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Created With Logs
01-24-2012, 11:34 AM
We make our log furniture and log beds from lodge pole pine logs. We create a full line of log furniture: traditional log beds in all sizes: king log bed, California king log bed, queen log bed, full log bed and twin log bed, log canopy beds in all sizes, log nightstands and log benches. We are located just outside of Spokane Washington.

The standard way to build log furniture is with mortise and tenon joints or peg n hole as the old timer's call it. It's a time honored way to join wood, be it rustic, log or very fine furniture. Anybody can drill a hole, but it takes years of carpentry knowledge to develop the right techniques to make a nice tight and good looking joint.
We use mortise and tenon joints as well as other wood joints whenever possible, rabbit joints for shelves dove tails for drawers etc. The very best interior-exterior glue is used through out. Lag bolts and screws are used where pieces may need to be taken apart and reassembled with removable wood plugs. Lag bolts must be used on such pieces as head and foot boards, glue alone will not hold for very long and we build our furniture to last for many generations. All hardware is always provided.

Guarantee: If our furniture ever fails due to workmanship or failure of the wood itself, we'll replace the piece free of charge, forever. Also most logs will have checks (small cracks on ends) and a prevailing crack along one side of the log. This is just the natural process of drying.


4450-O Buck Creek Road

Loon Lake WA 99148
www.createdwithlogs.com (http://www.createdwithlogs.com)

4450-O Buck Creek Road Loon Lake WA 99148