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01-20-2012, 06:44 PM
Whether it's pine flooring, oak flooring, or heart pine flooring, all of our reclaimed flooring projects are environmentally friendly and a work of nature's art - a physical expression of beauty beneath your feet. With reclaimed flooring (http://www.wholeloglumber.com/pages/reclaimed-flooring-demystified.php) you can be certain that no living tree has been sacrificed, while enjoying the unique elements of authentic wood grains that are simply no longer created in trees of more recent origin. Our solid reclaimed wood flooring is FSC certified because of its inherent antique, reclaimed nature, and will benefit LEEDS and ENERGY STAR points if you're accumulating them. Of several engineered reclaimed flooring (http://www.wholeloglumber.com/pages/antique-wood-products/reclaimed-wood-floors/engineered.php) products to choose from, FSC certification is available also.

Hardwood flooring has one of the longest life cycles of any natural building material and has long been a top floor of choice because of the warmth and beauty it brings into our homes and because these floors can last for generations. But antique wood flooring additionally adds a depth of character, richness of color and tight grain pattern styling that has persisted for generations already - whether originally harvested for the factories that built the Industrial Revolution, or as the structure for buildings and barns all across the country that have endured through many seasons.

In some instances, the look of a solid wood floor with vintage characteristics is desired over a concrete slab or a radiant heat system, or because of dimensional stability or repair-ability requirements. For those cases and more, our reclaimed engineered wood flooring of antique and reclaimed wood, offers keen advantage.

Hours of craftsmanship and attention to appropriate production treatment go into each antique wood flooring order we produce. For both standard and custom orders, solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring, each piece of old wood is located and hand selected before being transformed into antique wood flooring just right for your project.

The Proven Quality of Our Reclaimed Flooring

We were green before it was "cool." Having recognized some time ago the durability and beauty of pine wood flooring, WHOLE LOG LUMBER began our solid wood floor operations with reclaimed wood floors of pine at our antique lumber mill in Western North Carolina in 1984. Though pine is not traditionally accepted as being the raw material of a hardwood floor, "Heart Pine" on the other hand, is well known to create reclaimed wood flooring of exceptional strength and stability.

And while the trend to produce products cheaper and faster pervades most sales and marketing efforts, the emphasis of WHOLE LOG LUMBER after more than 25 years is focused on providing to our customers a product of sustainable value at a reasonable price.

The Functionality and Beauty of Our Engineered Wood Flooring

Contractors and homeowners alike love our engineered wood flooring because:

Our product offers the thickest wear layer we know of
We only use authentic Heart Pine and reclaimed wood veneers
Our product is hand-made in North Carolina - not China
These floors have superior stability for seasonal moisture fluctuations
This is the best wood product to install over concrete floors & radiant-heat floor systems

The Charm of Antique Wood Flooring

More and more people want natural products throughout their home and are looking to create earth-friendly interiors where they can feel surrounded by nature. What could be more natural or earth-friendly than antique wood flooring?

The tried and true character of antique wood flooring can invite a visually stunning spectacle into your home to provide the reliable movement of warmth throughout all your living spaces. With our green flooring, what was once thrown away, or abandoned by the elements, gains new life as beautiful hardwood flooring in your natural home.

Lovers of the environment can take solace knowing that living trees have not been cut down for the sake of antique wood flooring. Each panel of green flooring begins as a rare remnant of a tree once standing tall. Defying the elements and persisting through time, an antique wood floor contains examples of the rare, stellar glory of nature.

Our authentic heart pine flooring and woods are celebrated in some of the most gracious homes in the Carolina's and beyond.
Heart pine is our specialty

Flooring made of old growth pine lumber and custom building components of heart pine have been produced from our antique pine lumber mill on the Green River in Western North Carolina since 1984. We also work with reclaimed lumber & flooring of cypress, redwood, oak & chestnut. But long leaf yellow pine flooring, also known as heart pine flooring - is our specialty.
Our client list ranges from rock stars and sports celebrities to architects, builders and home owners who require excellence in both quality AND value.
Whether as a provider of hardwood flooring or paneling for walls, we're proud of the fact that our focus is on building relationships and fine homes rather than sales and promotion. For 20 years our customer referrals were our only advertising. 4 Years later that is still true and our repeat business is proof of our customer's satisfaction.
Jim Stowell, "Saw Sage of the New Age" respects and understands the unique qualities, challenges, opportunities & limitations that heart pine presents. He and his staff work hand in hand with customers to make efficient use of this finite natural treasure and offer the best prices of this calibre wood flooring available.
The Whole Log team has an ability to refine and simplify the task of interpreting grades & quality, without overwhelming you with more information than you require. The attention they offer your project support its easy management and identify specificity you may have overlooked.

As we move into the future
remember we are making it each day
by our thoughts, our emotions, our hopes
and our power to envision.

Let's hang together
and make it all that it can be.
Each of us gets to do all we can
with what we have,
in the time we have,
in the place where we are.

~ Carroll Parrish

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