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Motto Cedar Products
01-16-2012, 02:30 PM
Motto Cedar Products offers indoor and outdoor cedar furniture including tables, chairs, beds and swings as well as cedar fencing materials at near wholesale prices!

Since 1955, Motto Cedar Products has been making high quality furniture the old fashioned way. That's why the Motto family is so proud of the Handcrafted Quality and Workmanship built into each of their cedar wood furniture products, cedar tables, cedar beds, log furniture and rustic furniture. Like we say, "Our Motto Is Quality" and we stand behind our superior craftmanship 100%.

5480 North 26th Lane
Daggett, Michigan 49821

Phone: 906-753-4892
Fax: 906-753-2659
www.mottocedar.com (http://www.mottocedar.com)

5480 North 26th Lane Daggett, Michigan 49821