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01-25-2012, 01:01 PM
Are you looking for good quality wood furniture or cabinets? Or maybe you're looking for a special gift item made of wood?

At Western Woodworking you will find unique quality handcrafted wood furniture, cabinets, and other wood items, such as cd cabinet (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), tie cabinet (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), toothbrush holder (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), magazine rack (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), coat rack (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), paper towel holder (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/services.htm), etc.
You'll also find examples of custom pieces, such as kitchen cabinets (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/news.htm), bathroom cabinets (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/news.htm), children's furniture (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm), spice cabinet, (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm) tables (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm), chairs (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm), desks (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm), dressers (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/products.htm), etc. Custom pieces are those that are made to your specifications.
If you'd like to order a custom piece, check out the how to design (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/howto.htm) page, and the how to order (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/newpage11.htm) page.. If you have questions (http://westernwood.hypermart.net/orderpage.htm), let us know! We're glad to help!

Cora, WY 82925
phone: 307-367-2389

Cora, WY 82925