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Woodland Carvings
01-17-2012, 06:54 PM
Woodland Carvings is located in the Ozark Mountain region of southwest Missouri. Offering custom woodcarving (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2119/index.html)and a unique line of handcrafted carved doors (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2155.html), screen doors (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2164.html), fireplace mantels (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2173.html), custom signs (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2191.html), rustic furniture (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2182.html)and handmade personalized gifts (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2576.html). We specialize in creating "one of a kind" western, wildlife, rustic lodge and log cabin decor for your home or business. Also, we offer complete design (http://www.woodlandcarvings.com/2146.html) and carving service for architects and contractors.