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Unique Rustic Creations
01-25-2012, 07:15 PM
Unique Rustic Creations is for those individuals who love to be surrounded by the the warmth and beauty of natural, hand made materials.

Unique Rustic Creations uses no templates or machinery, such as power copiers, so you can rest assured that each creation is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

It doesn't matter if your furnishing a complete log home or looking for that one unique piece to complete a room, Unique Rustic Creations will have the products to make your vision a reality.

What makes Unique Rustic Creations different from other rustic companies?

The products you see on this site have all been created by a master craftsman and artist. All the materials used for these rustic creations are all 100% natural.

From the wood used for your custom, king sized bed or the custom antler art work on your mantle, the materials are all from the beautiful and rugged west coast of Newfoundland. You see, the selection of wood, moose and caribou antlers have all been personally reviewed and inspected by master craftsman, Scott Butt, to ensure the quality and durability before commencing work on each creation.
It is this combination of unique, natural materials and master crafstmanship that are are used to produce, beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations.

The products at Unique Rustic Creations, either functional furniture or purely art accessories, have all been created with one purpose: To provide you with truly, unique one of a kind rustic creations that you can be proud of.
Imagine complementing your beautiful home with a one of a kind, rustic creation.

Rustic Creations allows you to create unique, one-of-a-kind, decor built with skill and experience that you will enjoy for years.
Remember, Unique Rustic Creations is always happy to work with their customers to create new designs which they can call their own. If you have a theme you would like to work with, we can work with you to create a unique space exclusive to that theme.

About The Artist - Scott Butt

Life of art and design was not something I had dreamed of as a child, or had even been encouraged to endevor by my family and friends. It just happened. Art work is now such a large part of my life that everything else seems to revolve around it. I began carving in the early 1990's, while on a canoeing trip down Harry's River. Harry's River is located on the west coast of Newfoundland, Canada. While camping overnight along the river, I decided to cut a walking stick to help get around the river while salmon fishing.

Sitting around the camp fire that night I could see images of wildlife in the stick I picked up along the river. I took out my hunting knife, and began carving the stick to reveal them.

Since that day, my life has travelled the same path using the material the creator has given me. I simply look at a piece of material and carve away until I can share with others what I see.
Carving sticks was a very old tradition of the Mi'kmaq, native peoples of Western Newfoundland, and Canada's Maritime provinces.

As a proud Mi'kmaq person, I became interested in how these sticks, traditionally called Aptums, were used. Aptums traditionally were used to record the history of a family, clan, or tribe and were pasted down from generation to generation.
At this time many of my family members were involved in reviving our spiritual and traditional ways. I embraced this movement, using my art skills to produce many traditional objects.

The Mi'kmaq in our area have always retained our traditional ways of living on the land, and did not lose their connection with the land or the animals. This connection and respect for all of creation was the inspiration for my art in the beginning and still is today.
Art work began taking up all of my time, so I decided to make it my living. I sold pieces locally and to tourists. My work evolved into antler carvings and larger sculptures.

As I became more recognized as an artist, I was approached to be a part of larger projects across the province.

I also became involved with international art exhibitions and solo exhibitions. One company requested I create rustic furniture for their lodge. This was done with my carving skills and knowledge of wood working. Several unique pieces were made in the process and the company was very pleased with the end result. Now, much of my work revolves around the creation of rustic furniture.
My art has given me many great experiences as well as direction and purpose in my life. That one stick on the river has taken me on a wonderful journey. One in which I would like to share with others. This website is a tool to help me achieve that goal.
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