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Rustic Raven
01-20-2012, 06:38 PM
Rustic Furniture is a tradition with a great history that has not only survived from its beginnings in China, but is now more popular than ever before. I began making rustic furniture in Northern Georgia in 1986 out of a need for seating around my camp. I started out using willow to create the traditional bent wood chair, settees, and tables. In 1991, I returned home to western North Carolina and began working more with woods found locally; my favorites include mountain laurel and rhododendron. Three years ago I began to incorporate copper into my designs, and most recently I have begun working with architects and homeowners to create structural and detail work in the rustic fashion.The pictures in my web site are pieces that I make on a regular basis, but mostly I create one-of-a-kind designs that either I, a customer, or both come up with. The process begins with a sketch pad and tape measure, along with samples of bark, wood, and the different finishes and procedures that are available. Certain materials must be harvested at different times of the year depending on the desired look.
My work can currently be found in galleries and homes in Asheville, Atlanta, Cashiers, High Point, Manhattan, Lake Placid and Lake Toxaway.

P.O. Box 121
Mars Hill, NC 28754
Phone 828-689-9672
www.brwm.org (http://www.brwm.org)

Mars Hill, NC 28754