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North Idaho Log Furniture
01-10-2012, 08:09 PM
If you are looking for a unique, rustic addition to your home, you have come to the right place. Here at North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php), we handcraft quality log furniture from select, North Idaho timber. Every log is hand picked for it's strength and individual characteristics. We then hand-peel, sand and finish each piece, producing 'one-of-a-kind' furnishings. As a final touch, we apply a premium oil finish, to preserve the natural beauty and insure the long life of our furniture.

Creating comfortable, handcrafted log furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) is what we do at North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) Company. We come by our business naturally. After all, we’re poised at the epicenter of the timber industry, where our great Idaho forests sit majestic in their stature. The abundance of supply and the care with which our state manages our commercial foresting makes it a privilege for us to participate in the industry as a log furniture manufacturer.

We’re also proud of our Idaho heritage. We started North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) Company to share the beauty of an old art form: log furniture. We take great pride in our one of a kind creations, and our goal from the beginning has been to offer customers access to unique furniture pieces made with artisan care and craftsmanship.
North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) Co.: Heirlooms of the Future
At North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/couches_chairs_barstools.php) Co. our log furniture is all made from select North Idaho timber.

Whether it’s a rustic log table or a sturdy four poster log bed, we start at the very beginning by hand picking every single log we’ll use from our abundance of local resources.
Once selected, we hand-peel and finish every piece of timber before constructing our unique log furniture.

Our collection of log furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) includes large scale log beds and tables, popular throughout North America for cabin furniture or simply creating that rustic cabin feel.

We also make more delicate pine shelves and pine log chairs. Every single piece of custom-designed and built furniture is made with skill and care, then meticulously finished with premier oil-based stains to preserve the natural beauty and finish of the wood.

Log Furniture That Is Built to Last

At North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/couches_chairs_barstools.php) Co. we make everything we make to stand the test of time.

From sturdy and impressive pine log desks to rustic and durable bunk beds, our furniture will be around for years to come.
We make pine log chairs in a variety of styles, and our log bar stools are a customer favorite.
Custom cabinetry is another of our specialties, and North Idaho Log Furniture’s log cabinets have found their way into homes and cabins nationwide.
We proudly ship our furniture and cabinetry to locations throughout North America.
When we build furniture, every log is hand picked for its strength and individual characteristics.
Every piece of handcrafted log furniture is treated to insure the long life of the wood.
We take great care in building and preserving our furniture because we know what we build today is going to be your favorite heirloom tomorrow.
North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) Company has been offering quality, handcrafted log furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/couches_chairs_barstools.php) online since 1997. We take great pride in our customer service and satisfaction and have many repeat customers and testimonials to attest to our quality craftsmanship. We offer a variety of log furniture including log beds, log dressers, log bunk beds, log chairs, log barstools, log couches, log futons, log desks, log armoires, log cabinets, log tables, log dining tables, log book cases, log benches, log hand railing and log mantels. Whether you are looking for log bedroom furniture, log home furniture, log dining room furniture, log cabin furniture or log office furniture North Idaho Log Furniture Company can meet all of your log furniture needs.

Can't find what you are looking for on our website? North Idaho Log Furniture (http://www.nilogfurn.com/contact.php) Company has specialized in building custom log furniture for over 13 years. Give us a call with your log furniture ideas and we will work to create your own custom, handcrafted log furniture piece to last a lifetime.

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