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Historic Woodworks
01-10-2012, 03:37 PM
Nothing matches the warmth and character of authentic reclaimed materials in your home. Knowing the history of the wood and that it is recycled only adds to its' depth and meaning. Contact us today to begin bringing your ideas and projects to life.

The vast forests of old growth trees in North America were once one of the greatest natural resources on Earth. Trees that were hundreds, even thousands of years old were used to build the cabins, barns, houses, railroads and factories that our country was founded upon. As time passed many of these structures outlive their useful lives. At Historic Woodworks we are honored to have the opportunity to reclaim and re-use the lumber found in these buildings and give it a new life. Each piece of wood that we recycle carries its own history into its new life. Whether as furniture, cabinetry, flooring or any other application in your home or business, reclaimed lumber is not only helping preserve the planet but also the vanishing history of America. While we do our best to preserve as much as possible, history and materials are lost every day. By recycling the antique wood of the past we are preserving vanishing history which can be read in each hand hewn face, rough-sawn surface, nail hole, weathered patina and ancient grain. Now, in its new life, it will continue to tell a story for generations to come. In addition to being 'green' and sustainable the look and quality of reclaimed lumber is unrivaled by new wood products. Reclaimed lumber is generally more stable than new wood as a result of being dried and seasoned, sometimes for over a century. Historic Woodworks is located and sources most of our wood in the mountains of the Western U.S. Finding our wood close to home minimizes resources and energy used in shipment. In this way we are able to provide the highest quality reclaimed lumber at the best possible price.

PO Box 1062
Driggs ID 83422 Phone: 208.709.7428

Our shop is located at 405 Central Avenue in Downtown Tetonia Idaho

www.historicwoodworks.com (http://www.historicwoodworks.com)

405 Central Avenue in Downtown Tetonia Idaho