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01-10-2012, 01:59 PM
The need to "retreat and relax" is a common human urge that often leads to the search for a quiet space, rustic and natural. Underneath the gentle shielding arms of a shady tree, we are able to unravel knotted nerves and experience the peaceful tranquility that only Mother Nature can provide.

There is something immediately familiar about willow twig and birch bark, that embraces you and connects your spirit to nature. Rustic willow furniture allows you to bring the spirit of nature into your home, into your hearts, so you can enjoy it year-round.

Each and every product we produce is handcrafted here in the heartland of Iowa. We take pride in our expert workmanship to offer you natural, rustic furniture and accessories that are elegant enough to highlight modern and traditional decor.

406 Heatherwood Cir.
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

Toll Free: (800) 918-6184
Local: (641) 209-7599
www.twigfactory.com (http://www.twigfactory.com)

406 Heatherwood Cir. Fairfield, Iowa 52556