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01-16-2012, 05:41 PM
Twist of Nature is a family owned and operated furniture, crafts and gift store. What began in 1996 as a hobby for Saint Paul firefighter Tim Gross, has since turned into a growing business building beautiful, high quality, handcrafted log furniture at affordable prices. Since building our very first log swing, we have expanded into furnishing your entire home and cabin, including log railings, mantles and raw log materials for the "do-it-yourselfers." What is quality log furniture?
We pride ourselves in the making of our furniture. At Twist of Nature, quality customized furniture is our goal and our promise. Every piece of log furniture is handcrafted to bring you a beautiful and unique piece of art.
While conventional furniture often features pristine wood surfaces, graceful lines and delicate legs, we at Twist of Nature create log designs that boast the uniqueness of knots, grain irregularities, powerful log lines and overall character of the log. Our Norway Pine logs are local or trucked in from northern Minnesota. Our workshop is located in Princeton, Minnesota, where each log is hand and water peeled, hand sanded, dried and turned into a custom creation for our customers to use in their homes and cabins. It's the details that matter, right down to each pick, split or miter.
Rustic vs. Traditional
Rustic is a wood that was either a dead standing tree or a log lying on the ground with the bark on for quite some time, allowing for worm tracking and colorful characteristics to be added to the log itself. Traditional is your fresh tree cut and peeled immediately to preserve the natural blonde look. You may choose which fits your decor.
Hand tooled with professional care
Hand and water peeling helps preserve the pine's beautiful grain, rustic knots and unique color variation. All logs have been dried naturally and may have worm tracking, cracks and checks. This adds to the natural beauty of the wood and also gives each piece its own character. Cracks and checks do not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. All of our furniture is hand sanded as wall, and the ends are tenoned to enforce rigid construction. Our furniture is built to last, and we know you will enjoy it for years to come. We look forward to building your furniture and continuing our business relationship with you.

11995 220th Street
Milaca, Minnesota 56353
www.twistofnature.com (http://www.twistofnature.com)

11995 220th Street Milaca, Minnesota 56353