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Tree Tables
01-11-2012, 12:30 PM
We create unique natural log & root coffee tables, Glass top root dining and coffee tables rustic log tables, log beds, and unique glass top tables, + natural conference tables.
My name is Mike Just. I have created the natural furniture designs you will see on this web site over a period of years. Each, was designed and created for a client. Some designs are in the "elegant rustic furniture" class. Others are classed as, "Furniture Art". I work with decorators, architects, institutional buyers and, individuals.

Before his latest 17 years in developing artful furnishings, Mike lived and worked 23 years in the bright, sun-scorched South West area of Kansas, near the Colorado border.

There, he developed his technical expertise in the natural science of drying organic materials. Grain (Corn and Milo). Mike completed several research projects on the subject of "natural air drying", presenting his findings to the public in a series of seminars organized by Nebraska and Kansas State Universities. These same techniques are used today, in the preparation of many of the special wood pieces seen on this web site. Mike's association with the universities in the 70's would later be re-established in the early 90's to further research specifically targeted towards stabilizing these beautiful woods.

Additionally, Mike has utilized his design vision and mechanical engineering skills to create numerous complex material handling systems for the grain Industry of central USA.

To date, his Tree Tables & mezmerizing natural furnishings have shipped to decorator's, architects, and individuals across the U.S.A. and abroad. He has created works for Walt Disney concerns, collaborated on designs for retail spaces in Times Square, N.Y. , international collectors & movie stars. Mikes work sets in Europe, the Netherlands & within the palaces of King's.

P.O. Box 413
2608 Ave E.
Wilson, Kansas 67490
www.treetables.com (http://www.treetables.com)

2608 Ave E. Wilson, Kansas 67490