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Uniquely Salman
01-24-2012, 12:42 PM
My love and passion of forests and natural beauty, stems back to my army days in “Fort Lewis”, Washington on May 17th 1980, I still remember that day because on the 18th Mount St. Helen blew it’s top, very sad.

Just recently I have reclaimed Washington, the “Evergreen State”, to be my permanent home.

Although raw wood is my primary medium, I refuse to cut any living tree, using only fallen wood. I find my inspiration during my hikes with my beautiful wife in the woods, or sometimes in a piece of wood.

All of my work is my original idea, I have no boundaries and rarely use machined straight cuts or stain the wood, and I try to keep the natural curves and colors of the wood.

I’m primarily a commissioned artist. I’ll use my experience and knowledge to design towards your need and desire, by choosing the right piece of wood for color, size, grain and shape. You could be the driver and I’m the engine to get you there, or you could let me make all the decisions. Even if you have your own piece of wood that you would like to use, that will be acceptable. All pieces are unique in the final results. The idea might be duplicated, but will never be the same. All work is signed and dated on the piece.

811 Pearce Road Port Angeles, Washington 98362
www.uniquelysalman.com (http://www.uniquelysalman.com)

811 Pearce Road Port Angeles, Washington 98362