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03-22-2011, 07:55 PM
Giovanni Crespi started its activity in 1932. From those modest early days up to today's establishments a long and enthusiatic way was covered always looking for perfection. Open minded managers, skilled labours have granted a continuous growth also thanks to massive investments in very advanced machinery and research equipments. Thanks to the knowledge of several technologies Crespi can offer a very wide range of products that are in line with the most demanding market requests and applications, such as:

Footwear, handbag, small leathergoods.
Automotive products.
Medical sanitary products.
PVC PU calandered items for industrial applications.
Table Cloth.

Giovanni Crespi SpA has always paid a great attention to the respect for environment. This can also be seen from the distillation tower that purifies all dangerous emissions. There is also a recycling process that consist in the re-generation of raw material compounds.

Our laboratory guarantees a continuous research on the development of new production standards and is also equipped to run pilot plant trials which reproduce all industrial processes on a smaller scale. The most important purpose of our laboratory is to carry out researches that allow us to diversify and qualify our production techniques, enabling us to get and to mantain a position of primary importance all over the world.