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01-16-2012, 02:44 PM
All of the furniture is hand made in the shop by Charles R Raines at time of order. The DVD's are produced in the shop as well to provide a real world experience in building rustic furniture. One may find that most of the information on the Internet is misleading on building this type of furniture.

There's more to building rustic furniture than just a $9.00 set of plans.
The online workshop was put together because of the lack of information on the Internet on building case goods, such as 6 drawer dressers. It was designed for people who wanted to learn to build a complete line of furniture or for those who want a quick tip on building a certain piece of furniture.
The goals of this company are to provide information on building log furniture and build an online community comprised of people with a common interest. It is also meant to be a place to showcase our furniture and offer it to the public.
In the future we will be adding DVD's, E-Books and updating the workshop on a regular basis. We also have plans for an online auction to provide great deals for the local and Internet community.

3750 Nostwick Rd

Thompsonville, MI 49683
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3750 Nostwick Rd Thompsonville, MI 49683