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Raven Winds Studio
01-08-2012, 12:00 PM
Raven Winds Studio is a small log furniture building operation located in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, near Boulder and Denver. The Studio works primarily in aspen logs, found locally. We use only standing dead timber, never live trees. We primarily work from custom orders, to your specifications, to build lamps (http://ravenwindsstudio.com/OLD/lamps/index.html), log beds (http://ravenwindsstudio.com/OLD/log_beds/index.html), porch swings (http://ravenwindsstudio.com/OLD/yard_porch_swings/index.html), tables and chairs (http://ravenwindsstudio.com/OLD/other_hand-crafted_furniture/index.html).
We want the hand-crafted log furniture you buy from us to last for a lifetime, maybe several, so we use a variety of fastening techniques on loadbearing joints fitting, gluing and lag bolts. The finishes we use are appropriate to the final intended use of the furniture. Indoor furniture is generally finished with a mix of beeswax, linseed and orange oils, and the parts that would need to resist moisture, such as table tops, with a finish like polycrylic. Outdoor log furniture is finished with a durable product like Helmsman Spar Urethane, which often is used on boats.
Log Furniture for sale Because we make all our furniture to custom order, we keep very little finished furniture in inventory. All of the furniture shown in these pages is representative of what can be done. Obviously no two trees ever grow exactly the same, so no two pieces of hand-crafted log furniture will ever look exactly the same, and Raven Winds furniture is known for its unique character, the quality and thoughtfulness of its design, its craftmanship and its durability.
Log Home Log Furniture Aspen log furniture fits in a variety of home decors, but if you live in a log home it is especially appropriate. The warmth and organic texture of the walls of your home is reflected by the burls and knots in the decorative log furniture produced by Raven Winds Studio. The furniture makes a terrific wedding, anniversary, Christmas or birthday gift.