purchase and I doubt I would have gone through with it had I known. Is this REALLY the sort of customer service they wish to be known for? How do they ever get repeat business?

We paid Ashley Furniture a total of $3593.68 and are only being refunded $2874.94.We were forced to cancel this order through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN and it is not being right for Ashley Furniture to penalize us for that.

Pearland, TX
04-22-2016, 11:10 AM
I ordered a bed from Ashley and not only did they bring the wrong bed twice.It was on back order and no one had the decency to call or send an email.

I will never shop there again. The manager had the audacity to call and try to get smart with her comments on the phone.

The worst service I have ever had.Never again.

04-27-2016, 09:10 AM
THREE times, the SAME issue, the CHEAP wood cracked on the legs of a console table....they replaced the legs and each set CRACKED!! today i went to the store in mentor Ohio...the staff and manager are GREAT, they understood the problem and offered to replace the entire table...which i did...when they called corp.office, they said i had to pay 69.00 delivery charge for the new table...even after knowing that the legs cracked... the manager's hands are tied, he can't do a thing about it...he said he would have his people put the table together and i could pick it up...the manager was great, but his hands are tied...i will NEVER,EVER purchase anything from that company again and will tell anyone i know looking for furniture to avoid this company...now i have to figure out how to get the *** thing home and NOT pay them 69.00 to deliver....DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

Richland, Washington
04-28-2016, 09:58 AM
DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE HOMESTORES!They are an incompetent company whose systems (finance, delivery, service) don't talk to one another and no one knows what's going on.

They use cut-rate 3rd party contractors for delivery and service, why are less than reputable. They don't know how the furniture works and fake the paperwork when they forget a step. I've been fighting with this company since January to get a furniture exchange and then repair when their delivery guys broke the furniture. I've spent over 10 hours on the phone trying to get things fixed.

They never follow through on calling back, they refuse to refund my money and take their furniture back despite numerous agreements that they have totally dropped the ball. I've wasted my time sitting at home for the last two Saturdays waiting for delivery, which was confirmed by text, phone, and email, only to be told something mysteriously cancelled the order. I had to reschedule several things at work for service guys who don't show up. And their Customer Care department is a joke.

They have no desire to keep you as a customer, but will do the bare minimum related to your order.

Be careful if you choose to work with them. If I were retired, I might actually picket in front of their store to keep people from going in.

I've never seen such mismanagement and poor customer service.....Ever.

Irvington, New Jersey
05-13-2016, 08:53 AM
Five years ago I purchased a dura blend power recliner along with a five year protection plan.The recliner material is peeling off in pieces as well as cracking.

I called the customer service and complained about what happened and even sent pictures of the problem. No response from Ashley. The recliner model is discontinued(what a surprise!!!!). This material is a piece of junk and should never have been marketed by Ashley.

Where was their quality control experts? I will never buy anything from Ashley in the future.

They sell inferior products and don't stand behind the products when there is a problem. Apparently customer satisfaction and retention is not important to them.

Manhasset, New York
05-15-2016, 01:45 PM
Worst quality furniture anyone can possibly buy.It's frame is made out of compressed wood, which is just as good as cardboard.

The best piece of advise is to avoid it all together. We've had problems since it was delivered. We couldn't use it for the first week as the wood support for the legs was damaged.

The driver had us speak to a young lady in the office, who convinced me to keep it as she was going to send someone to repair it and bring it up to "showroom standard." If anything you ordered arrived damaged, I highly suggest rejecting it; don't believe anything they tell you about sending a technician to perform repairs to bring it up to showroom standards.Their salesmen are on commission and are willing to tell you anything to make the sale.

Culpeper, Virginia
05-29-2016, 11:39 AM
I made it clear to sales women I was very allergic to smells, and repeatedly asked if chemicals were used in sofa.She told me they stopped using chemicals in there products, so I bought a sofa.

Much to my surprise, they not only still use them but it seems to be 5 times worse than anything I could have gotten from Walmart! It has been 2 months,and the smell is still in home, and it is making me deathly ill now. When I spoke to them about it, they said it was not from sofa since they do not use chemicals in any product of there's.

Biggest mistake I have ever made!!

Graham, North Carolina
06-14-2016, 12:06 PM
I love my bedroom suit from Ashley furniture, but the handle pulls are the worst I have ever seen, I special ordered my set from an Ashley catalog and I paid top price with no discounts. All of the pull handles on the dresser, 2 might stands and chest have all either fallen off or broken, leaving my furniture looking like it was purchased from Goodwill instead of a furniture store.

Very disappointed .

No one at the any of the stores that i have called has offered to help me resolve the issue, including where i purchased the set

Mercer Island, Washington
08-10-2016, 12:43 PM
Customer support after the sale, is terrible.They were all too helpful to land the sale, but once they landed the sale, all support stopped.

I never received an email confirmation so I had no confirmation number to use on their online site for order status, my po number from the receipt was not an option online to check status. I arranged for customer pick up, but when I arrived to pick up my furniture, they had accidentally sent my furniture to another out of state warehouse, so they arranged for delivery. They wanted to charge me for delivery and after I said NO WAY they waived the charge and implied they did ME a favor. Now it's delivery day and they gave me a THREE hour window in the middle of the day so I had to take a day off work.

Those 3 hours came and went with no delivery and no phone call.

So after waiting on hold for 30 minutes I found out they are running late and won't deliver till after 3pm.What a messed up company, I will take all my future business elsewhere.

New Braunfels, Texas
09-21-2016, 06:42 PM
My wife purchased a bedroom set she really liked, because it was on sale.I looked at it a few days later and realized for the same price she can purchase a better made set at their competitors.

When we went back to Ashleys they will not refund the money. The delivery is still a few weeks away, due to the fact that our new home is still in the construction process. We must select something else. We continued to keep the purchase of a dining room table and 8 chairs from Ashleys.

And have considered purchasing from them on other rooms for our home, but at a later time. Now I'm not so sure I want to do business with them at all. This change of our mind hasn't cost Ashley Furniture any money. They just want to trap me into buying from them.

It was a cash purchase so just give us our money back Ashley Furniture.Do not buy from them unless you are 100% sure its what you want.

Old Fort, Ohio
10-15-2016, 08:52 AM
4 days ago my wife and I went into the new Ashley Furniture store in Tucson we purchased a desk for $299 and two reclining chairs the total came out to write out $1,300.4 days later and they showed up at the house to deliver the items that we had purchased.

The desk was not the desk that I had picked out in the store one of the recliners was broken upon delivery so I've refused to accept it the other recliner wasn't with you order and they said I would have to wait approximately a week to get it. So the wife and I had them take the items back to the warehouse and we drove back to the store. We spoke to the store manager who have me show him which desk it was that I had picked out. The price tag on the desk was $299 he took the price tag off the desk and informed me that it was the wrong price tag and that the deaths that I actually wanted was $699 he told me that due to the mix-up he would give me $50 off the price of the desk but couldn't do anymore.

I informed him that Arizona state law requires that they honor the ticket price he informed me that he would not honor it and if I didn't like it I could shop somewhere else.

So I ended the conversation and went to the counter and gave them my receipts and inform them I wanted a refund they told me it would take a few days for that to occur until they can make sure all of their product had made it back to their own Warehouse as of this date I'm still waiting for my return and I still cannot get an answer from Ashley Furniture.I would not recommend shopping with this company and I would not wish the experience that my wife and I had on anyone I will never enter the store again.

Federal Way, Washington
10-18-2016, 08:42 AM
I purchased $4,000 worth of Ashley Furniture in 2012. In 2016 I was moving from one state to another (Texas to Washington). I contacted the Seattle store to ensure that if movers professionally disassembled the furniture then the local store in Seattle would re-assemble, for a cost obviously. I was quoted $50 for parts and $89/hr for labor with a maximum of two hours for the labor based on my new address and the furniture (they wanted UPC codes and were able to see what I had purchased).

When I arrived in Seattle they told me that the notes were in the system, but that they do not offer this service. I had just paid more than $1,000 to have the furniture disassembled and shipped from Houston to Seattle – but Ashley Furniture has changed their mind.

I went to visit the store. I thought that maybe they would change their tune? Definitely not. When I entered the store the salespeople surrounded me like vultures. As soon as I began asking questions about assembly they left me. No one wanted anything to do with me.

When I look at reviews online I see negativity that is incomparable. Ashley Furniture may have the worst reviews of any nationwide organization. I am seeing things such as 1.1/5.0 and 1/4/5.0 on popular sites. Trust me, from experience, the Seattle office has shocked me with their consistent rude attitudes and alterations in what they tell me. They even consistently tell me they have notes about my situation and the previous teller gave my wrong information.

STAY AWAY! STAY FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY from this company. There is no excuse for them to still exist. If we stop supporting companies like this then they will go away.

Portland, Tennessee
10-31-2016, 11:59 AM
I purchased two complete bedroom sets, and a complete living room set totaling almost 11k. After having the leather living room couch and loveseat for one year there was severe discoloration, fading, peeling and seam issues.

After contacting the store, I was notified that I had missed the one year warranty by 2.5 weeks. I then called to file a claim with my extended 5 year warranty only to be told that the warranty did not cover any of the above. I received a call a week later stating they would re-open the case and I provided all documentation again. It is now 3 weeks later and none returns a call or e-mail.

The sales associates will tell you whatever you want to hear to get the items purchase and then not fulfill promises made.

The leather is the worst quality I have ever owned, and their customer service is a joke.

I will never buy or refer anyone else here again.

Lubbock, Texas
11-02-2016, 02:01 PM
I also had a terrible experience with Ashley furniture, I wanted a kitchen table and chairs, and found one I wanted, so I paid for the table and started to leave but the lady said they had a bedroom suit on sale, and my wife was looking for a mattress that wouldn't be as firm as what we had, so I agreed to look.

And after I laid on a few of them, the saleslady wrote the contract up and put the money that I had just paid for the dinning table on a down payment for a $11,000.00 bed. And we decided not to purchase the bed as it wasn't what we wanted, and just wanted to pick up my table when it came in. but was told I would have to choose another bed greater or equal to the one I laid on.

And they refuse to let me have my table that I had paid for, so WERE going too small claims court.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
12-14-2016, 11:45 AM
Ashley furniture - never again , the worse furniture and experience ever .We got today the delivery from Ashley Winnipeg of furniture which costed 5000 dollars.

My family and I are more than disappointed. We got 3 beds, all of them have issues - damaged/broken/unpainted/ not finished/ not polished properly. My king bed is damaged on the leg board. The technicians didn't finish today the assembly of the Queen bed, all the slats are moving including those on the sides, bolts don't keep the slats, the wood is broken.

My child can't sleep on the bad, it's not safe. The twin bed - one on the balls on the leg board is not polished properly. The bookcase looks like from display, damaged, scratched, unfinished, unpainted. The twin and king beds have only 3 tiny thick slats, is it build to be broken into 6 months?

All the outsides partition head boards of 3 beds are not painted/finished/polished. We can put them no there accept the wall (and that was not the plan with the twin bed). Why didn't the sale person mention all those facts when we made the purchase? I made a purchases of less expensive furniture in my life and I have never got as low quality furniture as yours.

I expect technician on Monday after 6 PM, it took me more than an hour to get a technician from your customer service.It's not the quality and not the experience the customer should get from 5000 dollars purchase.


Ashley Furniture Customer
12-27-2016, 07:17 PM
I ordered my bedroom set in October with a delivery date for December 3rd.I received dresser, chest, and 2 night stands but nothing to do with the bed.

So everything goes into the loft upstairs Because they told us the room has to be empty in order for them to put the bed together. They called and said the new schedule date to receive bed rails is Dec 26. I explained I hadn't received anything to do with the bed why would they only send rails? I repeatedly called to fix this error before the 26 with no luck on their end it shows I received the footboard and headboard.

I have paperwork that says I only received what I received. It is now December 27 I have no footboard or headboard but they did deliver the rails.

I am beyond pissed. Their costumer service sucks *** the only care about making the sale but nothing after that.

Heartland, Mississauga
04-26-2017, 08:32 AM
I bought the this sofa from Heartland, Mississauga showroom.The quality of leather is so poor that it started peeling off within 6 months.

The leather started getting stretched from the stitches area, and started losing its color. I paid for the sofa in full, without any financing. I bought the 5y premium insurance plan of Montage also for 400 dollars. the sales staff kept talking about extended warranty while selling this insurance and never clarified about the terms and conditions of this insurance.

The customer service of Montage and Ashley kept asking me to approach the other side, without taking any ownership. They never get back even after giving assurance. I provided all the photos to the showroom Manager & customer service in the showroom at Heartland, Mississauga. They assured me that they will arrange to send a technician, but after repeated follow ups, they refused to do anything, and washed of their hands from the issue.
All in all, the quality of product and the quality of customer service very very poor.Very disappointed and helpless customer.

09-24-2018, 01:19 PM
Well the warehouse had only provided the sofa and love seat; my husband called me to confirm that everything should be picked up together! I told him "Yes". He then went to say that they don't have anything else for me. I cleared my throat, to state the items one by one as to what they should have for me.

05-30-2019, 06:42 AM
Furnish Your Home on a tight budget. Ashley is better noted for affordable furniture as well as their giant Home Stores. Their goods are targeted at your budget-minded consumer searching for convenient delivery. ... The furnishings is of reasonable quality, although not the very best.