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Arden Creek Designs
01-04-2012, 05:17 PM
Camp Arden and Arden Creek Designs are nestled in a peaceful setting deep in the Adirondack Park. Using the same resourcefulness, energy, and high spirits that brought the early inhabitants to the Adirondacks; Arden Creek Designs' aims to achieve that enviable condition where traditions of both the past and present are brought together not to jar, but to enrich one another. Reviving the Adirondack traditions and culture of the 19th century pioneers who forged their way into this beautiful, but foreboding virgin wilderness. Their will to survive and their creative use of natural resources, enabled them to produce a new architectural style and art form unique to the Adirondacks.
We serve clients not only in the Adirondack park, but throughout the country. The list of our clientele is broad based, from museums to institutions, from corporations to government agencies, as well as private collections throughout the country. Arden Creek Designs specializes in working with architects and interior designers. Call us today to see how we can help you with your project!

60 Arden Circle
Loon Lake, NY 12989
(518) 891-4518

www.ardencreek.com (http://www.ardencreek.com)

Loon Lake, NY 12989