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Birchbark Creations
01-25-2012, 11:17 AM
We craft only the highest quality birch bark furniture & home decor made to last forever and produced with sustainable responsibly harvested top quality materials. Birch bark harvested correctly is a renewable resource that regrows after just a few short years to be harvested again and again throughout a tree's life with no harm ever. We welcome inquiries from individuals, retailers, designers, and decorators.

Birchbark Creations began with a family trip to Alaska one summer. There, a kind Native American woman camped
close by taught a young girl how to make a traditional folded Athabaskan birch bark basket. Little did that girl
know what that lesson would lead to. From that day on, Audrey has crafted birch baskets of all styles, sizes and
shapes; from the most traditional designs to modern interpretations of her own. Audrey's enthusiasm for the traditional birch bark arts spread in 1998 with her marriage to Andrew. It wasn't very long until Audrey and Andrew were working side by side on crafting unique special order pieces that soon lead to numerous designs of their own. They still work side by side, as they have for over 10 years, and love every minute working together. Everything they make gives a nod to the long tradition that
proceeds them, while balancing it with modern techniques and usability. All materials are of the highest standard and
only used in a sustainable and responsible manner. There is no project too big or too difficult. They truly enjoy and
relish realizing a client's vision with the skill and craft of artists that are proud to sign their names to every piece.