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01-09-2012, 11:06 AM
Lightweight, durable, and attractive, wicker is perfect for any space around your home. Consider a full set inside for a living room or enclosed porch, or take it out to your patio - all seasons and occasions are just right for wicker. Furniture and sets sold through Wicker.com are made from high-quality fiber or resin products, colorful fabrics, and strong frames.

Wicker furniture is created from hard woven fiber, which comes from the cores of rattan stalks, willow switches, reed, or bamboo. Synthetic or resin wicker is also popular as all-weather furniture. Resin wicker chairs, tables, or entire sets add a new dimension of style to an outdoor living space. Why go with metal or plastic, when, instead of purchasing a new furniture set, you can take all pieces outdoors and set them on a patio or porch for the summer? All furniture is made in China, Indonesia, or the Philippines.

Like ordinary furniture, wicker chairs, tables, desks, and many other pieces have their own unique character. Go for something light by choosing whitewashed or white wicker - or take a darker approach with an espresso or honey-colored finish. Natural and resin wicker sets offer several style possibilities: dark or light wood, patterned or solid-colored all-weather fabric, and glass tabletops. Mix and match many of these characteristics in a set of wicker furniture.

Versatility is an asset of wicker furniture, and a piece can accent any space in your home. Choose from wicker chairs, desks, beds, bar stools, shelves, and TV carts. Why go with ordinary wood when wicker adds an exotic element to every room?

Find the perfect wicker sets or individual furniture to blend in with your decor, give your home a brand new look, or make your patio a stylish lounge area. The possibilities are nearly limitless. Indoors or outdoors, formal or casual, porch or bedroom, wicker goes just about anywhere!

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