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Sassafras Gallery
01-11-2012, 11:49 AM
Sassafras Gallery showcases custom handcrafted furniture for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Our rustic furniture is made of sassafras or knotty white pine and cedar. Handcrafted Rustic and Log Furniture brings nature inside the walls of your home. Beautiful burled coffee tables of walnut and ash are also offered.

Highlighting the natural beauty of Indiana's well established, unique hardwoods - grown, sawn, and kiln dried through a network of local lumberman - our father and son workshop strives to combine artistry and functionality to create quality cabinetry for the heart of your home.

104 N State Road 135
Trafalgar, IN 46181-8877
www.sassafrasgallery.com (http://www.sassafrasgallery.com)

104 N State Road 135 Trafalgar, IN 46181-8877