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Alpine Heights
01-24-2012, 11:22 AM
Our furniture can be found in homes throughout the United States, just like yours. We have furnished various restaurants and had the pleasure to work with Anheuser Busch Co., "Extreme Makeover" Home Edition, Quinault Indian Nation, Squaxin Indian Tribe/Casino.

Our mission is to manufacture quality, rustic Western Red Cedar furniture with a flair of elegance in interior decorating.

My name is Brian Thomas and welcome to Alpine Heights.

We are tucked away in the Pacific Northwest town of Aberdeen, Washington. All of our log furniture is made exclusively from Northwest Western Red Cedar.

Western Red Cedar has a unique history and is what made the Pacific Northwest what it is today. The stories of old growth Cedar are enchanting and now you can cherish this wood for a lifetime.

All of our furniture is custom built. No manufacturing plants here. That means every piece is individually crafted just for you. We specialize in creating furniture that meets desire. After all, why settle for what you need, when you can get what you want!

Customers have requested everything from small urns for pets, to large canopy beds, and full size wet bars.

P O Box 1624, 5909 Olympia Highway, Central Park Washington 98520
www.alpineheights.com (http://www.alpineheights.com)

5909 Olympic Hwy Central Park, WA 98520