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Distinctive Burl Design
01-10-2012, 03:23 PM
Distinctive Burl Design sets the standard for beautifully natural, hand crafted burl wood furniture and home accessories.
Each highest quality piece of redwood, walnut, maple or other burled wood furniture is individually created to compliment your decor. Our furniture goes especially well with western, log and country homes.
We hand choose the most beautiful western burl woods, and accent them with antler, fossils, and inlays.
Consider our stock on hand, or call for pricing on custom designed tables, chairs, stools and home accessories that are truly a work of art!

Distinctive Burl Design can make custom items to your order. If you need a table or other piece, of a certain size or wood type, we will do our best to create just what you are looking for.
Utmost care is taken to assure that your new table or other art work arrives at it's destination in beautiful condition. Nearly all of our products can be disassembled for shipping, and are packed in the safest possible manner. Due to the weight of our products, they are shipped through trucking lines, not the Postal Service. Trucking lines charge according to weight, therefore our shipping costs are ESTIMATED at $1.50 per pound, west of the Missippi River. East of the Mississippi River the ESTIMATED cost is $1.75 per pound. (An average table with a solid base can weigh upward of 150 pounds, very large ones may weigh a great deal more. Of course, tables with legs weigh considerably less.) We ask for the shipping cost to be paid in advance. We do insure everything we ship. Please contact us for specifics on an individual item.

9237 W. Prairie Ave. Post Falls, Idaho
(208)777-7448 or 1-800-504-BURL (2875)
www.distinctiveburldesign.com (http://www.distinctiveburldesign.com)

9237 W. Prairie Ave. Post Falls, Idaho