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Candlewood Builders
01-19-2012, 11:10 AM
Candlewood Builders of Whittier, is a family operated business nestled in The Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. All of our items are skillfully handcrafted from the extremely durable Black Locust tree.
Each piece is sanded with 3 different grits and then finished with multiple coats of an interior/exterior hand rubbed oil which hardens within the wood rather than on top of it as with polyurethane. These finely-crafted impecably finished works of art are carried and sold in several high end home furnishings stores in and around western NC. Meticulous attention to the natural character of each log combined with natures rustic apeal, create a traditionally unique appearance within every piece.
We also strongly believe that everyone should have the same opportunity of owning such naturally intricate creations. Our mission and goal is simple: If you have the desire to own it, then we have the desire to help you have it.
Candlewood Builders.

144 Indian Hills Dr.
Whittier,NC 28789

www.candlewoodbuildersonline.com (http://www.candlewoodbuildersonline.com)

144 Indian Hills Dr. Whittier,NC 28789