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Toth Brothers
01-16-2012, 02:56 PM
Our 30 years of experience has placed us as the leaders of old growth wood restoration techniques. We use the latest technologies and epoxies for bonding, filling and surfacing. The final result is a product that is world class in beauty and durability. To be more specific, our unique techniques make our surfaces last years longer than the other leading wood surfaces, with a nearly perfect mirror finish now possible.
Our goal is to provide options for high quality wood products without destroying any new timbers. All of our products are constructed with the highest quality old-growth timbers, carefully salvaged from some of the oldest barns in the Michigan area. This wood has so much history; you can still see the original hand-hewn marks.
The wood we provide is comparable in beauty to the timbers recovered from the bottom of the Great Lakes. As a matter of fact this wood comes from the same magnificent forest as the prime wood pulled out of Lake Superior. These forests are all gone now and will never be equaled. This wood now only exists in old barns and the bottom of our Great Lakes.
The intention of this site is more of a portfolio of our work than anything. We feel it is very important to speak to our customers personally, since most of our work is custom. Because each piece of wood is totally unique from the others; we cannot predict the exact look of the final product, so we will strive to make sure that it will be beautiful and just right for your setting.

13007 E. Michigan Ave
Grass Lake, MI 49240
www.tothbros.com (http://www.tothbros.com)

13007 E. Michigan Ave Grass Lake, MI 49240