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01-27-2012, 10:52 AM
The home of Rustique Handcrafted Natural Furniture is nestled upon the shores of beautiful Kootenay Lake, just near the small village of Kaslo, BC, Canada. Overlooking a majestic mountainscape, Brodie is busy at work in his home-based woodworking shop creating his self-coined 'Rustique' furniture.
"Each furniture piece is a tribute to the beauty of Nature, and a compliment to the world of possibilities at hand in our imaginations."

Rustique Furniture is an embodiment of humanity's interrelationship with Nature. Each tree harvested for use in Brodie's furniture is taken with permission from the Nature & Wood Spirits. It's as simple as asking. If Brodie feels that there is an acceptance to his request and once the trees know what they will be used for, he can feel at peace with every aspect of his work.

Rustique Handcrafted Natural Furniture is always one-of-a-kind. Delving into nature's curves and twists, Brodie strives to match nature's elegance and grace with a skilled and artful craftperson's approach. Each piece is an orchestration of imagination, creativity, and of humankind's love and wonder for Nature.
As original as his craft, Brodie has learned most of his woodcraft skills through trial and error. Fortunately, many of his trials have resulted in success as his furniture business thrives today.
Through on-going mentorships with his father and other local wood experts and enthusiasts, Brodie has refined his craft - taking rustic furniture to an entirely new level. Harnessing a continuing flow of inspiration to make beautiful and whimsical wooden furniture for all ages, his vision is as follows:

To beautify homes, lodges, art galleries, children's playspaces etc. with high quality furniture and woodcraft pieces that embody the vitality & essence of the forest.
To exemplify a harmonious relationship with the giving forests that we harvest our wood from.
To use natural, non-toxic, biodegradeable products in crafting Rustique furniture.
To provide truly enjoyable employment within the community.

Originally, the vision was that Brodie would build everything with his Swiss army knife. However, after a few good blisters, this vision was short-lived.

PO Box 551
Kaslo, BC
V0G 1M0

(250) 353-2189
www.rustiquegallery.com (http://www.rustiquegallery.com)

Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0 CANADA