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01-12-2012, 03:43 PM
New England Joinery builds handmade, artisan style, custom furniture for every room in your home. As you look through our website you will find photographs of furniture we have built over the years. From our "Earthy" tree beds (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com/handmadebedrooms.html), to classic farm tables (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com/handmadediningtables.html), and kitchen furniture (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com/kitchenfurniture.html), we build each piece to suit your individual needs and taste.
You will notice that there are no prices listed here. If you are interested in a specific piece on our website, or have a project in mind for your home, please give us a call, or shoot us an email to discuss price options.(there are many)
What our customers love about coming to us for a new custom piece of furniture is the process. Right from the beginning, our customers get involved. We sit with each individual and sketch out exactly what they are looking for. As the piece begins to take shape, Jim will introduce different ideas for woods, and finishes. It doesn't take long before the sketch looks exactly like the finished product.
With the addition of handcrafted Early American reproductions from another master craftsman in New England, our customers now have a huge "inventory" of incredible furniture to choose from.

Our front foyer in the Essex, MA. showroom is open daily. In there you will find our portfolio, a digital display, a sign up sheet for our email list, and plenty of room to drop off furniture for repairs/refinishing. Jim is there on Fridays and Saturdays to meet with customers. If you would like to speak with Jim, please call (978) 500-3312 anytime! We recommend making an appointment to meet in Essex. This helps us make sure Jim is there and has ample time to devote to you alone. For those traveling a great distance, this would be very prudent.

New England Joinery offers fine handcrafted Windsor, Ladder back, Queen Anne, and Chippendale style chairs to compliment our beautiful tables. Come in today to see the huge selection.

In addition to our handmade custom furniture,we offer a large selection of fine Early American reproduction furniture. From a huge selection of Windsor chairs to stunning case pieces such as the cupboard pictured above the craftsmanship is exquisite!...
We have eight different Windsor chairs on hand in the Essex Showroom for everyone to see, and sit in.. What a perfect fit for our custom handmade dining tables! The reason we chose this line of furniture, to offer to our customers, is simple...They are true craftsmen, with a passion for what they do. With 47 years in the business, they have perfected their craft, and have earned a solid reputation for quality and beauty.

We hand pick only the finest hardwoods available, along with beautiful reclaimed boards (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com/reclaimedlumbertables.html) from 18th and 19th century buildings. Our finishes compliment each piece according to their use and style. We offer a variety of finish choices. Traditional varnishes & lacquer being the most durable for today's hectic households. Milk paints are a great way to achieve a soft, colorful, relaxed feel.
Another large portion of our business comes from restorations and refinishing (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com/restorationsandrefinishing.html). We gladly repair everyday household furniture, and high end antiques. Rarely, do we turn a piece away. Also welcome are wooden canoes for seasonal upkeep and repair.

At New England Joinery, we strive to produce the highest quality furniture we possibly can. We do this with honesty, integrity, and a desire to serve our community. We want to give our customers high quality, handmade furniture, not just a generic, boxed version of something "that will do". Because we build each piece to order, you wont find a showroom full of furniture that someone will try to SELL you.What you will find, are examples of our work, projects under way, and a genuine willingness to create the piece that suits you.

85 Southern Avenue Essex, MA.01929
www.newenglandjoinery.com (http://www.newenglandjoinery.com)

85 Southern Avenue Essex, MA.01929