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12-27-2011, 02:41 PM
FutonstoreNYC.com specializes in futon production. Our store holds a vast variety of different futons (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/futons-c-1.html), of different size, shape, color and etc. In case you need to improve your futon, making it more comfortable and soft you can purchase a futon mattress (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/futonmattresses-c-2.html). Our store understands the importance of every client and every visitor of the site or the store. That is why we try to get productions of the highest quality. Moreover we try to make our service as best as possible. Consequently, even minor purchase is a great deal for us and we hope a great pleasure for you.
For your comfort and pleasure our store also offers you a great variety of other furniture. Living room furniture (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/livingroomfurniture-c-15.html) of all types is available in our store. Sofas (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/livingroomfurnituresofas-c-15_17.html), huge sectional sofas (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/livingroomfurnituresectionalsofas-c-15_16.html) and luxurious chairs (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/livingroomfurniturechairs-c-15_18.html), stylish coffee tables (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/coffeetables-c-12.html), useful TV stands (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/tvstands-c-8.html) and Wall units are part of the living room furniture. Bedroom furniture could be also found in our store. For instance, platform beds, storage beds (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/storagebeds-c-5.html), bedroom sets, bunk beds (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/loftandbunkbeds-c-11.html) and loft beds (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/loftandbunkbeds-c-11.html) and etc. Moreover you can find Home office furniture (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/homeofficefurniture-c-13.html), Bookshelves (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/bookshelves-c-19.html), mattresses (http://www.futonstorenyc.com/mattresses-c-10.html) for your beds and a lot more.

Address - 240 East 23 Street New York, NY 10010

www.futonstorenyc.com (http://www.futonstorenyc.com)

240 East 23 Street New York, NY 10010